Sony is launching an AC that you can wear. No kidding.

Wearable technology has developed tremendously over the years. There have been a few stumbles on the way, but now apple watch is in its 4th iteration and there is no shortage of android smartwatches in the market. That being said, there is an obvious lack of innovation when it comes to wearable technologies in the public market.

The future is here

Well, Sony has taken a look at everything and decided that it is time to do something new and special.

They have developed what they are calling the ‘Reon Pocket’.

It is supposed to be a portable, wearable Bluetooth enabled air conditioner that fits into your pocket. That’s right, it’s a pocket AC and it’s no science fiction.

How it works

The ‘Reon Pocket’ works in conjunction with a special undershirt. Once the device is set up, you can control your body temperature using an app on your android or apple device. Thermoelectric coping is used to make sure that the user does not feel too hot or too cold. The device can increase your body temperature by fourteen degrees, or cool it down by twenty-three degrees. It’s up to you and the weather to decide what you want.

The product is not commercially available as of yet. Sony has launched a crowdfunding campaign to start off the development of the project. The campaign has already reached forty-three per cent of its stated goal and if all goes well, we may see the device start its development phase by the next summer.

A portable air conditioner would be a truly convenient tool. Here is to hoping that the project is a success and we can be a little more comfortable when we are stuck in Dhaka traffic during the hot summer.