Bangladeshi Photojournalist KM Asad’s photo on the cover of National Geographic magazine

Bangladeshis continue to make us proud on an international level. KM Asad, a renowned photojournalist, took the photo of a Rohingya women and her child, which is on the cover of the August issue of National Geographic.

KM Asad said “Today is one of the greatest days of my life! I feel so blessed to share you that my picture of a Rohingya mother and child, is confirmed to be published as a cover photo of National Geographic on it’s August 2019 Issue! Since I’ve started pursuing photography as a medium of telling stories on 2005, it has always been one of my biggest dreams! I’m so glad that it came true and all the hard works finally started to pay off. It is also a great honor for me to have industry leaders like Sarah Leen recognizing my works! My heartiest gratitude to all the members of National Geographic who’ve supported me a lot. Also grateful to my friends and followers who believe on me and my work.

KM Asad is a independent documentary professional who works for Zuma agency and is a contributor photographer at Getty images.

The August issue, A World On the Move, is about migration, displacement, the causes and effects of leaving everything. According to National Geographic, “by the end of 2017, more people have been forcibly displaced than at any other time since World War II—68.5 million by the UN’s latest count”.

This issue can be accessed from here.