The winners of this year’s Digital Marketing Awards

Digital Marketing Award is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated award ceremonies of the year, especially for the tech-savvy, digital marketers of this Bangladeshi generation.

With the idea and execution of campaigns getting better every year, the judges had a plethora of high quality of work to decide from. Numerous advertising agencies come together for the occasion, organized by Bangladesh Brand Forum each year; the best clinch the prizes for their creative masterpieces.

All the awards this year were given across 16 categories and segmented into four distinctive ranks – Grand Prix, Gold, Silver, Bronze. With more than 500 nominations, the jury panels sifted the best creative work down to 79 awarding 1 Grand Prix Award, 12 Gold Awards, 16 Silver Awards and 50 Bronze Awards.

Here are the advertising agencies who stood out in their respective categories –

  • FCB Bitopi – They won 2 Silver Awards. The “Airtel FIFA World Cup Campaign” won under the Best Use of Under 10 Seconds Video category and “Dettol out or not out challenge” won in the Best Use of Facebook category. Moreover, the highly acclaimed agency is the winner of the only Grand Prix of this year for their 16th December Campaign for Airtel under the Best Video Category.
  • D’REACH – Their campaign “Bhul Hok Shuddho, Naritto Hok Shommaner” was given a Bronze Award in the Best Social Campaign category.
  • Beatnik Digital Known for illustrious communication material, Beatnik Digital bagged a Bronze Award in the Best Use of Facebook category for their “Chatime – Make it Large” campaign.
  • Asiatic Marketing Communication Ltd – The agency has won 3 Bronze Awards for the following campaigns – “PRAN Mr Mango Same Shame” (Best Social Campaign), “Parachute Just for Baby – TVC Carousel” (Best Use of Display), “Banglalink #reasontolove” (Best Use of Instagram).
  • Asiatic Experiential Marketing Ltd – This wing of Asiatic has also managed to put up an impressive performance, snatching a Bronze Award for “Skitto – the Totally Cool SIM” in the Best Integrated Digital Campaign category.
  • Analyzen – Analyzen was indeed the show stopper in this year’s award ceremony. Bagging 4 Gold Awards, 2 Silver Awards and 9 Bronze Awards spanning across multiple categories. They have also won a shared award alongside Asiatic Mindshare and Adcomm.
  • ADON Communications Ltd – ADON has managed to win a Bronze Award for its “Mojo Presents Independence Day Sand Art” in the Best Video category.
  • Adcomm Ltd – Adcomm, one of the veteran advertising agencies of the country, has won a Bronze Award for their “Lifebuoy Khelbe Tiger Jitbe Tiger” campaign in the Best Video category.
  • Adcomm Bagher Baccha Digital – Adcomm’s young, digital counterpart has also been able to take home a Bronze Award for “RFL Bijoyer Golpo” in the Best Use of PR in Digital Platform, co-sharing the award with O&Z Solutions.
  • ADA Bangladesh – This agency won a Bronze Award in the Best Use of Data & Analytics for their campaign “Meenaclick – Data to Dollars”.
  • Grey Advertising Bangladesh Ltd – The renowned advertising agency has managed to win 3 Silver Awards and 6 Bronze Awards. The Silver Awards were across multiple categories – Best Content Marketing, Best Integrated Digital Campaign and Best Use of Facebook.
  • Havas Digital Bangladesh Ltd – Havas Digital Bangladesh has won a Gold Award for their “Durex Campaign” in the Best Social Campaign category.
  • I Positive & MBA Bangladesh – I Positive and MBA have jointly won a Silver Award in the Best UGC Category for “Savlon Twinkle Bhasha Sainik”
  • MBA Bangladesh – The agency also had a solo win; a Gold Award for “Fosholi – The Farmer’s App Launch” in the Best Use of Mobile category.
Photo: Bangladesh Brand Forum
  • Lie To Eye – This design-focused digital agency has bagged a Bronze Award for “AKASH Launch AV” in the Best Video category.
  • Magnito Digital Ltd – Magnito Digital has won 2 Bronze Awards this year – “Grameenphone Tribute to AB” (Best Content Marketing) and “UBER Brand Ambassador Reveal” (Best Use of PR in Digital Platform).
  • Mediacom Ltd – Mediacom has been awarded with a Silver Award for their “Bhalobashar Bangladesh” campaign under the Best Social Campaign category.
  • O&Z Solutions – A sister concern company of PRAN-RFL Group, the company has won 2 Bronze Awards; one in the Best Use of Mobile category and the other one in Best Use of PR in Digital Platform category (co-shared with Adcomm Bagher Baccha Digital).
  • Pink Creative Ltd – The agency has won a Bronze Award for in the Best Video category for “Olympic Industries Limited Language Day OVC – Kalo Bhoy”.
  • Salt Creatives – Salt Creatives took home a Bronze Award in the Best Content Marketing category for their campaign “Jersey Koy”
  • Singularity Limited – Singularity won a Bronze Award in the Best Use of Mobile category for their “IDLC Kickstart Campaign”.
  • Starcom Bangladesh – The agency has won two awards – a Gold Award for “Banglalink – Legend of Rock” (Best Use of Display) and “Banglalink – Beshi Beshi Khushi Khushi” (Best Use of Under 10 Seconds Video).
  • Sun Communications Limited – Sun Communications Ltd has won a Bronze Award in the Best Video category for “The Last Bus” campaign.
  • WebAble Digital – WebAble Digital has dominated across three ranks – winning 2 Gold Awards, 4 Silver Awards and 2 Bronze Awards. Some of their award-winning works this year include the WaterAid Public Toilet App, TECNOxKhoka Promotional Campaign and IFAD Road Safety Campaign among many others.
  • X – X has won 1 Silver Award and 2 Bronze Awards in three separate categories – Best Integrated Digital Campaign (Bronze), Best Use of Mobile (Silver), Best Use of Instagram (Bronze).
  • Deligram Technology Ltd – Deligram, an omnichannel eCommerce platform has won the Gold Award in the Best-E Commerce Platform category.

With such a wide array of awards, accolades and creative masterpieces – all we can do is hope to see more amazing digital campaigns streaming across multiple platforms on the internet next year.

Sure-fire ways of getting an ICT loan in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is recognized as the third-largest population to outsource their resources through the internet and mainly through freelancing. However, when it comes to start-ups, many struggle to gain a firm foothold. By the entry of 3G internet in 2013, usage has boosted over 22% by the end of 2014.

Needless to say, the government has been taking steps to realize the dreams of a Digitalized Bangladesh; and have introduced multiple ways to broaden the field of entrepreneurship in multiple sectors alongside including ICT over the years. Along with the Government, private organizations have started offering loans and grants to realize the potential of these budding ventures. 

Here are some ways of getting a loan for an ICT organization or start-ups:

StartUp Bangladesh

The Government has taken the initiative to make an Eco-system where entrepreneurship can be nourished to realize their full potential. This effort will allow the country to innovate at a much faster rate. And enhance the ability to create new jobs and to develop technical skill; all leading to realize the vision of Digital Bangladesh.  

In support of these objectives, the government has created a fund under iDEA project. The Investment will provide all the necessary capital to pick up the pace in development and achieve success in the planned businesses and the process remains transparent, impartial and accountable.

Criteria for Application: 

The criteria to receive any loans or investment grants from StartUp Bangladesh are divided into the following categories:

  • IDEA SUPPORT – This requires a feasible business plan and an executable business plan.
  • Seed stage: Requires prototype of a business model and plan.
  • Growth stage: Requires a viable product and an existing customer base.
  • Guided start-up: Requires a start-up idea under national interest.
  • TARGETED INVESTMENTS – This fund may take part as a collaboration under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model or other entities that seem fit for this investment module that includes training up facilities.
  • STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP – This fund may take part in partnerships with local or international institutes to acquire the desired requirement for entrepreneurship development.
  • CO-INVESTMENTS – This fund may enter with other venture capital funds or funding entities that will help the development while sharing risk factors for the business, usually for larger investments.

Any application submitted is reviewed by a board of committee members who rank the top in the ICT industry and the procedures are then followed through step by step accordingly, all of which is listed in the official website of StartUp Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Bank 

The government has been taking steps to prioritize the roles of entrepreneurship in Bangladesh towards the ICT sector and has introduced the ESF (Entrepreneurship Support Fund) for multiple sectors in the country.

Included are ICT and the Agricultural sector while the previous EEF loan system that contained zero interest is abolished. However, this seemed unfruitful as most clients had failed to meet the expected outcomes. The ESF has a four-year grace period set, after which clients will have to pay 25% principle amount and interest every year. Which is a different approach from the previous EED loans. Clients themselves have to provide 51% as the impartiality of the project cost and invest it within one year after securing the approval from the Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB).

Criteria for Application: 

  • ICT business model which needs to be feasible.
  • Cannot take any other loans for the project while in this program.
  • Needs authentication from clients – cannot be a defaulter from any banks in Bangladesh.

IDLC Finance Limited

A program launched in 2015 for financing for ICT entrepreneurs. It offers tailored solutions to boost businesses for their clients. The program “IDLC Udbhabon Loan” is in association with BASIS organization. However, it is not only financial services for ICT companies; but will also refer to corporate clients to BASIS if software purchases are required. And the customers will receive special discounts in this manner.

Criteria for Application:

To check for eligibility for the “IDLC Udbhabon Loan”; clients need to be 20 to 60 years of age. And the business applied for needs to be in two years of operation. However, the time of operation is halved for female entrepreneurs. After application, IDLC will reach out if the criteria’s are met and it is something they look forward towards investing.