Zanvent Stream: The first-ever Bangladeshi game streaming platform

With the gaming devices getting cheaper and readily available, there are a greater number of gamers than ever before. Thanks to the affordable internet, gamers around the world now not only play their games but also can share the gameplay with others via live streaming. Game streaming became a popular practice since 2013 when Twitch had started introducing “live-streaming” as an exoteric pastime for millions of visitors, and an active earning source for the streamers.

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Story of Zanvent

Zanvent, a small company based in Dhaka, created the first-ever Bangladeshi game streaming platform to allow gamers to stream their gameplay. Like any other streaming service, you can download a broadcasting software, enter your Zanvent stream server & stream-key to start streaming your game.

With my personal experience, Zanvent’s streaming service was very stable and fairly easy to interact with. On top of that, you can also join the Zanvent’s Discord community to chat, talk and share your ideas with the Zanvent users. 

While watching the stream, users can interact via Live Chat; they can also donate money to encourage the streamers. For now, the streaming community is small and Zanvent is calling out for new streamers to make the platform buzzy.

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The local prospect

The prospects of a local game-streaming service are huge, considering the fact that there is a steep rise on the number of gamers in Bangladesh. The introduction of mobile gaming also made gaming to be available at a reasonably inexpensive price. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a classic example of such success of mobile gaming platform.  While there are already established streaming services such as Twitch, YouTube Gaming or Mixer by Microsoft, Zanvent still holds tremendous opportunity, especially for the local Bangladeshi gamers who can enjoy the BDIX server speed. This also holds scope for gamers to form a larger community based on gaming and share their ideas, skills and experiences.

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