Meet Jaya Chakma, the first Bangladeshi woman FIFA referee

With the anticipations and excitement of football fanatics, the news of Jaya Chakma makes it better than ever! Jaya Chakma, a proud ethnic member from Rangamati, defied all barriers by establishing herself as one of the first Bangladeshi FIFA referees.

Alongside Jaya Chakma, Salma Islam is also on the list as an assistant referee with. With the public recognition of FIFA, this dynamic duo will be able to hold national team matches in 2020, on an international level.

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A woman with great ambition for sports

Initially, Jaya drew everyone’s attention as she conducted matches for men’s football. She was one of the pioneering members of the national women’s team even after completing her Asian Football Confederation Class-3 refereeing certificate course in 2011. Unfortunately, due to injury, she missed 2012 SAFF Women’s Football Championship, which ended her playing career. But she never stopped pursuing her passion for football. Jaya Chakma started her refereeing career at the same year, without any pause. She is now conducting important Football League tournaments on a regular basis.

In an interview with Dhaka Tribune, she mentions how overwhelming her journey has become, but it was a matter of great pride to be able to represent her country on an international level.

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Jaya Chakma is consistent not only with sports but also her academics. Majoring in History with a Masters from Jahangirnagar University, she also pursued and received a Diploma in Sports Science.

Jaya will appear for the AFC Elite Panel is she receives the FIFA referee badge. Congratulations to one of the most well-deserved referees of all time!

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First ever Bangladeshi female commentator: Shathira Jakir Jessy

For the first time, ever! A Bangladeshi female commentator did the commentary during the Bangladesh Vs. India match on Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. On Star Sports.

Yes, folks, you read that right. History has been made, as the former national cricketer, Shathira Jakir Jessy had been selected to commentate in Bangla during the Bangladesh Vs. India match on Tuesday.

“This is a historic moment for Bangladesh – for the first time ever, a Bangladeshi girl will commentate on Star Sports. It feels great to think I am that person.”

Said Jessy earlier in an interview.

Besides this, she will also commentate during the England Vs. New Zealand and Afganistan Vs. West Indies in Bangla on 3rd and 4th July respectively.