Top Business Competitions in Bangladesh and everything you need to know

If you are a university student in Bangladesh, Business Competitions are not new terms to you. There’s a chance you know about most of them, there’s a higher chance you might have participated in a few of them. Why you should take part in one, is a discussion for another time. But for now, here’s everything you need to know about the most prestigious competitions in Bangladesh and how you need to prepare for them.

1.Battle of Minds by BAT

Battle of Minds, organised by British American Tobacco is one of the most prestigious and most rewarding business competitions in the country. Every year BAT holds Battle of Minds where university students who are in their final years get to participate for the highest glory. You face off the bests of the bests in the field and upon winning, you get a head start towards a rewarding career path.

Rounds: 4 (Online Exam-Focus Group Discussion-Business Pitch-Case Solving)

Team Members: 4

Awards: A Crest and a headstart in the recruitment process.

2. Bizmaestros by Unilever

Similar to BOM, Bizmaestros is arranged every year by another one of the corporate giants, Unilever. It has challenges and rewards similar to BOM and the competitions themselves are often competitors to each other. However, winning Bizmaestros also lands you a trip abroad to Unilever Future Leaders League, where you compete against international teams.

Rounds: 3 (Online Submission-Practical Marketing-Practical Marketing)

Team Members: 3

Awards: Certification along with a trip to Unilever Future Leaders League.

3. Telenor Youth Summit

The last one in the trio of Corporate giant competitions is the Telenor Youth Summit. Unlike previous ones, TYS accepts individual submissions. And as you can guess, the challenge is tougher, obviously. Subsequently, the reward is also higher. A trip to Norway sounds magical, doesn’t it?

Rounds: 3 (Idea Submission-Screening Round-Final Presentation)

Team Members: Individual submission

Awards: Trip to Norway.

4. Brandwitz by IBACC

Brandwitz is one of the most prominent students run business competitions in the country on University level. Organised by IBACC (IBA Communications Club), every year, Brandwitz sees the best minds of the country battling each other for a prize money of BDT 2,50,000. But the money is a minor factor here. You’ll be benefited most from the experience, the certification and the networking that you make.

Rounds: 4 (Case Solving-Product Branding-Practical Marketing-Idea Branding)

Team Members: 4

Awards: BDT 2,50,000.

5. CreAdive by BUP BCC

Creadive is another of the students run business competitions in the country organised by BUP BCC. The competition offers a unique approach to its rounds where it engages participants in direct ATL and BTL campaigns, requiring them to actually take part in fieldwork. The experience is certainly one of a kind.

Rounds: 4 (Case Solving, ATL Campaign, BTL Campaign, Product Branding)

Team Members: 4

Awards: BDT 3,00,000.

7 ways living on campus is better than you think 

Living on campus is an intrinsic part of being a student for many. Unknown to many who are not experiencing it first hand, living on campus has it’s perks:

Freedom. Learning vital life skills.  

A chance to have that much-coveted freedom in our hands, a chance to step into a new life and get that first taste of adulthood. This is how most Bangladeshi students anticipate living on campus- when our strict desi parents are finally forced to loosen their grip on us at least a little bit.

This is where life challenges us for the first time and we are compelled to take care of ourselves. We learn survival techniques like keeping the places fit for living, making daily meal arrangements, cleaning, doing laundry and whatnot. We start managing our own finances and day-to-day spending. Many feel compelled to start earning to some extent.

Beating the Traffic (and not risking your life everyday just to get to class)  

Because of the hectic traffic situation in our country, living in the dorm became my only choice despite living in Dhaka. The regular commute from Mirpur to Dhanmondi drained me of all my energy and I had absolutely none left for other activities throughout the day. By the end of the year, realized I had to make the best of the situation and start using my dorm privileges.

With the regular traffic made even worse by the construction of Metro Rail, a friend of mine starts for her university at 5:30 am when there is barely any sunlight.  She describes her regular commutes from Narayanganj to Mirpur Cantonement as almost a hellish experience, saying “There is no direct mode of public transportation from my house to MIST. MIST has at least 7-8 buses of its own but those become full to the brim way before they reach my stop.  If I opt for it, I usually have to stand very close to the exits. This one time, I almost slipped while the bus hit the brakes and could have been in a serious accident if another student hadn’t grabbed my arm just in time.”

What could be more convenient than just living where I spend most of my time anyway?

Having time to be involved in club activities 

You can join more club activities with all the time and energy that you are saving by avoiding traffic. Club activities are considered an integral part of the university learning process. This enables students to gain something apart from bookish knowledge and enrich their portfolio.

These serve as platforms where we also get to get acquainted with seniors and juniors alike as well as students from other disciplines to share a common ground with. It helps them hone their skills in their respective fields of interest and somewhat prepares them for their careers to come.

Experiencing cultural festivals in a whole new way  

Dorms have always actively arranged all the cultural festival celebrations on campus. Whether it’s drawing graffiti all over the campus grounds during the celebration of Bengali new year or slaving in the common rooms drawing murals on earthenware, students at MIST have been seen out an about even till 4 am before dawn just to make sure the campus is ready for the big day.

Mahmudul Hoq Abid

It might be hard work but the excitement of staying up and out in the street with all the friends and the feeling of satisfaction after seeing their own hard work come to fruition the next day is unparalleled.

Help around every corner

Having someone to go to for help with studies at almost any time of the day. Those who prefer to stay at home most of the time choose to stay at the dorms before an important exam or to work on an assigned project or even for thesis research. These often require working very late into the night with other member of the team and being able to stay at one place makes that much more convenient.

 ”Our classes are not held at a stretch. We often have an 8am class and then a 4pm class and we need to grab some lunch in between. Buying lunch at the cafeteria on a regular basis burns a hole in many student’s pockets. ”

Being able to rest in between classes

While discussing this issue, Irin, a student from North South University brought another predicament into light, ”Our classes are not held at a stretch. We often have an 8am class and then a 4pm class and we need to grab some lunch in between. Buying lunch at the cafeteria on a regular basis burns a hole in many student’s pockets. Also, many do not habitually like to eat fast food. The situation is quite the struggle for them.” She goes on to say,” These huge time gap serves absolutely no purpose because neither can we get any work done, nor can we get any rest or shut-eye.

(For many) Living somewhere beautiful

Dorms are situated within the grounds of beautiful campuses; it is a rare chance to live close to nature. How many in this day and age are lucky enough to wake up to the chirping of birds and savor the smell of cut grass in the morning? How many have a daily view of a serene lake, or can just grab a good book to read by the view right out of their bedroom balcony? Many people living on campus can vouch for the beautiful scenery I’m talking about.

At the end of the day, what matters are the new but unbreakable bonds created between one’s roommates and learning to compromise. We learn to improvise and create our own little celebrations with late night movies along with cha and chanachur parties. Being away from home gives us a chance to appreciate the small good things in life, stop taking them for granted. Living on campus can be a rewarding experience.

Here’s to those never-ending addas and the tong er cha. Here’s to the fraternities never to be forgotten.