Touquir Ahmed is creating a Bangladeshi Feluda and here’s your first look!

For any book-lover Bengali, from this side of the border or the other, the name Satyajit Ray is one that’s very close to the heart. His short stories, novels, horrors, thrillers- they’ve all been a huge part of all our childhood. And the largest of them all is the hero we all looked up to growing up, Pradosh Chandra Mitra, or who we know him more as, Feluda.

Soumitra Chatterjee was the very first portrayal of Feluda on the silver screens

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A Bangladeshi Feluda?

Sharp wit, an even sharper tongue, piercing eyes, tall, mysterious- this enigmatic character has been attempted to be portrayed by generations after generations. The list of visionaries who had their own vision for Feluda includes Satyajit Ray himself, his son Sandeep Ray and also many other writers and directors.  The latest and most intriguing addition to this list is our very own Tauquir Ahmed, who’s shooting a web series on Feluda from 21st April, in various locations of Dhaka and Chittagong.

Sabyasachi has played the character for the longest period of time

Even after decades of Feluda’s arrival, there have never been any attempts at large to create and show his persona in our cultural sphere. All the dramas, plays that have been made, have been at a small scale, never adding much justice to this stellar character of Bengali literature.

The latest series about Feluda saw an Indian Feluda solving cases in Bangladesh’s context. It was still not our own Feluda.

The closest we came to presenting this iconic series was the Feluda series in bioscope- but even in that series, the titular characters of Feluda, Topshe and Laalmohan Babu were played by prominent actors from West Bengal, with Bangladesh providing with the background and Bangladeshi actors portraying only minor parts.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to rectify the situation a bit with a Bangladeshi actor playing the main part and the web series being produced solely in Bangladesh.

Stellar cast and crew

Considering the situation at hand, Tauquir Ahmed has enough awards and recognition under his belt to reassure the avid fans on the project’s success. His different outlook on Bangla cinema and TV has helped the industry gain a lot of the international acclamation it has today.

The entire cast has not been announced yet, only who’s going to portray Feluda and its Ahmed Rubel. We do see Abul Kalam Azad and Abul Hayat in some latest stills but details have not been divulged yet.

Ahmed Rubel, our own Feluda at last?

Given the performer and the character, so far it seems to be the most understandable match. For those of you who can’t place Ahmed Rubel, he is mainly a theatre and television actor, who also has proved his acting chops in films like “Bachelor: the circle”, “Guerilla”, “Chandrokoktha”, “The last Thakur” etc which are far from mainstream. Now the production house claims to have some sort of surprise in store for the two sidekicks- Topshe and Laalmohon Babu, and we hope its more Bangladeshi actor, with the originality of the character preserved.

In a country full of intense Bengali readers, it’s been a shame to not have our own version of Feluda, Topshe, Laalmohon and Maganlal Meghraj. About time we walk in the right direction.

Is Feluda coming to Hollywood?

Whether it is ‘Feludar Goyendagiri’ or ‘Badshahi Angoothi’, the many works of Satyajit Ray have left his readers in wonderstruck every time his work is read. If you are a fan of Bengali detective novels, you have been definitely acquainted with the genius character Feluda written by the famous Indian Bengali film director and writer Satyajit Ray.

Orlando Bloom as Feluda!

According to a key Bengali tabloid, a film on the renowned detective character ‘Feluda’ aka ‘Pradosh C. Mitter’ is being heard to be made, where Orlando Bloom has been selected to play the role of the lead character Feluda himself. It is said that Dev Patel, a celebrated actor of British Indian origin, will also be seen in the character of ‘Tapesh Ranjan Mitra’, aka ‘Topshe’, Feluda’s cousin and assistant.

Dev Patel as Topshe? We can get behind that!

Danny and Dev duo once again

The close source is claiming that the famous Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle will steer the wheel on this film as he is said to direct it himself. This film will be the adaptation of the story ‘Feluda in London’ by Satyajit Ray and the shooting will be done mainly in London and India. However, according to him, the story will not be based entirely on the literacy piece as it is being carved to be made in a way which will suit the global audience.

The hype of this news knows no bounds as the Satyajit fans earnestly wait for the approval by news from the directors and producers themselves. So get ready for the most hyped movie to be seen as it is only a ride to pure memory lane!