Find yourself through Samadi Yoga Studio

what do you think of when it comes to losing weight? correct- it’s either restricting your diet or going to a gym.. Little do we know that our short time investment leads to more cravings. One thing leads to another we are back to our favorite burger place before we even know it.

Yoga is one of the many options we could try to get back on the healthy lifestyle. We contacted Samadi Yoga Studio and went to their open house to know more about the art of yoga. There, we witnessed how the studio brought the yoga community together on a perfect rainy Friday.

Know your Yoga

While yoga itself is a blend of physical, mental and spiritual practice, it is often misinterpreted to meditation only. Eza Chowdhury, the co-founder of Samadi Yoga Studio explained that while meditation is one of the elements of yoga, it’s not all.

“We founded this studio because we wanted to create a healing environment where people can feel safe and release their stress while taking care of their body. This is what yoga is all about. It’s a state of mind where you merge your body with your spirit and connect with your soul.”

Said Eza as she explained the different kinds of yoga they are offering.

Vinyasa and Kundalini

Eza Chowdhury herself teaches Power Vinyasa. Power Vinyasa is a kind of yoga where students fluidly move their body through different postures. It also lets them take control of their breathing and moving with that flow. An guess what, it does wonders for both the mind and the body.

“If someone is looking for a yoga session which will allow them to take part in different sort of cardio, then I would definitely recommend them Power Vinyasa because it will not only help you physically and emotionally, but it also helps you build up the confidence in yourself.”

Said Eza Chowdhury

Kundalini is another form of yoga which helps you connect your mind with your body through chants and correct posture. While Power Vinyasa has more of a physical and cardio benefits, Kundalini yoga carries the spiritual nature. Whether you are stressed or depressed, trying Kundalini yoga will not only take care of your mind.

“We need our students to have an open mind and the patience to move forward with the journey they are embarking on. They have the potential to experience a deep sense of understanding their own soul. I started an objective to make my health better but after experiencing the true essence of it, I must say it has changed my lifestyle and brought me a lot of peace. Of course, not all experiences will be the same since every human being have their own individuality but I am sure once they try to give this a chance, they might discover something new about themselves.”

Says Farhin Islam who has been mastering the art of Kundalini for about years now.

From practice to passion: A talk with Rumana Aktar, the yoga mentor for the beginners

Most beginners hesitate to start something as yoga as it takes time, patience and becomes a commitment to life. Rumana Aktar, one of the teachers of Samadi Yoga Studio believes in chances.

“It’s all about loving and taking care of your body and your mind. Once you are ready to give yourself that chance, don’t shy away from that feeling.”

Says Rumana Aktar as she has been teaching beginners about basic yoga postures and figuring out what is best for her students.

Rumana Akter wants the enthusiasts to know that no matter how much you weigh, or whatever sickness you may feel both physically and mentally, yoga will never be a bad choice for you unless you know the right postures and breathing exercises. Suffering from some serious health issues herself Rumana Aktar was a fighter and faced her fears and illness through rejecting medicines and took her time with finding herself through yoga.

“I cannot begin to explain to you how yoga has changed my life, but I can tell you this that the influence of yoga has turned from practice to passion”

Smiled Rumana as she looks back the days of her practices and yoga retreats.

Why you should try yoga now more than ever

Other than our personal problems, with the political and social changes in the country, the unrest has left everyone shaken but as days move on we realize that each day has new problems and struggles we need to face head on. At the end of the day you need your body to realize the tension and stress that builds on your shoulder. Yoga works as a detox for your body as you try to get rid of the negative thoughts and cleanse your soul to its previous healthy self. The moment you stand on the mat and concentrate on nothing but yourself, think of yourself as a winner because you were able to accomplish a goal; a goal where you valued yourself above everything.

Samai Yoga Studio is set on a mission to help and create an environment to bring a safe and calm place with nothing but serenity. They also have sessions for spiritual cleansing such as reiki training which is more of an energy healing process. They want to help their students with their physical and emotional struggles because nothing is as painful as an unrest heart and a restless body. It’s time we learn to love ourselves in order to bring a positive Zen around us

Keep an eye on their page for attending their classes.

Why you should definitely consider doing yoga

To a lot of people, yoga is some far-fetched concept that young, pretty and skinny women always seem to be doing on TV, and it somehow makes all of them as flexible as Mrs. Incredible. They pose on perfectly green grass with their torsos bent at extreme angles. Moreover, yoga seems to be something that is available only in the West, or at some exotic temple in some isolated part of India or Nepal where you have to hike up a mountain just to get there. I’m not sure how much of this conception of yoga is actually prevalent, but I for one did think this way for a long time, before I actually decided to try it myself.

If you’re someone like I was – someone who has never played a sport in their entire life, who finds the idea of exercising absolutely preposterous, who has always found anything that claims to “connect your body and soul” simply laughable – yoga probably sounds like the last thing you would think of trying. I used to think that yoga was just working out but cut up and presented in “fun-size packaging” as part of some fitness propaganda. But by some glitch in the universe, two years ago, I went out and bought a DVD on beginner’s yoga and I committed myself to doing it every single night before bed. It wasn’t easy – there were times I’d pause the video and ask myself if I really needed to do this – and I’m not the best at committing to a routine, so I almost gave up more times than I’m proud of. However, deciding to try yoga is probably one of the best decisions I ever made for myself. I got the hang of it after a few weeks, and every muscle in my body felt much more relaxed, I felt much better about myself (particularly because I had persevered thus far), but the best part? I swear, since I started doing yoga, I hadn’t slept that good since I came out of the womb.

While working out in general has many benefits of its own, yoga is quite different. It connects your mind to your body and, with time, can defeat lethargy and stress. Other benefits of yoga include improved metabolism, weight reduction, increased flexibility and muscle strength, and much more. Personally, yoga made me feel better about myself not only because of the reasons listed above, but also because every other night I did yoga I didn’t give up on my commitment.

So how can you get started on doing yoga in Dhaka?

Get a buddy

Everything is easier with a buddy. This way, if either of you feel like quitting, you can keep each other on track and keep at it together.

Plus, it’s always nice to have someone to whine to when you’re having trouble with anything, and having someone who can relate to the same things makes anything ten times easier.

Set aside a designated time for yoga every day

Yoga isn’t like classes or work that you have a time set aside for it already. You have to make time for it, in the midst of classes and work and assignments and hanging out with friends and the busy whirlwind of events that is your daily life.

Unless you enroll at a yoga course somewhere, in which case you will already have a set time for yoga in your day-to-day life, try to assign 20-30 minutes of your day to doing yoga. It can be the first thing you do before your morning coffee, so you can get a boost of energy for the rest of your day, or it can be the last thing you do before bed, so you stretch your muscles out from the day’s work and go to bed de-stressed. Whatever hour it is, make sure it properly fits your personal schedule.

Find places where you can learn yoga, choose a suitable course

I guarantee that nearly every gym in your area offers yoga classes, so start looking into them and sign yourself up. Yoga is not at all exclusive to any one body type or group of people, so make sure you invest in modifying it for your own body, and you can progress to advanced courses as you gain proficiency. If you live near Banani or Gulshan, we’ve got two amazing recommendations for you.

The first is Anika Rabbani, who has been teaching yoga for several years now. She teaches yin yoga, beginner yoga, and advanced yoga classes in Banani, and her classes are exclusive to women. While her yin classes are great for reducing stress and connecting people with their bodies, her beginner classes focus on techniques and flow. Her advanced beginner classes are in the form of a vinyasa flow with emphasis on strength and flexibility. Anika can be reached at www.yoganikabd.com/weekly-yoga-classes if you want to learn more and join her.

The second is Eza Chowdhury, who has been practicing yoga for 15 years now and, after 11 years in the financial industry, she quit her job at HSBC Canada last year to go on her first yoga training in Thailand. She travelled five cities, only to finally settle down at House 8, Road 50, Gulshan 2 at Amra Active Gym. She teaches Vinyasa Power Yoga, which is high intensity training combined with breathing exercises and meditation.

It connects your mind to your body and, with time, can defeat lethargy and stress. Other benefits of yoga include improved metabolism, weight reduction, increased flexibility and muscle strength, and much more.

Don’t hesitate to call them up and talk freely about what intensity of yoga you think you’re best suited for, and I’m sure they’ll have plenty of helpful insight to kickstart your journey.

Don’t give up

Not if you miss one day of class. Not if you miss an entire week of class. This is not a Snapchat streak, that if you miss one day you rewind back to zero. Don’t be so hard on yourself, because everyone has cheat days, intentional or otherwise. That is not to say that you should skip a week’s worth of yoga just because you can.In one form or another, self-care is persistent in all of our wish lists, whether it be through working on your New Year’s resolutions every year, or just simply going for a walk on the days that you’re down. Yoga is just another form of self-care. Between obligations and routines and gluing your eyes to your phone in whatever free time you get, take some time out to breathe a little, relax your muscles and mind a little. And what better way to do that than yoga?