The first iron mine in Bangladesh discovered

Recently, the first ever iron ore mine was discovered by the Geographical Survey of Bangladesh.

This iron mine is at Isabpir village in Dinajpur of Bangladesh. On Tuesday, 18th June 2019, the GSB made this news official after extensive research and drilling work done for two months. The result was a 400-foot layer of thick iron that is around 6-10 square kilometres.

The first iron mine in Bangladesh discovered

This layer was found to be almost 1750 feet underneath the surface, as confirmed by the GSB  deputy director Mohammad Masum.

During his interview, he confirmed that this iron layer contained elements such as Copper, Nickel, Gold and Chromium. Mohammad Masum also mentioned that their team found Limestone that was at a depth of 1150 feet.

First ever iron mine

Although this is the first time the GSB officials confirmed the existence of an iron ore mine in the country, it’s not the first time they attempted to discover something like this. While talking more on this topic, the Deputy Director mentioned their work on a similar project in a small village called Mushidpur.

After surveying for a while, working began in Isanpur where they worked for six long years. This could not have been possible had they not appointed a 30 member team who worked on drilling the ground in three shifts.

Possibilities unearthed

It is quite astonishing to see such a huge magnetite mine unleash from the grounds of a small village in an already small country. But there is more. The GSB also confirmed that while the mines in prominent places like Australia, Canada, Brazil has below 50% iron, the newly discovered ore mine is around 65% iron. And not only will it open new doors for economic prospects, but will also bring in employment opportunities.