Uber now lets you share your trip with fellow passengers who are going to the same direction

Ridesharing giant Uber continues to make our lives easier. Earlier this year, Uber apparently launched their CNG services in Chittagong. And now, Uber comes up with Uber Pool in Dhaka which lets you share your trip with other users.

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What is Uber Pool?

Uber Pool is the most affordable car-ride option in comparison to Uber’s other offers. Uber Pool allows a user to share the trip with other riders going towards the same or nearby destinations. The fare of the trip is shared between the riders and according to Uber, a rider can save up to 30% compared to a regular UberX ride. Anyone can call for an Uber Pool from the ride options using the app.

Uber now lets you share your trip with fellow passengers who are going to the same direction
Source: Uber Blog

How does it work?

Uber Pool, comes with a set of conditions. A rider cannot choose a custom pick-up or drop-off point. Uber has an algorithm in place for this. For the algorithm to determine an efficient pick-up and drop-off point, it factors in the location of the driver, the location of the rider, the location of other riders and the best route to reach the common destination.

Uber now lets you share your trip with fellow passengers who are going to the same direction

That means anyone hailing an Uber Pool will have to walk to the pick-up point within the allotted time. And chances are, the drop-off point is a bit far from the desired destination. It takes longer than usual for the app to match with a ride because the Uber app has to search nearby drivers, riders, routes and use the algorithm to ascertain the best possible pick-up and drop-off locations.

All UberX cars are available for Uber Pool. So, one can safely bet that there will be no compromise in the quality of the service.

Where is it available?

Uber Pool is currently available in most parts of Dhaka including Pallabi, Mirpur, Shaymoli, Tejgaon, Farmgate, Dhanmondi, Kalabagan, Hathkhola, Arambag, Motijheel, Mohakhali, Gulshan, Banani and so on.

It is obvious that Uber Pool will be very helpful for commuters during the office rush-hours and during sudden downpours.

Uber has launched CNG services in Chittagong, apparently

This just in. Uber has started CNG run auto-rickshaw services in Chittagong. Although there was no official announcement by Uber as of yet, anyone living in Chittagong who uses the app will see a CNG option now available for use. This is only within the Chittagong region, at least for the time being. Making this seem like a test run to see how this works out. 

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Since the start of ride-sharing apps, the thought of bringing auto-rickshaw services into this did cross people’s minds. In India, Ola and Uber have been successfully running it’s auto-rickshaw operations for quite some time now. In Bangladesh, Oi Khali was launched as the first-ever dedicated ride-sharing for CNG run auto-rickshaws.

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Despite its failure, another similar platform OBHAI has picked up the CNG service and has been running its CNG services along with its regular ride-sharing services. With the launching of Uber’s CNG, Uber is set to become a major contender in CNG run auto-rickshaw sharing.

We’ll bring you more updates as soon as we get an official word from Uber.

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