ShopUp takes steps for frontline employees and SMEs

In Bangladesh, the Covid-19 cases are increasing everyday and amidst this, the ecommerce frontline delivery workers have contributed to keep the country running in this time of crisis by delivering essentials at our doorsteps. ShopUp, a B2B  platform focusing on more than 350,000 SMEs having core focus on its logistics services recognizes this.

ShopUp has kept their delivery operations running for delivering grocery essentials & medicine all over Dhaka & 14 more cities Outside dhaka. While doing so, they have also taken a very few commendable steps to ensure the safety of their frontline workers. 

To ensure their frontline workers are safe, they are providing them with new masks, gloves, hand sanitizers everyday. A doctor is training them on safety measures like washing their hands, removing their masks & gloves in the right manner. They are also constantly trained on how to maintain social distancing while they are on the ground like maintaining minimal contacts while delivering products, having their masks and gloves on all the time while delivering. Their hubs are also deep cleaned everyday to ensure they don’t catch any germs. The company also ensured in this uncertain time their medical expenses are also covered by the company by initiating an isolation space inside the office and introducing insurance for all these frontline workers. 

Other than these efforts the CEO of Shopup, Afeef Zaman has also recently introduced 2 major initiatives. A Hero Bonus where the company contributes a percentage of the variable incomes for their frontline heroes and a Frontline welfare fund where all the employees come forward to contribute their frontline colleagues in having their income flow steady for them and their families. Recently in one of his communications to all his employees he said “I would like to thank the real heroes who have been fighting in the front lines. Fighting to keep the dreams of so many merchants alive. When the hard times come, it is not people in high chairs who keep the world moving – it is you guys who battle to keep the economy alive and keep pushing forward. My sincerest gratitude to each and every one of those ShopUp family members.”

In addition to that, they have also addressed that many SMEs are coming to a halt during this crisis and by the time this ends, they might cease to exist. As business is the only source of income for many SME owners, their survival has come under threat. Considering this issue, ShopUp has partnered up with Obhizatrik foundation to collect Zakaat and help these SMEs by securing a stable source of income for them.

To know more about Project Shokkhom and to donate, visit- https://www.facebook.com/shopupshokkhom/

How FarmersMarket.Asia set to deliver organic e-traceable vegetables through HungryNaki & Truck Lagbe

FarmersMarket.Asia has initiated the ‘Farm-To-Fork’ dream into reality in the Bangladesh Market. They have introduced fresh vegetables which are being sourced directly from the registered farmers. These registered farmers are being paid their respective asking price & thus, FarmersMarket.Asia is playing an active role in safeguarding the interests of the hardworking farmers. Beyond this, FarmersMarket.Asia will also be providing 10% Cashback upon purchases being made by customers but this Cashback will go back to the farmers as an added incentive through Digital Payment System such as Bkash.

The aim of this ‘Farm-To-Fork’ strategy by FarmersMarket.Asia is targeted towards both Farmers & Consumers as well. While the Farmers are benefitting by receiving the correct value for their products & also an added incentive, FarmersMarket.Asia is bringing fresh vegetables for consumers which is e-traceable. This means there will be full transparency at every stage of the process- right from the source throughout the entire supply chain until it reaches the final stage where the consumer receives the product. By ensuring such transparency, consumers can know the exact farmer, sourcing location, designated truck & any other delivery mediums in between. Thus, allowing control over quality & reliability as well. Currently, FarmersMarket.Asia has ‘Truck Lagbe’ as the distribution partner for sourcing the products from the designated rural places to urban Dhaka. Once, arrived the products are securely stored in the warehouse. Whenever a customer places orders on FarmersMarket.Asia’s E-Store on HungryNaki, the order is processed within a day and delivered the next day to the customer’s doorstep.

In this uncertain situation of COVID-19, FarmersMarket.Asia along with HungryNaki & Truck Lagbe is working towards keeping a stable supply chain while also ensuring the ‘Farm-To-Fork’ Strategy & E-Traceability throughout the entire process. While the nation fights, it is the perfect time to initiate such a concept where transparency is key as people want to be as informed as possible keeping the safety in mind. Starting with Vegetables, FarmersMarket.Asia will continue bringing in a variety of product segments such as Fruits, Chicken, and Fish with the dream of providing consumers with Organic, High-Quality & Reliable Products within a few clicks adopting Farm-To-Fork completely for every single product. 

Gowala delivering milk on demand

In the wake of the global epidemic of COVID-19, the local government and non-government organisations and institutions are fighting relentlessly to ensure safety, security and especially food security of the people of Bangladesh. Gowala food has come forward to help in this fight. Considering the circumstances, the organisation will deliver fresh milk to households upon calling a special number (9638666555). Apart from that, the delivery charge will be exempted upon any order that exceeds BDT 300. Order can also be placed through Gowala’s website.

Gowala’s managing director and co-founder, Shafiul Alam says, Gowala has been working from the beginning to create trust among people with fresh milk and dairy products. Gowala always deliveries products in standard packaging along with maintaining safety and hygiene of the food. In the current circumstances, to protect consumers from COVID-19, Gowala has taken these steps. At present, upon ordering 5 litres of milk, one can avail a 10% off.  We will keep this offer valid until the COVID-19 situation settles down. This offer is valid for different parts of Dhaka for the time being,

Responding to the COVID crisis, Peace Talk Café goes online

Currently, we are all going through a time of unprecedented changes and looming uncertainties. In this time, responding to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and youth pulse, Peace Talk Café – Presented by Digital Khichuri Challenge, organized an online discourse with the youth on addressing misinformation and hoax surrounding the COVID-19 crisis, on April 12 at 9.30 am-11:30 am.

This discourse is arranged every quarter to expand the space for dialogue between youth and speakers coming from diverse background, underlining the fact that, building peace is not only an effort of technical specialists but that each and every individual has a role to play. This is a part of UNDP’s on-going Digital Khichuri Challenge, which is a youth engagement platform that aims to create a peaceful and inclusive society. This edition, Peace Talk Cafe focused on the unparalleled impacts of COVID-19, affecting hundreds of thousands of people and disrupting peace in the country, and how the spread of misinformation and hoax was heightening this already escalating problem.

Addressing the rampant misinformation, Mohammad Abdul Quayyum, Head of Communications of UNDP said, “We are not just fighting an epidemic, we are also fighting an ‘infodemic’. This infodemic is spreading as fast as the epidemic. We have an abundance of information across all channels, be it TV or social media, which presents us with a challenge. Information can be an aid, but it can also pose a great danger if misused. Getting the right information to the right person at the right time is an aid. But misinformation can be dangerous and must be avoided at all costs.”

When asked how we can identify fake news, Mohammad Nazmul Islam, Additional Deputy Commissioner, Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crime, Dhaka Metropolitan Police, mentioned: “Identifying fake news is a rather technical process but in a nutshell, when you come across any suspicious news, cross-check at least 3 other sources, run a keyword search and, in case of images, run a reverse image search.” He further added, “there are many ways to identify fake news, but we don’t make the effort to verify. We need to be more responsible in this regard.”

Sakib Bin Rashid, Deputy Manager, BRAC believes that the overwhelming spread of misinformation regarding COVID-19 has to do with a lack of awareness generation among the masses. He mentioned “When we find people sharing misinformation, we tend to ridicule them, instead of correcting them. We have to bring about this attitude change. For those who are not receptive to change, it is our responsibility to make them understand, make them aware. Ridiculing them or not correcting them will contribute more to the problem”

Peace Talk Café was attended by Bangladeshi youth from all over the world who shared their remarks on what might be done to tackle the misinformation crisis within this COVID crisis.

Samsung extends warranty on all products due to coronavirus

Amidst the ongoing COVID-19, Samsung Bangladesh has announced its extension of warranty on those products which are expiring during the period of the General Holiday, which started from March 29 2020. The warranty will be extended for one month, and it will be on all official Samsung products, considering from 25th March 2020 as all shopping malls and shops were closed from that day.  

The General Holiday was imposed by the Government of Bangladesh to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Hence, people are unable to go to physical stores or service centres to avail of their warranty benefits in the event of repair or damage. During this period, all service centres of Samsung across Bangladesh are currently closed.

To ease customers’ woes, Samsung Bangladesh has extended its warranty on all of their products. Due to the current lockdown situation, the warranty extension may come as a breather for those who may see the need for a repair of their products during the General Holiday period.

Xiaomi stands with Bangladesh in the fight against COVID-19

Xiaomi distributes masks, food and donates in the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund

Xiaomi Bangladesh has pledged to donate 4 million BDT to the Government of Bangladesh to combat the corona outbreak. As a part of the promise, Xiaomi is donating 2 million BDT to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund. The brand is also helping in distributing masks to the hospitals and food to the helpless people.

The partners of Xiaomi have also extended their help in the process. Officials from Xiaomi Bangladesh told the press, “In these unusual hours, it is extremely important to stay in lockdown and maintain self-isolation to keep yourself and others safe. At the advent of such a crisis, it is also essential that we remain united. We from Xiaomi Bangladesh are trying our level best and provided aids to combat this emergency. Everyone needs to be united for the sake of everyone’s safety. Our combined effort and hospitality are crucial to stop this global crisis”

Xiaomi expects everyone to stay positive and consider these tough times the best time to learn and proceed in life. They welcome everyone to come forward to help and express their gratitude to the superheroes who are staying outdoors to keep us safe.

realme wins prestigious German Red Dot Award 2020

The world’s fastest-growing smartphone brand, realme has won their first Red Dot Award for the Product Design of the realme X2 Pro Master Edition. Every Master Edition of realme embodies the beauty of the details of life. Created by realme and the world-renowned industrial design master Naoto Fukasawa. Red Dot’s product design award has been presented for over 60 years, recognizing the sign of quality. This award is regarded as the ‘Oscars’ in the design industry. This award is the symbol of high-quality design in one of the largest-scale, most influential competition in the world.

‘Trendsetting Design’ – The strategy of the future

The need of the Tech trendy change every day and they are always on the lookout for Trendsetting designs. They admire art and look for beauty in nature, and other aspects of their lives, such as food, cars, clothing and tech. And nowadays smartphone has become the biggest fashion statement of all and realme integrates this need of the youth with their strategy because ‘Trendsetting design’ is the strategy of the future. The aesthetic texture, tremendous trendsetting design and exquisite craftsmanship to the smartphone, it adored by many users.

realme Master Editions – Inspirations from the beauty of everyday life

realme X2 Pro Master Edition brings out the aesthetics of Red Brick & Concrete, by drawing inspiration from textures of common building materials which we experience every day in life but ignore their beauty. The design of the realme X Master Edition is motivated by the uniqueness of the textures of onion and garlic peels. This design has also won the International CMF Design Supreme Gold Award. Similarly, the dots and lines of modern city life can be seen in the design of the realme X50 5G Master Edition. There is beauty all around us, which makes our ambience more colourful.  

Is realme the future of Design?

realme has taken the initiative to bring fashionable culture into the technology industry and products featuring both ‘Trendsetting Technology’ and ‘Trendsetting Design’ to the young generation in the world. With their ‘Dare to Leap’ motto, the company has officially launched ‘realme Trendsetters’ program which invites leading designers, fashionable artists to co-create powerful and beautiful gadgets, AIoT products and create Smart Trendsetter Life for the young generation by integrating with the latest 5G, AI, Imaging and the realme UI with seamless fun. The design has become the core differentiator between brands in the contemporary technology market. Consumers look for trendsetting designs and smart tech that fulfils both their technological as well as their aesthetic needs and hence during times of fierce competitions, the trendy brands create a difference.  

Raba Khan in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia

Raba Khan, the Bangladesh based YouTuber known for her satirical videos has been listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list. She is the founder of Jhakanaka project.

She also appears on the cover of the April issue and was named under the media, marketing and advertising category.

OPPO extends warranty due to COVID-19 situation

Global smartphone brand OPPO has announced that until the Movement Restriction Order due to COVID-19 situation is called off, the company has extended the warranty period for the users whose warranty is going to expire between 20th March to 1st April. An extended warranty of 60 days till May 20, 2020, will be available to these users.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the Government of Bangladesh has announced public holidays and advised to stay at home. All the supermarkets and malls are shut for the time being as well.

Regarding the remarkable initiative, Mr Iftekhar Sunny, PR & Marketing Manager of OPPO Bangladesh AED said, “OPPO has and always put the customers at first. In this crucial time, we urge our customers to stay home, maintain proper hygiene and take care of them and their families. We will continue our efforts to make our customers feel safe.”

Global smartphone brand OPPO has been in Bangladesh for the past 5 years and has already built a large customer base in the country. Since the beginning of OPPO Bangladesh, the company has always given priority to services rather than merely selling products.

realme 5i: A brilliant device at a reasonable price

The world’s fastest-growing smartphone brand realme has recently relased the realme 5i in Bangladesh. To meet the demand of the tech trendy youngsters, the realme 5i creates a leading image experience with widely praised quad-camera setup – 119° ultra-wide-angle lens (8MP), main camera (12MP), portrait lens (2MP) and ultra-macro lens (2MP). With the upgraded algorithm, Nightscape 2.0 is now available in the ultra-wide-angle lens, enables users to shoot excellent night photos with a wider view.  The main camera supports better Electric Image Stabilization (EIS) effect, for making more stabilized videos when in the move. For selfies, this phone has an 8-megapixel front shooter which supports 8 exclusive beauty effects, including Skin-smoothing, slim face, small face, jawline improvement, big eyes, slim nose, touch-up and 3D. realme 5i further enhances the photographic effect with ChromaBoost. The AI engine recognizes scene information and image defects and restores real details with brightness and colours that are seen by human eyes through its unique human visual model. The pixel-level colour mapping algorithm is then used to reconstruct a clearer and more textured image.

realme 5i can activate dark mode bringing a darker colour palette for Apps and operating system, helping users to ease their eyes and focus better with a more vibrant foreground content standing out against the darker background.

The wide-angle camera offers a much wider field of view enabling users to capture more details. The macro mode enables users to get detailed shots at a distance of about 4cm from the subject. For the popular Bokeh shot, users can rely on the depth sensor which precisely judges the distance of the subject from the background.

realme 5i uses trendsetting technology which supports recording of up to 4K-resolution videos. The front and rear cameras both feature the EIS function. The video function also supports recording slow-motion videos in 240fps- and 720P-resolution, slowing down to discover the beauties in life. realme 5i supports video editing, which can add and adjust video speed, filters, texts, soundtrack effects, etc. You can also render edited video through the theme function, convenient for social network sharing.

To create Smart Trendsetter Life for the young, the realme 5i is equipped with a powerful 5000 mAh battery which lengthens the standby of the phone after heavy-duty use. realme 5i is equipped with Snapdragon 665 based on 11nm production process, operating at a clock speed of 2.0GHz along with enhanced gaming performance and 3rd generation Qualcomm AI Engine, providing outstanding performance in this price segments. Due to this feature, this phone will give gamers a unique experience and allow them to enhance their gaming experience. The realme 5i also comes with fireproof protective separation and triple precautions to guarantee battery safety.

With 4GB of RAM and 64GB, internal storage realme 5i could run multiple apps without shutting down background apps. realme 5i is available in two colours – Aqua Blue and Forest Green. At only BDT 12,990 this trendsetting phone is a must experience for the tech trendy.

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