Zamor, a Bangladeshi in the French Revolution

When the French Revolution in the 1790s overthrew the French monarchy and gave power to the people, it changed the history of the world. You might have heard of the historic names associated with this revolution like Napoleon Bonaparte and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. But did you know that the French Revolution also had a leader of Bangladeshi origins? We take a look at the forgotten tale of Zamor, a young boy from Chittagong who participated in a revolution of people that changed the world forever.

Nights at Nazirabazar

One of the few places that stay open late enough to meet the mid-night cravings of Dhaka’s nightbirds – Nazirabazar. An Old Dhaka hotspot for those in the know, this place offers delectable items for your taste buds – from kala bhuna dripping in gravy to fiery sweet paan (for those brave enough to try it), Nazirabazar has it all. Try it. Get your friends, make the trip. Well worth it – it’s not like Dhaka has traffic at 2 AM.

An age old tradition – iftar from Chawkbazaar, Old Dhaka

Chawk Bazar. If the name alone doesn’t conjure up images of mouth watering delicacies and immense crowds to fight through to get to your food during the month of Ramadan, we don’t know what else will. It’s a tradition that dates back hundreds of years, and our dynamic duo of Ibtihaz and Imtiaz went there to check it out.

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