Where to eat in Dhaka after midnight

Midnight? Hungry? We have all looked at our clock, hungry, thinking its too late to get food. Feel no despair at the next all-nighter, missed bedtime. Press yes for ‘Are you still watching?’ on Netflix, because there are selected places to get food from, in Dhaka, after dark. Yes, the options during these hours limited, but here is a list for the night owls with unusual appetites:

Pizza Roma

Pizza Roma Dhaka late night

Pizza is a safe bet for night cravings. Pizza Roma serves (arguably) the best pizza in town. They stay open until midnight. Pizza Roma takes late night orders through their Facebook page or through their website for delivery in Gulshan, Banani and Dhanmondi. Try their Pizza Diavola while you’re at it. Thank us later.

Tel: 01755660039

Tehari On Wheels

Where to eat in Dhaka after midnight 14

Don’t want the usual pizza or burger? Craving overflowing plates of rice and Bengali food? Tehari on Wheels serves traditional Tehari . They are open 24 hours. They also offer other items such as beef khichuri, hasher mangsho bhuna, etc. A plus, food delivery is available all day, all night. Find them on Facebook or give them a call for delivery services.

Tel:- 01902363697

Tehari Avenue

late night dhaka food

Tehari Avenue in Gulshan Road 119 has a simple straightforward menu that consists of tehari/chicken pulao and water/coke. The price tag does not take a toll on the ol’ wallet and it tastes amazing. They stay open until 1AM on Thursdays and Fridays.

Tel: 01617-138138


herfy banglaesh late night food

Herfy is the latest in a long line of international food joints setting up shop in Bangladesh. This Saudi Arabian fast food joint offers up Burgers, Rice Meals, and Combos, French Fries, Chicken Fries etc. Their Gulshan outlet stays open till 2:00AM on weekends and till 2.30AM on weekends and holidays and offers both dine-in and takeaways. They offer free delivery service within Gulshan, Niketon, and Banani from 10PM to 1AM.

Tel: 01709-991000

Premium Sweets

Premium sweets late night dhaka

The Gulshan 2 branch of Premium Sweets is open till 2AM. Get delicious khicuri, kala bhuna, walimar roast as well as the usual sweets. Combo meals start at BDT 795.

Gulshan 2 Tel:  01759115124

Gulshan 1 Tel:  01755997678

Uttara Sector 7: 01796632672

Gloria Jeans Cafe

gloria jeans late night dhaka

For something light or just coffee, go to Gloria Jeans. The Australian coffee chain stays open till 1:00 AM. Other than coffee, the chain serves sandwiches, light meals and baked goods such as lamingtons, chocolate mousse etc.

Gulshan Branch Tel: 01929-333999

Star Kabab and Restaurant

Star kabab dhaka late night

The most obvious choice is Star kabab, a landmark institution in Dhaka City. Get your fix of rice, fish, veg, mutton to kebabs 2 AM and offers late night dinner and snacks.

Nazirabazar, Old Dhaka

nazirabazar dhaka late midnight food

As always, we saved the best for the last.

If you’re hungry AND in a mood for adventure, head out to Nazirabazar in old Dhaka.

 There is no traffic at 2 AM, So, it matters little where you’re staying. Given, you have a safe mode of transportation, of course. These buzzing lanes in old Dhaka stay open till very late and arrays of street food stalls and local cafes remain forever crowded. Chicken kebabs, beef chaps, lassis, fire paan, you name it. Fancy a cup of tea? Even the tongs will stay open. Eat to your heart’s content, the world is yours.

Check out the fanfare of Nazirabazar here.

One thing to note here is that if you plan to order takeout at this time, only Hungrynaki offers their service around 3: 00 AM. Foodpanda and Pathao foods are closed during those hours.

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Top 5 pizza places in Dhanmondi

If there is one thing that we can all agree on– is that pizza is love. But when you are in Dhanmondi, and want the perfect slice, where do you go? Here are our top 5 favorite places so you can quickly fulfill your pizza cravings. Spend less time in deciding who has the perfect cheese to dough ratio and more time eating. So in no particular order:

Pizza Roma

Pizza Roma is synonymous with high-quality pizza with fusion toppings and thin crust. Meet both your cravings for Bangla flavor and pizza by ordering the Chilli-lime-grilled pizza (BDT 700 for a small and BDT 1200 for a large) or the Achar chicken. Taste-wise, the pizzas are consistently good; however we have had cases of receiving cold pizza, when it was delivered during busy nights.

  • Address: Kazi and Ahmed Tower, House Number 35, Rd No. 2, Dhaka 1205
  • Hours: 12-11 pm
  • Contact: 01755-660039

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Domino’s Pizza Bangladesh

It may feel like Domino’s has been open for more than a decade, but that was the locally ‘inspired’ version. The international franchise, Domino’s Pizza, opened up shop earlier this year. Go here when you are craving pizza with a thick, American crust. For some, the pizzas have the additional appeal of trying out brands that they grew up seeing only in the movies. Pizzas here come in smaller sizes, so Dominos can be good for a quick, solo lunch. The larger ones maybe a little too heavy and oily, far from the lighter, thin-crust versions that many crave. 

The regular-sized Margherita is relatively cheap, at BDT 149. The classic pepperoni is BDT 269. Loaded pizzas like Meatzza and Extravaganza feast (with bbq chicken, chicken sausage, spicy chicken and pepperoni as toppings) are available at BDT 349 for the regular, BDT 649 for the medium and BDT 1099 for the large. 

  • Address: Ground & First Floor, Rangs Fortune Square, Plot- 32, Road No-2, Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Contact: 09612-216656 & www.dominos.com.bd
  • Hours 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Bella Italia

Bella Italia is a Dhaka classic. It is the place for the nostalgic, for those who like consistency and for family gatherings. Many Dhaka dwellers associate comfort food and pizza to their Pizza Funghi e Sausage. True to its name, the menu also covers Italian Classics like pizza with anchovies, olives, or eggplant. For some, the toppings are too out there or do not feel like good value for money. Try for yourself.

  • Address: Dhanmondi ADC Empire Plaza, (1st Floor), Plot 91, Road 12/A, Satmasjid Road, Opposite Pizza Hut, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209.
  • Opening Hours: 10 AM–11 PM
  • Contact: 01771-077001


Cheez is another place that serves hot and cheesy pizzas at generous sizes and fusion flavors. Cheez pizza’s have fun names like Simpler Moddhe Gorgeous pizza, fun flavors like Kala Bhuna. Some love the taste of the different kinds of cheeses that they use, some are not a fan. 

  • Address: Rangs KB Square, 736, Satmasjid Road, Dhaka 1205
  • Hours: 11am-11pm

Dough on the Go

In Dhanmondi? Yes, the latest place on the block is Dough on the Go. They have set up in One Big Plate, the food court. Dough on the Go specializes in pizzas with thin crusts and fresh toppings. The opening of this outlet extends the delivery zone to Dhanmondi, Mohammadpur, Lalmatia and surrounding areas. Their menu is limited compared to the other places on this list and pizzas come only in one size (12 inch).

However, each pizza has a unique flavor–be it the Meatgasm with three types of beef sausage or the pizza with chicken and mushrooms in white sauce (Fungkhy Chicken). Our favorite is the Pesto pizza, because we can taste the freshness of the pesto that is made in-house. Some find the dough too soft and the toppings too heavy, so it can be a messy experience. We keep going back because the texture of the dough of the crust sets them apart from many other pizzerias in the city.

  • Address: L10 (11th floor), Imperial Amin Tower, 10/A on Satmasjid Road.
  • Hours for Dhanmondi: 12 PM to 11.00 PM
  • Hotline for Dhanmodi and surrounding areas: 01305785343

May you enjoy many cheese pulls and pizza nights.

Did we miss your favourite place? Do you have very strong feelings about pizza? Let us know!

Caffeine addict’s guide to Dhaka’s cafès

Whether you’re hanging out with friends, getting some sketching done by yourself, or working on an assignment – cafès are suited for every occasion. In the last few years, Dhaka saw a huge boom in cèfe culture, so wherever you live, you probably have a cafè within walking distance from your home. So, picking from this enormous list of choices, where should you get your next cup of coffee? We’re here to help!

North End Coffee Roasters

Cafes in Dhaka-HiFi Public

North End has established its reputation with its own distinct blend and style. So, if you’re a fellow coffee addict, this cafe is a must! While each of their branches has a different ambience, our personal favourite is the one in Badda. This particular branch has a lovely homely feel to it, and it’s perfect to just sit and get some sketching or writing done – just let that creativity flow. The other branches of North End, particularly the one in Dhanmondi, would be our first pick to work on any group assignments as they’re much larger and the atmosphere feels a lot more formal. Plus points to North End Dhanmondi for having a branch of the Bookworm store inside!

They also opened a new branch in Banani very recently.

Must try drink(s): Cappuccino, Chai Latte, Mocha, The Freddos

Must try food/dessert: Bagel with cream cheese, Cinnamon roll, the 4C sandwich, the Chilly Milly, Brownie

Crimson Cup Coffee House

Cafes in Dhaka-HiFi Public

With its marked red interior, Crimson Cup’s branches are pretty similar in terms of mood. If you have a huge group of friends, this cafe is the best place to hang out in, especially after lunch hours. For morning people who want to get some work done, this is also a great place to do that before the crowd sets in around noon. Their breakfast platters and sandwiches are amazing, and so are their frappes.

Must try drink(s): Crimson Cup Mocha, French Vanilla Creme, Matcha (acquired taste)

Must try food/dessert: Cold Pasta, Brownie, Every sandwich they have

Tabaq Coffee

Cafes in Dhaka-HiFi Public

Tabaq Coffee in Gulshan is easily one of the best places in Dhaka to spend some quality time over a cup of coffee. Their interior is cosy and beautiful. Has a distinct style from the other cafes in Dhaka and for those of us who prefer stronger cappuccinos than most, Tabaq is a go to. Their coffees really bring out a strong flavour and their wide collection of unique dessert items are mouth watery.

Must try dink(s): Cappuccino, Hot chocolate, Caramel latte

Must try food/dessert: Yoghurt, Cheesecake brownie, Affogato


Cafes in Dhaka-HiFi Public

This cosy little cafe in Uttara has a charming ambience to it. The decor has a subtle artsy vibe and the coffee is amazing. Best part? Its quieter than most, (Probably because it’s in Uttara, but anyway) which makes it an ideal place to go and read a book in peace with a lovely cup of coffee.

They also have a second outlet at Chef’s table in Gulshan. This one’s called Emerald. And also, their bakery items are as good as their names. Try them.

Must try drink(s): Cappuccino

Must try food/dessert: Affogato

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Cafes in Dhaka-HiFi Public

One of the few international coffee chains in Bangladesh, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is famous for its distinct ambience and world-renowned frappucinos. Their all-day brunch is also quite good.

Must try drink: Latte


Cafes in Dhaka-HiFi Public

This little cafè in Gulshan DCC market offers a desi twist with its range of desi style teas and fusion desserts. Apart from their lattes and cappuccinos, the masala teas and the wraps are to die for. They also offer salad bowls which are still a relatively new culture in Dhaka. The best part though is that their wrap and salad menu changes every day. If you’re having alfredo chicken one day, you’ll probably find Indian butter chicken the next day!

They also opened a new outlet in Kawran Bazar recently.

Must try drink: Masala Cha, Peyala Cha

Must try food/dessert: Alfredo chicken wrap, Gulabjamun cheesecake

Second Cup Coffee

Cafes in Dhaka-HiFi Public

Second Cup in Banani is secluded and charming. With a huge range of snack and dessert items and lots of drinks to try from, this is a cafe ideal for a relaxing coffee date or catching up with a friend. Be warned though, their serving sizes are huge. If you love this cafe and wish you didn’t have to travel 2 hours for it, good news for you – they’re in Dhanmondi now!

Must try drink(s): Latte, Hot chocolate

Must try food/dessert: The cheesecakes

Nerdy Beans Coffee Haus

Cafes in Dhaka-HiFi Public

This cosy little cafe in Dhanmondi was made for book lovers! Located in the basement to make it a little more soundproof and decorated with shelves filled with books from every genre and in both Bangla and English – this cafe was made specifically to get some reading done with a steaming latte by your side, or to finish some homework quietly. Despite this, though, there usually is quite a crowd here especially in the afternoons, so we recommend that if you’re going here for some quiet time, go in the mornings. And if you see a book you really like, make sure you ask at the counter because they let you borrow them!

Must try drink(s): Mocha, Latte

Must try food/desserts: The sandwiches, Mousse