Where to eat in Dhaka after midnight

Midnight? Hungry? We have all looked at our clock, hungry, thinking its too late to get food. Feel no despair at the next all-nighter, missed bedtime. Press yes for ‘Are you still watching?’ on Netflix, because there are selected places to get food from, in Dhaka, after dark. Yes, the options during these hours limited, but here is a list for the night owls with unusual appetites:

Pizza Roma

Pizza Roma Dhaka late night

Pizza is a safe bet for night cravings. Pizza Roma serves (arguably) the best pizza in town. They stay open until midnight. Pizza Roma takes late night orders through their Facebook page or through their website for delivery in Gulshan, Banani and Dhanmondi. Try their Pizza Diavola while you’re at it. Thank us later.

Tel: 01755660039

Tehari On Wheels

Where to eat in Dhaka after midnight 14

Don’t want the usual pizza or burger? Craving overflowing plates of rice and Bengali food? Tehari on Wheels serves traditional Tehari . They are open 24 hours. They also offer other items such as beef khichuri, hasher mangsho bhuna, etc. A plus, food delivery is available all day, all night. Find them on Facebook or give them a call for delivery services.

Tel:- 01902363697

Tehari Avenue

late night dhaka food

Tehari Avenue in Gulshan Road 119 has a simple straightforward menu that consists of tehari/chicken pulao and water/coke. The price tag does not take a toll on the ol’ wallet and it tastes amazing. They stay open until 1AM on Thursdays and Fridays.

Tel: 01617-138138


herfy banglaesh late night food

Herfy is the latest in a long line of international food joints setting up shop in Bangladesh. This Saudi Arabian fast food joint offers up Burgers, Rice Meals, and Combos, French Fries, Chicken Fries etc. Their Gulshan outlet stays open till 2:00AM on weekends and till 2.30AM on weekends and holidays and offers both dine-in and takeaways. They offer free delivery service within Gulshan, Niketon, and Banani from 10PM to 1AM.

Tel: 01709-991000

Premium Sweets

Premium sweets late night dhaka

The Gulshan 2 branch of Premium Sweets is open till 2AM. Get delicious khicuri, kala bhuna, walimar roast as well as the usual sweets. Combo meals start at BDT 795.

Gulshan 2 Tel:  01759115124

Gulshan 1 Tel:  01755997678

Uttara Sector 7: 01796632672

Gloria Jeans Cafe

gloria jeans late night dhaka

For something light or just coffee, go to Gloria Jeans. The Australian coffee chain stays open till 1:00 AM. Other than coffee, the chain serves sandwiches, light meals and baked goods such as lamingtons, chocolate mousse etc.

Gulshan Branch Tel: 01929-333999

Star Kabab and Restaurant

Star kabab dhaka late night

The most obvious choice is Star kabab, a landmark institution in Dhaka City. Get your fix of rice, fish, veg, mutton to kebabs 2 AM and offers late night dinner and snacks.

Nazirabazar, Old Dhaka

nazirabazar dhaka late midnight food

As always, we saved the best for the last.

If you’re hungry AND in a mood for adventure, head out to Nazirabazar in old Dhaka.

 There is no traffic at 2 AM, So, it matters little where you’re staying. Given, you have a safe mode of transportation, of course. These buzzing lanes in old Dhaka stay open till very late and arrays of street food stalls and local cafes remain forever crowded. Chicken kebabs, beef chaps, lassis, fire paan, you name it. Fancy a cup of tea? Even the tongs will stay open. Eat to your heart’s content, the world is yours.

Check out the fanfare of Nazirabazar here.

One thing to note here is that if you plan to order takeout at this time, only Hungrynaki offers their service around 3: 00 AM. Foodpanda and Pathao foods are closed during those hours.

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How far would a Bangladeshi food joint go to hide the truth?

Restaurant businesses have recently gained a lot of popularity among people from all walks of life. Whether it is for eating, hanging out with friends or even an online check-in update, restaurants are people’s go to. But the more these businesses are expanding, the more they are starting to adopt some ill practices.

Reviews vs customer satisfaction

At this day and age, online reviews of these restaurants might make or break their business. And so, their need to control these reviews seems more like their first priority than customer satisfaction. What’s ironic is that this practice alone can lead to the staff misbehaving with customers. As it seems, these restaurants would pretty much do anything to increase positive reviews and eliminate the negative ones.

Recently, a similar incident reached the public when a food blogger had to face some questionable actions from the staff of a restaurant. And this isn’t the first time this has happened. Not only are there restaurants that try to control their customers’ reviews but many of them have also gone as far as to take their phones foribly and “like” a bunch of pages or leave a good review through their profile.

And so, there is very little room left for genuine feedback of these places. These food businesses are more inclined to create fake positive feedback. But they won’t acknowledge constructive criticism and improve the quality of their restaurant.

In order to sabotage a growing business, there are situations where a restaurant would pay customers to leave negative feedback about another food chain. But because the truth comes out, they are left serving the same quality of food with no idea about customer satisfaction.

The copycat syndrome

Realistically speaking, the concept of trying to make one’s restaurant seem the most appealing and affordable is understandable to a certain degree. Almost every day, there is a new food chain that wants nothing but to dominate the other businesses.

This results in a lot of them thinking it’s better to forge reviews or outright copy a well-known chain instead of actually working on customer service and the quality of their food.

And because there is a lack of specific laws, or more importantly, the implementation of these laws, it is not hard for them to try to imitate a well-known brand down to its menu design.

Burger Princes and Moonbuckses are found in every other alleyway of Dhaka.

Of course, often times the price is reduced by 10/20 Taka and a “2.0” is added to avoid suspicion.

Cheap, knock off restaurants like these have been doing good in this country so far. How they will continue to do in the future is, of course, something only time will tell.

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