Batcat is happening and we couldn’t be more excited!

Batman and Catwoman’s wedding cover is out now and the internet cannot stop talking about it. That’d be the cover of Batman #50, where the previous events finally culminate to Batman and Catwoman’s wedding.

The cover, drawn by artist Mikel Janin, features Batman and Catwoman kissing under a portico where Batman proudly dons his full costume and Catwoman is wearing a stunning black dress along with her cowl, of course.

Batman’s wedding story arc was started by Tom King in #24 where Batman proposed to Catwoman and it’s finally leading to their wedding in #50. Of course it’s Batman and Gotham so you can’t expect things to go down smoothly and not expect Joker to create chaos, but we’re pretty sure it’s nothing Batman can’t handle.

In the previous issue, “Something borrowed, something blue” we see Batman and Catwoman on their separate parallel paths to their wedding days, as Catwoman sneaks out in the dead of night to pick up her wedding dress while Batman makes arrangements to start their new life together. Brought to life beautifully by the talented art of Mikel Janin and Joelle Jones, the panels also depict the complicated relationship Batman and Catwoman has had in the past, their confrontations and romances. It’s a must read if you’re even a little bit excited about the long anticipated moment.

Batman’s history with Catwoman has always been flirtatiously complicated, with Catwoman making several approaches over the years and Batman being, well, Batman. And years of anticipation finally cannot keep the fans calm.

The wedding edition #50 comes out in July. Keep an eye out and till then take a look at 10 of the most highly anticipated weddings we’ve had in pop-culture, coming soon on HiFi.

5 times pop-culture fan theories were a huge let down

The Internet is dark and full of terrors when it comes to ruining your favourite TV shows and movies.

The urge to research snippets of the plot of the TV shows or movies, either in anticipation or in awe or confusion is something every binge junkie is familiar with. And fanfictions or fan theories keep filling us on these gaps and feed our over nurtured sense of connectedness with these TV shows or movies. These fanfictions range from being absolute bonkers to crazy but mind-blowing legit ones. Now, nothing is sweeter than a well-crafted, researched and thought-provoking fan theory that holds every chance of coming true. But then there are those other kinds, often greater in number, which are so ridiculous that they either make you go “Enough internet for the day!” or keep you up at night pondering over the ridiculous possibilities of them actually coming true.

Here are five of the most ridiculous fan theories out there on the internet that you should absolutely be warned about:

Alfred killed the Waynes (Batman’s parents)

(Yes, this happened too)

Whether it is because being a Batman fan is cool these days or you actually are a batman fan, this theory is enough to lose your faith on internet rants.  Back in 2014, one particular Reddit user put forward the theory that it was Alfred, the trusted old butler of the Wayne family who got Thomas and Martha Wayne killed that fateful night in a twisted plot to inherit all the Wayne riches. The defence for the theory was that Alfred plotted to kill all three of the Waynes and would inherit all the Wayne riches with no living Wayne heir. But Joe Chill did not have the heart to kill young Bruce and spared him who later went on to become the Caped Crusader of Gotham, which was also Alfred’s plot to get him into a dangerous lifestyle and get him killed eventually (I mean, come on!). Well, fair enough, random Reddit user. But why would Alfred not just get young Bruce killed later at some point and rather wait and actually train him (Earth 1) to become Batman? Why all that time and effort wasted when he could have just staged any accident and get the job done?

This theory has never been confirmed, obviously. Although in one story arc, (Neil Gaiman, Whatever happened to the Caped Crusader), Alfred is revealed to be the joker himself, whom he created to instil Batman’s life with some kind of a purpose. But that is a story for another time.

Aladdin is set in a post-apocalyptic future

This one is as old as time itself. Remember how the genie keeps referencing 20th-century pop icons, baseball, reality shows and jazz music shows etc.? Also, at one-point genie calls Aladdin’s outfit as “much too 3rd century”. All these shenanigans by genie led some fans to the theorize that Disney’s animated Aladdin is actually set in a distant post-apocalyptic world where civilisation is destroyed by nuclear war and things have essentially gone back to starting from scratch. Iago and Abu are mutant bird and monkey, results of the nuclear war and genetic experimentation, the magic carpet is a remnant of the old hover technology and it goes on and on.

Now, nothing is sweeter than a well-crafted, researched and thought-provoking fan theory that holds every chance of coming true. But then there are those other kinds, often greater in number, which are so ridiculous that they either make you go “Enough internet for the day!”

As tempting as that may sound, it was never actually confirmed by Disney. And they usually do address fan theories for a nod of confirmation as a playful gesture for the very least. (Yes, I’m talking about the infamous Frozen and Tarzan tie-in) So, it probably went like this, Robin Williams came down to the studio, made some insane jokes about random things, made everyone laugh and the animators decided to keep them because they were funny. Aladdin is a children’s movie with magic elements in it. Let’s not try and turn it into Mad Max.

007 is a codename passed on from secret agent to agent

Seems fair. I mean, if you consider the number of different actors who have played James bond since the very beginning of the franchise. Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, the torch of Bond has been passed on to several actors with different and unique characteristics. It seems logical to concur that James Bond and 007 are code names adopted by different agents and that is how the timeless MI7 hero has been living forever. Just like Q or M or Moneypenny. That is, if you don’t want your fan bubble to burst and accept the fact the different actors adopt the same character over time just to keep the timeless classic alive, not to maintain realistic continuity of agents.

If you follow the personal story arc of James Bond, his history with the infamous intelligence agency SPECTRE, and his earning of 007 title in Casino Royale, then it is clearly understood that all the James Bond actors were portraying the same character. James Bond was first portrayed by Sean Connery in Dr. No (1962) and is still going strong with now Daniel Craig playing the handsome but deadly MI6 agent.

Rey is Luke Skywalker’s clone

Boy, where do I begin! Star Wars loses it when it comes to clones. And should this theory keep you up at night, you shall not be blamed. Star Wars has fed you that anything that has the word clone in it is worth drooling over. Not your fault, snowflake.

So, here is the thing, speculating long and hard since the first synopsis for The Force Awakens came out, fans have not gotten any confirmation yet to whether Rey indeed was Luke’s daughter or not. The internet flooded with Rey theories. Starting from Rey was Anakin reincarnated to Rey was Jar Jar Binks’s spirit (What?) And one YouTube fan theorist before the release of The Last Jedi, came up with a ridiculous theory that Rey might actually be Luke’s female clone. Created by Knights of Ren, from the severed hand of Luke Skywalker.

An interesting theory. And the absence of clones in the new movies (no, Finn was not a clone) and the unexplained relationship between Luke and Rey leaves plenty of room for this theory to be honest. But clones are essentially supposed to be of the same sex and it doesn’t make sense to create a Luke Skywalker clone when Kylo Ren was himself full of enough pride that he was Luke’s best disciple.

Rest assured, like all other Star Wars fan theories, this too is never likely to come true.

Sherlock’s whole life was a lie

Now, this is an interesting one. We’re talking about BBC’s Sherlock here, which fans hold to be the one true Sherlock. We all know how the irritating but brilliant Sherlock is able to solve crimes using his mad deductive skills and essentially gets ‘high’ on good cases that takes a load of brain-work. Sherlock who is not a psychopath but a high functioning sociopath. And how without a good mystery to solve, he gets, “Bored, Bored, BORED”. Clearly, this guy is not normal.

Do you also remember about the other brilliant Holmes who is basically the “British Government himself”? Mycroft Holmes is equally brilliant and deductive as his younger brother but perhaps a saner one. So, what if all of Sherlock’s cases, his shenanigans with Moriarty, John Watson, all of it were brilliantly staged by Mycroft to keep his mystery junkie brother off the drugs and keep him alive and busy?

You can’t rule out the possibility of it, given the dramatic relationship that these two brothers share and also the near impossible infamous ways Sherlock solves his cases. So, is this theory ridiculous enough to be discarded or twistedly brilliant to actually be true? This one, I’ll leave for you to decide.