Spider-Man: the saddest easter egg in gaming history

Spider-Man fans worldwide would love to propose to their better halves through media involving the wisecracking hero. For one fan, however, the wish came true, but it wasn’t as great as he would have liked.

The proposal

A Spider-Man fan named Tyler Schultz tweeted to Insomniac Games, the developer of the new Spider-Man game, a request. He wanted to propose to his girlfriend through the game.
The game devs eventually agreed, tweeting “Well ok then, who are we to say no to love?” They proceeded to put an easter egg in the game. In a specific place on the map, the movie theater reads, “Maddie will you marry me?”

Didn’t go as planned

However, by the time the game had been released, Tyler had already broken up with his now ex, Madison. As per the latest revelations from Tyler, she left him for his brother. All of this is taken from a video he uploaded to YouTube, which has been removed by the time of writing this.

Tyler tells Kotaku that the idea for this came to him from an idea of Madison. She wanted a proposal at a large convention, and Tyler had the idea to put it in a video game, which would basically do the same thing.

Easter egg to be changed

Since this has come to light, many gamers around the world have felt their hearts break. The art director of Insomniac has already tweeted an offer to change the sign as a patch. Tyler originally decided to keep the Spider-Man easter egg but eventually changed his mind.

Location of the easter egg

Tyler wants to change the proposal to the name of his grandmother. She was the one who gave Tyler his first Spider-Man book. She also gave him a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15, Spider-Man’s first appearance in a comic book.

Tyler joked that the event might go down as the saddest easter-egg in gaming history.

Stay tuned for the review of the latest Spider-Man game on the PS4, to be published soon.

Red Dead Redemption 2: gameplay trailer breakdown

Rockstar Games doesn’t have a typical marketing strategy when it comes to promoting their products. While other publishers constantly try to be in our consciousness by bombarding ads and gameplay breadcrumbs, Rockstar bucks the trend. Their prime marketing push doesn’t even begin much closer to the release of the game.

And just like the first Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto V, their latest endeavour Red Dead Redemption 2 strays no further from Rockstar’s usual strategy of dropping gameplay trailers on our thirsty laps just a couple of months before release. This particular trailer is only the first in a series of upcoming ones but that doesn’t mean it isn’t crowded with chock full of details for the eagle-eyed fans.

The visuals are jaw-dropping.

Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar Games, Games, VIdeo Games
From the very first moments, it is abundantly clear that Rockstar has spared no expense in making the game look breathtakingly stunning- and every penny shows up on the screen with those glorious pixels. The strikingly spectacular vistas of the sweeping mountains and scorched deserts are definitely going to make you salivate. Rockstar’s trademark visual polish shines in the muddy towns just getting their first taste of electricity and the harsh rural life. The occupants of these places- humans or otherwise- give them a truly lived-in feeling rare in other open world games. The god rays coming down through the branches of trees or concrete definitely boast the game’s next-gen volumetric lighting as well. Rockstar has spent more than half a decade making this game. And they want to make sure you appreciate it on every square inch on your monitor.

A living world that reacts to you

The trailer establishes the huge breadth and scope of the game’s open world. The player’s actions can directly affect its intertwined systems . Depending on how you treat the inhabitants of America’s heartland and its frontier, make sure you take it into account that they will reciprocate accordingly. The barrels of your gun isn’t the only way to tackle situations. The honour system from the first game makes a return to gauge your attitude and behaviour throughout the game. Intimidate a witness or straight-up kill them? Try to defuse a confrontation or go all gung-ho to escalate it? These will be the choices you’ll be making and reaping their consequences. Make new friendships or cultivate animosity- the Wild West is your playground.

The moving camp is your base. Read Dead Redemption, Games, Video Games, Rockstar Games

The premise of Red Dead Redemption 2 revolves around the Van Der Linde gang, of which Arthur Morgan is part of, being hunted through the Western lands by different outfits of law. Therefore, the ragtag bunch of outlaws and outcasts under its leader, Dutch, cannot stay at a singular place. And that is where the camp comes in. The camp functions as a mobile base for the gang’s illustrious members and their myriad of activities. Safe to say protagonist Arthur Morgan will eagerly participate in all of them. Because the camp isn’t a static entity. Morgan needs to put food on the table to keep the morale up facilitated by the hunting of wild animals. He also can join in gossip, personal conversations, and recreational games. Just like the open world outside of it, the campers will behave accordingly with Morgan depending on his contribution towards the community. Thus the location of the camp may change frequently, but the relationships Morgan builds with his people will keep strong and resolute.

“The bar fight in the trailer looks vicious and every hit seems to land with the urgency and impact of a real-world confrontation”

Guns, guts & knuckles- the way of the outlaw.

What is an outlaw’s life if not embroiled with drunk fistfights and archaic shootouts? If this trailer is any indication, the game will have plenty of those. Rockstar seems to have taken all the best parts from their previous Red Dead Redemption games’ gunplay and melee mechanics and improved upon them. The bar fight in the trailer looks vicious and every hit seems to land with the urgency and impact of a real world confrontation. Morgan can be seen dual-wielding his way through a gunfight by holding a shotgun in one hand and a Colt in another- seamlessly changing between the two as required ala Max Payne 3. The Dead Eye Meter is back as well which slows down time for you to line up some gory kills and bounties.

The horse is your best friendRed Dead Redemption, Games, Video Games, Rockstar games

In the lands of Red Dead Redemption 2, the only thing you can trust is your faithful steed. Your horse will always be at your side only a whistle away. The better your bond gets with your horse, the better the benefits. Improve the saddle to be able to carry more inventory, ultimately ending up being able to carry large animal carcasses. Different breeds are better suited for different tasks. You have to use them accordingly. A more loyal horse will act less startled and shaken in a tough fight and will have better manoeuvrability. Your treatment and care towards the animal will be rewarded if you are keen enough.
This particular gameplay trailer is just the first one of a series that Rockstar plans to release before the game’s release on October 26th, 2018. We have yet to know more about missions, robberies, rival gangs, and activities. But do not fret. We’ll cover more whenever Rockstar drops its next gameplay video.
Keep your eyes peeled, outlaw. The frontier awaits.