Budget 2019-20: Price hikes and drops to watch out for

It is the day of reckoning folks, for the budget 2019-20 has been announced. Finance minister AHM Mustafa Kamal made the announcement today. Changes in duties will cause ups and downs in the prices of a lot of daily use products.

What Will Go Up?

As per reports, it seems cosmetics, mobile phone service will face the increment. Tough to those who live on makeup. Other than that; cooking oils, medicines, marriage media centres, ice cream, vehicle registration, route permit for vehicles, fitness certificate for vehicles will go up too. Other than those helicopter renting, plastic products, aluminium products, astrology, drama, movie, handmade confectioneries, milk, sugar, body spray, ovens, broilers, grillers and smartphone are going to face the rise.

What Will Go Down?

GOLD! Yes, that is right. Gold Price is said to down alongside firefighting equipment, building bricks, cancer-related medicines, coco substrate and coco pellet used in home gardening, and electric fan.

10 cities to visit under budget

In this hectic life of work, studies and constant roundabouts of quizzes and deadlines, our lifestyle somewhat becomes mundane. Travelling is one of the many ways let off some steam. But, what holds back most of us from travelling is obviously the cost of it. The plane fare, hotel, food and the list goes on.

But fret not. We have ten cities for you to visit under a budget of 40,000 BDT.

Because life starts when you really start living and we want to give you a nudge on that!

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K for Kathmandu

Born in a valley, Kathmandu is surrounded by the Himalayan mountains. And is known for the mountains, temples and the cleansing of the spiritual aura. It is truly a magical place to be if you want to surround yourself with the mystery of nature. Kathmandu has all of it.

Darling Darjeeling

Darjeeling: An experience of a lifetime 36

From an unworldly sunrise at Tiger Hill to hot steaming momos in Batasia loop, the adventures in Darjeeling would be one of the most magical trips you can afford to do in a budget. It is also very well known for the temples it bears such as the Japanese Temple and Peace Pagoda, Observatory Hill and Mahakal Temple. But one can never be in Darjeeling and not see the monasteries! With unusual architectural style and great historical background, each monastery s have a story to tell. Samten Choling Monastery, Yiga Choeling Monastery, Dali Monastery and many more awaits!

Read more about Darjeeling here: https://hifipublic.com/en/2018/12/25/darjeeling-an-experience-of-a-lifetime/

Yes, to Paro!

Surrounded by mountains, this small town in the peaceful country of Bhutan can be your ultimate getaway. From the ancient Rimpung-Dzong fortress in Paro valley to a spectacular hike to Tiger’s nest, Paro never falls short on adventures and surprises.

Into the dreamy world of Kashmir

If you are a new traveler and Kashmir is your first place to travel, then kudos to you because it is a very good place to start your journey to the unknown. Kashmir is well known for rafting, hiking and of course the mountains! November is a good time to visit since there aren’t many tourists seen around the popular spots. Try to stay around the local areas or get acquainted with a local family to know Kashmir better. Multi day trekking, horseback riding, hiking in Sonamarg, rafting at Lidder River and many more exciting trips awaits!

Sin Chao Hanoi!

Capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is a crowded city of night market and venturing into places like the Hoan Kiem Lake, eating the best delicacies in Tai Hien Street, traveling to Ni Ling, Sapa Valley and many more beautiful places. The living and food costs are affordable and you can take a motorbike taxi for going to places for saving some extra bucks.

Read more about Vietnam here: https://hifipublic.com/en/2018/06/08/travellers-notebook-ho-chi-minh-city-alternate-title-in-the-land-of-the-blue-dragon/


The former capital city of Myanmar Yangon is known for the Pagodas because of their magnificent architectural designs and the tranquility of being in a space which promotes spiritual cleansing. If you are interested in taking pictures of rich designed buildings, church and temples and Pagodas, Yangon is your spot!

Explore Phnom Penh

If this is your first trip to Cambodia, then you better grab a list because Phnom Penh has many things to offer for you to explore in a very affordable rate. Starting from exploring the beautiful royal palace, to walking around the National Museum to taking a ride by the ferry out to Koh Dach is honestly a dream come true.

Cleanse your soul with Chiang Mai, Thailand  

Starting from having a heart to heart conversation with the Monks of Wat Pha Temple to adoring the elephants and spending a handful amount of time with them, Chiang Mai has endless possibilities for you to escape reality and explore the beauty and joy of nature. If you are into adventure then do not worry because Chiang Mai, has zip lines, paragliding, rock climbing and many more!

Manila, Philippines

10 cities to visit under budget

Manila is one of those places you can travel by yourself given if you have the right maps and instructions. The city holds historical representation through Intramuros, indulge in the most delicious delicacies in Binondo, the Manila Chinatown and various other museums and palace.

Jakarta, Indonesia

10 cities to visit under budget 1

We cannot finish this list without including Jakarta, one of the most budget friendly places of all times. Jakarta is a friendly place with cheap transportation, beautiful monuments, amazing nightlife and delicious street food. Indulge yourself with the best things when you travel here

One of the key things to do before travelling anywhere on a budget is listing down places you want to stay and travel to. Let this year bring you joy and many adventures to enjoy!

Best phones under BDT 20,000

There are quite a few great phones out in the market right now. Sadly, many of them require you to bankrupt yourself. We don’t want you to trade an arm and a leg for a smartphone, so here’s a list of great phones you can buy under 20,000 BDT right now. Hurry, because many of them are on sale for a short time at many different vendors. You may find many of these phones at local markets as well.

  1. Xiaomi Mi A2

The Xiaomi Mi A2 is a pretty decent phone. It is the most expensive phone on this list, however. It has great specs. The version we recommend is the Global Version with 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM. The phone has a 5.99-inch display with a 2160×1080 pixel resolution. Having an octa-core Snapdragon 660 under the hood gives the phone significant power as well. The cameras on the phone are also very impressive. The front camera is a fantastic 20 megapixels with AI capabilities. The back has two cameras, at 12 and 20 megapixels each. The phone can take 4K videos with the back cameras, although only at 30 fps. A2 has no headphone jack, as is the norm now. It has significantly thick bezels, however. Some may not like that on a phone nowadays. Overall, if you want a great phone that can run most apps and games but still take stunning photos, and don’t mind bezels, this is the phone for you.

Get it from Daraz here.

  1. Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite

Another Xiaomi phone is up next on the list. The Mi 8 Lite has an impressive 24 megapixels in its front camera. This makes the selfies look extremely crisp.  The display is a huge 6.26 inches, packing a resolution of 2280×1080 pixels. 4GB of RAM may not be the highest in smartphones these days, but it comes with a whopping 64GB of ROM. The Snapdragon 660 is a dependable processor and will pop up on this list a few times. The phone comes with a notched design with may not be to everyone’s liking. Other than that, it’s a very good phone that could be an awesome daily driver for many.

  1. Moto G6

The 32 GB version of Moto G6 fits very easily into this category. While the Snapdragon 450 is not as powerful as other chipsets on the list, it’s still decent. It’s got a display with a 1080p resolution. The GPU is as impressive as anything on this list, being an Adreno 506. It’s got two cameras, 12 and 5 megapixels respectively, on the back. The front has one 16-megapixel camera with LED flash. The phone can perform very well for something that’s so inexpensive. The phone looks a little old fashioned but it performs great.

  1. Moto X (4th gen)

The more buff version of the previous entry, the Moto X is cheaper than the weaker G6 now due to a sale going on. This makes this beast an automatic choice for the list. This is also a little old-fashioned to look at, with the thick bezels and everything. The real impressive parts are hidden under the hood. The phone boasts a Snapdragon 630 with an Adreno 508 GPU. The 3 GB of RAM is just enough for you to be able to multitask or play games on your phone like PUBG. It sports 2 cameras on the back at 12 and 8 megapixels. The front features a single 16-megapixel camera. If you like powerful phones with good cameras, but want to buy one on a budget, and don’t mind bezels, it could be a good daily driver for you.

  1. Lenovo Z5

We recently reviewed this and had to include it in the list. It has its fair share of problems, and the marketing was almost 100% lies, but it delivered. The 6 GB of RAM really lets you use however many apps you want to. The Snapdragon 636 is a powerful enough processor, and the Adreno 509 GPU is one of the better GPU’s in the market now. The display is notched, but the cameras are decent. They may not be as good in low light as they are in well-lit scenes. All in all, as my own personal daily driver, we have found it to be good enough.