Explaining “Instagram Influencers” and how to become one

What’s the one application that the millennials and the Gen-Z are obsessed with in 2019? Surprisingly, it’s not Facebook. Although Facebook is definitely among the obvious answers, Instagram wins easily considering how fast its usage has gone up in the last couple of years. It is easy-to-use with a simple feed setup. Also, the term ‘followers’ sounds better than ‘friends’ who you barely talk to anyway.

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Instagram is widely accepted since people can be whatever they want to be here. Lately, people have been drawn more towards either following an influencer or being one. Now, who exactly is an ‘Influencer’?

Influencer: the individual whose effect on the purchase decision is in some way significant or authoritative. — Cambridge English Dictionary

Since the dawn of E-commerce and digital marketing, companies found it more convenient to market their products on Instagram. Mainly due to its rising popularity, promptness and mobility. Instagram was probably one of the pioneers in propagating the changing trends in lifestyle, tech and fashion. Primarily because it created a platform for its users to articulate their thoughts through filtered photos, videos and relevant captions.

This allowance, however, became an integral part of our lives with time. The people who stood out in providing meaningful, impactful and consumer-friendly reviews and recommendations were soon recognised as ‘Influencers’.

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The overwhelming follower base and somewhat easy access to being popular to a group of people excite the youth. Influencers are now given the equal amount of importance by companies as any other public figure reviewing or endorsing their product. It is indeed a good start for the people who genuinely feel they will be good at this. But a lot of people are clueless about ‘what it takes to be an Instagram influencer’.

Here’s an easy guide.

1. Target audience

It is imperative to set a target audience before you start. If your target audience are the people who love makeup and fashion, try and reach out to people with similar interests and be relevant with your content.

2. Unique approach

Uniqueness sells in Instagram so always consider being different from the influencers in the same field. Adequate research and audience friendly approach goes a long way. Don’t copy, don’t be boring.  

3.  Be proactive

Being responsive and reaching out to the followers who support you is important. If you care about your audience, show them and make sure to reply to your DMs appreciating your followers for taking the time to go through your feed.

4. Stay in touch with the trends

The changing trends in fashion and lifestyle in our generation might seem like a lot to take for many. It’s okay to not catch up with each and every one of them but it’s useful to stay in touch with some for your follower base.

5. Be transparent/neutral about products while reviewing

After you’ve gained a considerable number of followers as an influencer, chances are they’ll be inclined towards your opinion while buying or using any products they might buy. Some might take your words too seriously as well. It is very important to realize that your sincerity in this field will only make you a reliable source of information for the consumers. So try to be informative and as honest as possible while reviewing products.

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The Food Ranger, Trevor James recently visited Bangladesh and our hearts could only take so much!

We Bangladeshis love to host guests. Especially if they are foreigners, we love to show them around our culture. In fact, we take a certain pride in it. And if the guest is a celebrity traveler and food enthusiast like Trevor James, a.k.a The Food Ranger, you can only imagine our excitement!

That’s right, Trevor recently came to Bangladesh and hopped on a culinary journey of trying pani-puris at TSC to dipping his wrists in bowls of Mejban beef in Chittagong. And goes without saying that he absolutely loved the Bangladeshi cuisine. (I mean, come on! Who wouldn’t? Right?)

Okay, who is Trevor James?

If you don’t know who the Food Ranger is, here’s a little schooling. Trevor James is a traveler and a photographer from British Columbia. He travels all around the world trying authentic local cuisines and making food videos. His YouTube channel offers a unique window to the street foods around the world. His fans tune in to watch him biting on tacos in Mexico city to trying handmade noodles in Chinese streets. And so far, his unique style of video making and traveling has earned him features in The Guardian and The Forbes.

For the love of food!

On January 21st, his fans on Instagram discovered him, to their surprise, in Nirob hotel, munching on 20 types of bhortas! A quick stalk revealed that he was in Bangladesh for two weeks and would try everything from the local street foods in Puran Dhaka to authentic cuisines of Chittagong.

We knew our food is the best in the world, we just needed this validation!

Behind the scenes photos from his social media accounts showed him traveling in the lanes of Puran Dhaka, searching for Biriyani, sharing home meals with Bangladeshi families, eating Mejban beef and gushing about it and so much more!

Until he releases his official Bangladesh videos, it’s tough to say exactly what food he tried but its safe to say that he was not disappointed! I mean, he did say he’d come again! We sincerely hope Trevor visits our small country again for the love of its food. We knew our food is the best in the world, we just needed this validation!