Money Heist Season 3: Back with a Bang!

It’s time to get our red jumpsuits and Dali masks back on because Netflix’s acclaimed Spanish Crime Drama ‘La Casa De Papel’ or Money Heist is back with its 3rd season.  Season 3 finally dropped on Netflix on Friday, July 19 to the surprise and joy of fans worldwide. And what a comeback the Professor and his crew have made! The latest season is centred on an even more audacious heist with much higher stakes. Here is our review on the latest season of Money Heist.

P.S – Minor Spoilers/Plot-point for episode 1 & 2 of the 3rd season

The Plot

The series builds off from the end of the first two seasons which saw the Professor and his gang with city named aliases robs almost 2.5 billion Euro from the royal mint of Spain and making their escape from the Spanish government and police.

Them being some of the world’s most wanted criminals, the group along with the professor split up to different parts of the world, to live out the rest of their lives with their loot.

But tragedy struck when Rio, the master hacker among the group, is caught and subsequently tortured by the Spanish government. So Tokyo is tasked with finding the professor and the rest of the crew to devise a plan to get Rio back. And they plan to do it with their latest heist i.e. the gold deposit of the bank of Spain. 

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New characters and old faces

The latest season has introduced several new characters on both sides. Bogotá, Marseille and Palermo have replaced the deceased Moscow, Oslo and Berlin as the newest members. Characters of Mónica Gaztambide and Raquel Murillo have formally joined the group, taking up the aliases Stockholm and Lisbon respectively.  

Coronel Luis Tamayo and Alicia Sierra are the new antagonists tasked with taking down the professor and his group. We also get recurring characters such as inspector Ángel Rubio, Arturo Román, Coronel Prieto in on the action as well as the deceased members of the professor’s group through flashbacks, especially that of Berlin’s. 


The first two seasons of Money Heist was a huge international success. Prior to season 3’s release, it was Netflix’s most-watched non-English series and even won an Emmy. So to say that expectation for the 3rd season was high is an understatement. And season 3 did not disappoint.

The plot was dynamic and enthralling with great pacing, the visuals and soundtracks for the entire season were topnotch and the signature chess-like plotting and manoeuvering from both sides was a treat to watch. Like the robbery it portrays, the series itself is fast, intricate and perfectly executed. By the end, the show finishes off on a classic fake-out and cliffhanger that will leave you desperately waiting for season 4.

A solid 4/5 from us, the 3rd season of Money Heist is a must-watch for fans of the show.

For anyone who’s contemplating watching the show, this is the best time.