Hard time managing the sanitary pads? Here are a few alternatives

When I first got my period, I was 9 years old. My mother handed me a sanitary napkin and showed me how to use it. For about the next ten years, I thought they are the only way to handle menstrual blood. This is true for the majority of brown girls from a middle or upper-class background, even though sanitary napkins can be ridiculously inconvenient. They can cause rashes and infections.  You have to constantly make sure they are correctly positioned to prevent leaking. And don’t even think of swimming or any fun in the water during that time of the month. Yet, most women in this region of the world do not even question why there aren’t better solutions to something that affects half the population.

In reality, there are many alternatives to sanitary napkins, and a lot of them are actually available in Dhaka. While many of these options may sound uncomfortable or fussy at first, it is worth at least learning about them. After all, especially with something as essential and inescapable as menstruation, it is important to make informed choices, even if you choose to stick to ordinary sanitary napkins. So, here are three other methods of collecting menstrual blood that you might want to consider.


Tampons are small, soft “sticks” of absorbent material that are about the size of your thumb. Unlike pads, they collect menstrual blood internally – that is, they are inserted into the vagina and left there to soak up the blood. There are many variations of tampons and just like pads, you should pick the ones that suit your flow. There are kinds of tampons which come with an inserter – which is essentially a syringe-like apparatus that helps you place the tampon correctly – and there are also kinds without inserters, which require you to use your fingers. If inserted correctly and far enough, you should not feel the tampon inside you when you stand or walk, nor should it leak. Just like pads, you must change them every 6 or so hours, depending on the flow. You can take them out by pulling them by the string attached to the end of the tampon. Tampons can be extremely helpful particularly in case of sports, as it allows for free movement, as well as eliminates the risk of rashes or infections.

Where to find them: Unimart, certain Facebook pages such as Quick Mart BD and Fashionavo.

Reusable menstrual pads

A huge downside of both pads and tampons are the environmental impacts of the menstrual waste they generate. Not only are pads and tampons made of plastic themselves, their packaging and wrapping also contribute to the enormous amount of waste produced. Given that a woman goes through more than 250 pads & tampons a year, this number becomes even larger and scarier when we multiply it by almost half the population on Earth. This is where eco-friendly options of menstrual blood collection come in. One such alternative is the reusable menstrual pad. They are exactly like normal pads, except made entirely of cloth. Get started with four to six cloth sanitary pads (make sure you grab the right size!) and all you have to do after use is clean the stains and wash them like normal clothes. Cloth pads are far more comfortable to wear and last 2-3 years, so you’ll feel much less guilty about the environment (and your wallet) after each cycle.

Where to find them: Jatrabiroti

Menstrual cups

Another eco-friendly alternative is the menstrual cup. It is exactly what the name suggests – a plastic cup. Much like a tampon, the menstrual cup has to be folded and inserted into the vagina. The sides of the cup are soft and seals against the walls of the vagina and collects the blood inside. After 6-12 hours, depending on your flow, all you have to do is remove, empty, wash with water and reinsert. After each cycle, it is crucial to sterilize your cup in boiling water as instructed by the product. Used properly and in the correct size, menstrual cups are extremely comfortable, convenient, and easy to use. They can also last up to 10 years, which is a huge cut down on both menstrual waste and money!

Where to find them: Organicup BD

Menstruation is as natural a process as eating, and so it is important to do proper research and make informed choices about how to deal with periods too. As a South Asian society, it is generally unthinkable to put anything in your vagina before marriage, which explains why menstrual cups and tampons particularly can seem like baffling, alien concepts. However, moving past those taboos and myths can only liberate us. Periods are here for the long haul, so explore your options without stigma and find what works best for you.

Finding feminism in the pages of literature

For as long as I can remember, I have been an intense reader. Throughout middle school and high school, my best friend and I bonded over “book-hunting” in the school library, and over the years we fought minotaurs with Percy Jackson, went on undercover spy missions at Cherub, fawned over Artemis Fowl’s criminal mastermind, hated Katniss Everdeen with a passion, and, of course, devoured page after page of Bella’s description of Edward Cullen’s perfect 45 degree angled nose (don’t pretend you didn’t have a Twilight phase).

In early 2017, I was reading a particularly popular novel by a particularly popular (male) author and I was reading through a paragraph (which was completely irrelevant to the rest of the plot of the book) in which the male protagonist lustfully described the only female character in the book, who just happened to be incredibly sexually appealing in all her intelligence and physique (but very careful as to not be too intelligent or too attractive so as to threaten our protagonist, of course).

As I suffered through the unnecessary account of how well she pulled off a white tank top and jean shorts, it dawned upon me that in my almost 20 years of life, I had not read nearly enough novels by female authors. It was at this point that I, utterly disgusted by the one-dimensionality of every female character I could recall in almost every novel I had read (however much I loved them), decided that 2017 would be the year that I would consciously choose to read more books by women.

Now before you go on calling me a feminazi and whatnot, I am not claiming that every book ever written by a man is inherently sexist or that men, by some default, cannot create complex female characters. I am only saying that there is an entire realm of emotions and experiences about being a woman that male writers have never experienced and therefore their writing does not reflect it.

Consciously reading books by female authors exposed me to a whole new representation of my identity as a woman. There are tiny bits and pieces of the life that only women know sprinkled into the details of each story that I had never before found in literature.

It was in Esther’s frustration with everyone around her waiting for her to turn her mind around about not wanting marriage and kids, in Sylvia Plath’s ‘The Bell Jar’. It was in Scout from ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’s constant battle with her neighbours’ expectations of her to wear more dresses and stay in more as she grew older. It was in Francie’s observation of how women around her shamed other women for their sexuality in ‘A Tree Grows in Brooklyn’ – the cold hard reality of how women themselves pose obstacles to other women in a patriarchal society. In Alice Walker’s ‘The Color Purple’, it was the simple remark on how a lot of men talk to women – ‘mansplaining’ – which is sadly still relevant to a lot of our experiences today – “…they listen just long enough to issue instructions. They don’t even look at women when women are speaking.”

The unceasing struggle that I as a woman face against the patriarchal and conventional roles set for me has been experienced not only by women that I personally know but also by women before me – in 1930s Brooklyn, in 1800s England, in pre-Civil War Georgia – this discovery was both painful and wonderful to experience. As if the tiny secrets of survival that I have had to bear my entire life, that I never thought had space in literature, were being spilled out to women from all over the world and all timelines – getting together in solidarity and whispering, confessing, consoling, ‘Me too’. Yes – remember that hashtag? You’ll find traces of it in Austen and Bronte and Woolf and Eliot – forget not that some of these authors had to adopt male pseudonyms to have their work taken seriously, and some, such as George Eliot, are still known by their male pseudonym.

Long before they had the right to vote, these female characters defied sexist social standards in every way, most of all by thinking for themselves and being complex, intelligent, independent characters. In a world where women are still struggling to be heard and validated as full persons – through #metoo and #talkaboutit – I think that being a complex and independent person is the epitome of empowerment, and it is incredibly inspiring to see such empowered women splattered across the world throughout history, as if in some undisclosed unanimity.

If you are female, reading more books by women will connect you to the unmentioned little struggles of women who lived lives so vastly different from you. If you are not female, reading them (which I hope you do with the utmost respect to their experiences as women) will give you some very interesting and crucial understanding of the lives of all the women around you. For the #metoo era, to gain a full understanding and therefore validation of women’s experiences, the effort to consciously read more books by women is one that will move us forward. We must trace back to how the same patriarchal system has been poisoning our lives to as long as women have broken silence through the defiant act of writing.

Think you are part of the hobbyless generation? Think again.

“What are your hobbies?” is a commonly asked question. It was an essay prompt in Class 2, now asked in job interviews, applications and some awkward first dates. Yet, it feels harder to answer each time. That comes as no surprise as we read this on the 6th hour (today) of staring at our phone screens. We have all been told off with the refrain, “Ekhonkar bachchara toh phone chara choltei pareh na”.

Do memes count?


Our current state of leisure and learning may have a lot to do with the routine of an average 16-year-old in Dhaka who spends half the day at school, and the rest of the half bouncing around from coachings to tutors to coachings has two hours before bed for homework. With little space (or time) to actually relax, our interactions are limited to the same screens, through video games or WhatsApp. Unless you play sports through school, you probably don’t get to run around and be active.  So it’s really no wonder that those wee hours at 3 am are spent awake, but tired and dozing off in front of Brooklyn Nine-Nine or BoJack Horseman.

In fact, isn’t it about time “laughing at memes” counts as a hobby? If a hobby is whatever you do in your free time then that definition should undoubtedly change with changing effects of technology on social lives. Sharing quality memes and watching Vine compilations should definitely count as a legitimate hobby.

Now that we’ve classified memes as a hobby…

What does that say about us as a generation? Most of our hobbies seem to rotate around either communication through or passive consumption of technology. All our other hobbies are just socializing with peers. What did people do before the age of smartphones, Netflix and the scroll of death? Are we ever bored? Are we always bored?

Socializing, not social media

social media

What did our parents do every day? Unsurprisingly, the majority of the answers was “go out and socialize”.

Firstly, it was easier to go out and play with friends every day after school before cities were crammed with buildings. There were open spaces where kids played cricket or football with their neighbors. This was a major component of growing up. This reality may seem too alien to a teenager or child now. Cultural events were more prevalent. The common people and not just a niche group enjoyed events like film shows to local plays. These events united people through entertainment, no one had access to films in every household the way we do now.

So what do we do?

Books. Films. Learning anything, anytime.


In fact, our generation has a much wider range of hobbies to choose from or develop than any other generation before us.

Love filmmaking? Watch a bunch of film analysis videos for free on YouTube, then use your phone to create a short film for little to no cost. Interested in photography? Your phone camera and Instagram are probably your best friends. Fascinated by how apps work? Take up coding for free through hundreds of online courses available on the internet. Anything you could remotely be interested in can probably, if not definitely, be learned on the internet and executed by your phone.

Find out and go to the many events happening in the city. Use Jete Chao, Facebook Local, and Facebook event pages, there are MUNs, Open Mic Nights to Art Biennales (where no one really understands anything).

Put on your adventure hat on and rediscover (or discover for the first time) your own city. Getaway to nearby spots and get some fresh air.

Of course, partake in the cafe culture (don’t know how you could avoid it even if you tried). Go to any cafe after 12 pm and join the many teenagers and young people sipping 400 taka Cappuccinos. Moreover, with the increasing number of restaurants in Dhaka, there are more food chains such as Takeout and Yum Cha District. The cuisine, decor, and marketing are mostly directed and catered to the tastes of young people.

There has also been a recent growth of gaming arcades providing karaoke and bowling (such as at JFP), and movie theatres such as Star Cineplex that run predominantly on Hollywood movies targeted towards the youth.

The same way our parent’s generation had the bookworms and comic lovers, so do we. We all know those kids who spend their days reading books or sketching cartoon strips. There has always been and there always will be folks who take an interest in writing or music regularly.

Use technology as an enabler of your new hobby

With drastic technological changes, population growth and urbanization, it is no surprise that our day-to-day hobbies are so different from our parents’ when they were our age. Although this is frequently posed as both a failure and a threat to the future of our generation, it doesn’t have to be either of those. It’s not our fault that we have no open fields to play Kabaddi in the afternoons, or that we’d rather lay in bed watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine after an exhausting day of coachings. Neither is it harmful to us that technology now takes up so much of our time. If you personally have an interest in anything, whatever generation you belong to, you’ll find ways to devote your time to it. Whether that is creatively stimulating or innovative enough depends on your own preferences entirely.

Pickaboo.com Partners With Solar Electro Bangladesh, Authorized Distributor Of Xiaomi

An agreement signing ceremony was held at Pickaboo’s office in Gulshan 1, Dhaka recently.
Present in the ceremony were Shahrear Satter, Chief Operating Officer, Pickaboo.com; Dewan Kanon, Chief Executive Officer, Solar Electro Bangladesh Ltd.; Morin Talukder, Assistant General Manager (Product & Campaigns), Pickaboo.com and Alamgir Chowdhry, Head of Business Development, Solar Electro Bangladesh Ltd. among others.
This agreement is good news for the customers as it implies that Pickaboo will sell all original Xiaomi products as an online retail partner and also launch any new Xiaomi device to be delivered at the door step.

Pickaboo.com is the country’s fastest growing online shop, having a range of more than 7,000 electronic products. With the promise “Delivering Happiness”, Pickaboo is currently catering to orders throughout the country.

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Hifi Tech 12: Know your Celeb- G. Sumdany Don

What’s the first gadget that you use at the start of your day?

iPhone 5S

What is your favorite gadget now and what was 20 years back?

iPhone 5S, Desktop PC

Which is the most expensive gadget you own?

Dell Inspiron

Android or iPhone? Mac or Windows? Why?

I prefer iPhone because I find it smoother and faster. I am more comfortable using Windows maybe because I have been using it for years.

If you were stranded on an island what is the one gadget that you would bring with you?

iPhone 5S

If you could go back in time, which invention would you like to take credit for?

Well, I think I would like to take the credit for the invention of Internet. This is mainly because it has brought a revolution in every aspect in this world.

If you had a genie, which 3 gadgets (can be a concept, not necessarily reality) would you wish for?

An implantable device that would give me access to the internet so that I can just get a visual image of any site I want, a device that would allow me to teleport, and an implantable device that would allow me to read what’s going on in someone’s mind.

Do you think social media’s impact has made lives better or worse?

Definitely it has made lives a lot better. It has made a significant change about the way we communicate and keep in touch with each other. Social Media Marketing is a brilliant way to market any sort of product. Beside that it has also helped us to know other people and get inspired by them.

Which app/software helps you the most for official work?


What was your 1st cell phone you owned and when?

A Motorola flip phone in 2001

Highest time spent without the Internet?

60 mins

How do you think technology can change our society today?

Through the proper utilization of technology, it is possible to overcome any barrier. It has got the power to make the word “Impossible” extinct. Through the correct usage of technology a nation can progress rapidly within a very short time. It can help to increase efficiency and save cost for various projects.

Freelancing in Bangladesh: paving way for the future

With the rapid development of ICT, the online market industry is showing signs of tremendous growth. As the availability of internet has increased remarkably, more people are becoming a part of this industry and it is growing briskly. Bangladesh has made a notable contribution on the growth of this industry, as revealed by the giants of this industry Elance-oDesk. Last year the world experienced a blockbuster merger when the two giants of the online market industry announced the news that they will unite. Although they have merged as a single entity both Elance and oDesk continues their operation separately. However, the merging will bring several benefits to both the companies, which will help them to grow at an immense pace.

Elance, started their operation in Bangladesh back in 2012. Since then it never turned back. With the development of ICT freelancing in Bangladesh took a giant leap. And with a giant like Elance, operating directly from here, the growth rate enhanced further. Mr Saeedur Mamun Khan is currently running the operations of Elance-oDesk in Bangladesh. People with a great variety of skills like software developer, web developer, graphics designer, copywriter etc work as freelancers in Elance-oDesk. Every year it gets around 13 lakh contracts and till date the freelancers working for them has earned more than 100 crore dollars.




In terms of the number of freelancers working for Elance-oDesk, Bangladesh stands in the 7th position out of the 170 countries in which they perform operation. In terms of the revenue earned by the freelancers working for Elance-oDesk Bangladesh is in the 13th position. Last year our nation showed a staggering growth rate when they surpassed Australia in terms of revenue generated. Everyday people are becoming more inclined towards this industry as it is an easy way to earn money. They can earn a lot more without giving too much effort. Countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Singapore are handing most of the jobs to these freelancers.

According to last year’s statistics, these freelancers are earning more than 34 lakh dollars a year. Till date, the Elancers in Bangladesh have earned a total revenue of 76 lakh dollars. On average a freelancers earns 7 dollars per hour working for Elance-oDesk. These figures are expected to rise sharply in the near future. The IT and Programming freelancers are the ones who are benefitting the most from this booming industry.

In order to promote the growth rate and to bring different freelancers under the same roof Elance-oDesk have taken several initiatives. These include workshops, meetings and Webinars. They are working relentlessly for the growth of this industry and they also plan to start their operation out of Dhaka city as well. After they started their operation in Bangladesh, the number of freelancers has doubled in only one year. This shows the potential that this industry holds.

Rather than promoting themselves, Elance-oDesk is concentrating more on the freelancers. In order to train the freelancers they are organizing different events. They are also organizing and advertising in different media to let the general people know about the main vision of freelancing.  To further promote the growth Elance-oDesk have created a Facebook page where people can post any questions in Bengali. They have also collaborated with national organizations to produce a Bangla guide, so that the mass people can learn about freelancing.

Most of the people get discouraged to enter this profession because they think it requires a lot of experience. However this is in fact not true. Freelancing does not require any experience. All you require is good communication skills in English and the zeal to work. You can reach the pinnacle of success in this profession only if you have the willingness, ability to work hard and patience. Freelancing also does not require any sort of educational qualification. Anyone who fulfills the criteria can apply for the job.

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How to get real-time earthquake updates?

It is indeed petrifying when all a sudden you notice your ceiling fan is swaying, the keys hanging on your cupboard or drawers are moving briskly, and your chair is quivering a bit. I am sure thousands of people will take it as a sign of supernatural power or the arrival of a ghost. This is due to the fact that we live in a zone that is not prone to earthquakes; however it is not implausible after what you experienced only a few hours back. The earthquake that struck the Bay of Bengal region measured 5.6 on the Richter scale. So, I strongly advice you not to sit back and shiver but to act wisely and save your life

Due to Global Warming and other factors scenarios which were considered highly unlikely are now taking place. Countries like Japan and Mexico have suffered tremendously due to this natural phenomena. Some of the big earthquakes have left cities in just a pile of rubble and ash. Although we never faced such severe calamity, we can never be sure that it wouldn’t affect us. So, let me get you aware about earthquake detection and other techniques through the web and several Mobile Apps.

The next time you experience any sort of tremor the first thing you do is pay a visit to the following site http://earthquake.usgs.gov/ . This website provided by the United States Geological Survey’s (USGS) Earthquake Hazards Program, is designed to reduce the casualties in earthquakes that is a very common phenomenon these days. It will help you to provide several ways to obtain real-time earthquake lists. In addition, the moment you enter the site you will come across a window with a world map that provides news of the latest earthquakes. The list is updated every 30 minutes and once you click on it, it shows you an image of the world map and marks the area where the earthquake is taking place. Once you open the map you will see several areas marked with yellow circles. These are the earthquake hit areas of the last 24 hours. The red circle depicts the location of the latest earth quake and the green circle shows if you are in a region where the earthquake is taking place. On the bottom left hand side of the map you can see a box which shows the epicenter of the earthquake and the exact coordinates. Alongside that it also shows date, time and location of the quake. You can directly see this map following this link http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/map/.

Apart from this there are also several mobile apps that will help you get earthquake alerts. For iphone users you can download QuakeFeed Earthquake Map, Alerts and News. The earthquake alerts on this app is a few minutes faster than the USGS alerts. The app allows you to set up your own custom perimeters and view only the earthquakes that you deem important for your area. It further notifies you directly in the form of a tone & text message so that you don’t miss a single notification while seconds count. Android users can download Earthquake Alert to get notified about any quakes near you. However this app does not send you notification in the form of texts.

The quake struck at 9:51 pm yesterday, about 275 km south east of the Paradip port in Odisha. Tremors were felt across several parts of our country. The region is not prone to earthquakes, so it is puzzling seismologists as to why a quake has struck so close to the east coast of India.

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Windows 9 : leaks and rumors

If you eavesdrop into the tech world right now, all you will hear is widespread rumors and speculations about plans from Microsoft to release a preview version of Windows 9. Leaks from Microsoft reveals that they plan to release a “Threshold” version of Windows 9, tentatively between February or March 2015. The invaluable leak came from a Chinese hacker named FaiKee. This guy miraculously managed to infiltrate the future plans of Microsoft and posted a screen shot on the website. Later, several sources found this information to be credible, although the entire tech world is still overwhelmed with arguments and discussions about this.

The same leak also reveals that Microsoft is also planning to release Windows 8.1, Update 2. This update is expected to contain the long awaited “Start Menu”, something without which any Windows seems “Incomplete”.  This news will surely bring relief to millions of users. Other notable changes include various bug fixes and several vulnerabilities in its softwares. The initial plans of Microsoft revealed that they planned to release this update in August. However, for some reason the release date was changed. If the revealed plans are in fact true, it is in line with the company policy to provide software updates for desktops and PCs at a faster rate.

The image further revealed that Microsoft is working to develop a cloud-based version of its operating system which will able them to sell it as windows 365. The subscription process will be somewhat similar to that of Office 365. However, these are still just rumors and it would be unwise to draw any sort of conclusions yet. Microsoft did not officially announce any dates or plans like that yet, however they haven’t deemed these facts as rumors as well. So, the whole situation seems somewhat confusing and it is not possible to get a clear picture from it.

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Review: Walton Primo V1

When it comes to the Smartphone industry of Bangladesh, Walton is a brand that needs no introduction. I am sure you come across at least five to ten people a day, who are using a Walton phone. Sensing the rising demand for affordable phones and after the huge success of Primo ZX Walton decided to add Primo V1 to enrich its arsenal. As the tech giants added this phone to their renowned Primo series I was wondering if it is an overhauled version of its ancestors or something dazzling. So, in order to solve the enigma I decided to put my hands on this device and add my views to it.

[button link=”#” size=”medium” target=”self”]Design and Display:[/button]

The first thing about V1 that will attract your attention is its mesmerizing outlook. Although at first sight I thought I was looking at a slightly thinner version of Primo X2, my premonition went away the moment I put my hands on it. The slim and smooth body shape and crystal clear display makes it unique from its predecessors. The phone has a sleek body measuring only 7.64mm in thickness.


 With its 5 inch full HD Display the screen is capable of bringing images to real life. With a resolution of 1920×1080 the screen looks sharp and smooth. It has a capacitive touch screen well armed by 3rd generation Corning Gorilla Glass and allows multi touch of five fingers. I can pretty much assure you that at your first sight you will be completely blown away by its mesmerizing display of colors and the way it presents it. Below the display there are three brightly lit Android capacitive buttons. The rear has a matte finish which will act like a shield to scratches and smudges. From a neutral point of view, although the phone looks a bit like Primo X2 but when you add its design along with the display the phone seems to be somewhat staggering, especially when you compare it with its price.


[button link=”#” size=”medium” target=”self”]Hardware:[/button]

As we all know that looks can be deceiving and what matters most is the performance of the phone. Primo V1 is well equipped with a 1.7 GHz Octa Core ARMv7 processor, which is creating all the hype in the Smartphone arena. The chipset has an octa-core CPU which runs on 1.7 GHz making it the ultimate multitasking gadget. For graphics it packs a Mali 450 GPU, alongside a 2 GB RAM ensuring that applications are processed pretty fast. Even after opening several applications the device didn’t slow down or showed any similar sign.



Operating System: Android 4.2.2 (jelly bean)
Processor: 1.7 GHz Octa core ARMv7 Processor

5.0-inch Full HD, 1080*1920 Pixels
Corning gorilla glass

Primary: Omnivision 13 MP
Secondary Camera: 5 MP

Wi-fi a/b/g/n (2.4 and 5 GHz), Bluetooth V4, OTG

Countless sensors including the most common ones

Battery Capacity



Tk. 22,950/-


[button link=”#” size=”medium” target=”self”]OS[/button]

Primo V1 runs on the late android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, which was quite a disappointment. Although the OS is user friendly and the phone is stuffed with pre loaded apps I was looking forward to the latest version of Android. I hope the Android version is upgraded to the latest Android 4.4 pretty soon. Otherwise, it will be pretty disappointing for the customers if the upgrade comes after another upgrade of Android. Nevertheless the OS is pretty much user friendly and smooth. However, I was pretty much disappointed with the UI. After considerable arguments about the UI of Primo ZX, I was hoping that Walton would turn to stock android. Nevertheless they decided to stick to their unique UI, which seemed somewhat bizarre to me. Thankfully the set runs on android and we always have the option to switch to the stock version with the aid of thousands of launchers available in the Google Play Store.


[button link=”#” size=”medium” target=”self”]Camera[/button]

If only one word could describe it properly- it would most definitely be “Amazing”. The 13 megapixel back camera and 5 megapixel front camera is yet another reason why you should definitely go for this phone. It comes with the Omni Vision BSI camera which enables it to take picture under any light. The built in features like HDR mode, panorama mode, greatly aids to enhance the quality of its pictures.  It will allow you to capture every passing moment of your life and make your selfies more dynamic. The image quality is brilliant and the device allows you to record Full HD videos. With an expandable memory card slot of up to 64 GB you can relive every passing moment of your life, and it is highly unlikely that you will run out of space.


[button link=”#” size=”medium” target=”self”]Battery[/button]

The Primo V1 is powered with a 2,220 mAH removable lithium ion battery

Body 4

[button link=”#” size=”medium” target=”self”]Special Features[/button]

As I was breezing through the device, all of a sudden I noticed something which literally spell bounded me. I was highly impressed by this added feature, which not only makes the set unique but also adds a completely new dimension to it. Walton came up with something innovative with the addition of real time intelligence that can respond on sleep mode gestures and smart intelligence in quick times. The sleep mode intelligence allows you to take control of your favorite apps simply by drawing an alphabet or swiping the screen up or down, even when your phone is in a standby mode. The glove mode can know your tap, even if you are wearing a glove or some sort of protective covering. With the help of the Flip mode you can just switch of the ringer of your phone, by a simple flick of your hands.

StartUp Cup Boot Camp kicks off

The StartUp Cup Boot Camp, a business model based competition held at the MIDAS, EMK centre in Dhanmondi ended successfully on Saturday, 17th May. After the phenomenal success of the StartUp Cup, the StartUp Boot Camp was organized to further stimulate entrepreneurial activity in Bangladesh. The main idea of the event was to build an ecosystem of startups, mentors and coaches of Bangladesh.

The 3 daylong event started with 32 passionate and potential teams on May 15. During the course of the event these teams were monitored groomed and brushed up intensively by a team of highly qualified resident mentors. On the first day of the event these teams were briefed about different information’s and rules of this Boot Camp. The teams were then divided into different panels and were asked to prepare a poster presentation and to initiate the development of their Business Model Scorecard with the guidance of the resident mentors. The first day concluded with a motivational speech by Mr G Sumdany Don, a renowned public speaker of the nation.

The second day commenced with a motivational session chaired by the Chairman of Onnorokom Group. He discussed about the key facts for being a successful business personnel.  After his speech the “Financial Validation for Startups” session was held.  .  This session focused on the problem of funding and its solution that the different projects might come across. This session was held under the supervision of Mr Arifur Rahman, a well known Financial Modeling Analyst. He enlightened the teams with his valuable tips and tricks. After that the teams went back to continue their work on their Business Model Scorecards. The day ended with important feedbacks by the mentors for the final session.

The judges hearing the pitch
The judges hearing the pitch

On the last day of the event the participants faced the Special judges of the competition. In this final session the participants had to present their Business Model Scorecard in three different panels. Based on these presentations the judges will choose 25 teams, who will take part in the StartUp Cup. The Startup culture will expand further as these teams will compete in a 7 month business building process. The names of the selected teams will be announced on 1st June.

Globally 8 out of 10 businesses die before they reach the 2nd year, due to several factors. The survival rate could be doubled through this 7-month long business building according to several experts and prominent business tycoons. The StartUp Cup was born in Silicon Valley and has come to Bangladesh after it gained remarkable success worldwide. The competition has been fine-tuned based upon feedback from participating entrepreneurs, judges, coaches, entrepreneurial services providers, and community leaders from around the world.

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