ZKTeco’s innovative solutions for entrance control and security threats

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Ensuring security, stability and mitigating threat is one the utmost duties of every organization; either in government-level or in private-level. With growing geo-political conflict, deterring threat through various hi-tech solution is of now highest importance. As such, security technology and entrance control has had to evolve specifically to tackle these growing threats. At ZKTeco, multiple new products have been launched to deal with these new security threats, as well as pre-existing ones.

Here are some of the products designed to help you cope with the challenging scenario that the new normal forces everyone to face. For ease of understanding, we have divided the products in to broad categories:

  • Entrance Control:

Entrance control is probably the most easiest way of deterring possible security threats. By maintaining who gets in and who gets out, you ensure the physical security of the perimeter. These security can be ensured through two segments: ensuring control over the pedestrian (people on foot entering and exiting the premises) and ensuring control over vehicle. ZKTeco offers a range of product on this regard. Here are few:

TS2000 Pro

The TS2000 Pro is a classic and affordable way to protect your establishment. It is a tripod turnstile that is perfect at blocking unwanted entry in an indoor setting. The TS2000 Pro can be used with the users’ fingerprint or designated RFID chip cards. Made out of stainless steel, this product will keep uninvited guests from entering your office space, or any other indoor space you don’t want any uninvited guests at. The product has been tested to go one million cycles on average before failing, so it will last you a very long time.


The SBTL8000 is an indoor speed gate. Speed gates are a lot like turnstiles, just faster. They also take much less space overall, as well as being easy on the eyes. The sleek design alongside the materials used in it such as stainless steel and acrylic glass makes it a natural fit at your high-end establishment. It uses a modular input reader, allowing for easy upgrade and servicing of the product. The quicker response time will surely help your business get things done on time, making sure you don’t miss any important deadlines.


The ProBG2000 series barrier gate is one of the fastest barrier gates you will find. If you want cars and other vehicles to enter and exit your premises as quickly as possible, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option than this product. It can open and close at 0.9 seconds, which can also be adjusted to be slower if it’s a little too quick for your needs. It comes with a very long lifespan, as the average ProBG2000 can open and close for 5 million times before failure. It also saves a lot of energy compared to similar products on the market. Overall, this product is a must pick for any business looking to cut down on the time it takes to park.

  • Security Inspection:

Security inspection remain highly sought-after in security inspection applications to minimize internal threats. And this is usually done through inspecting objects and vehicles without causing any hinderance in the flow of the work. Commonly it is done through scanners, metal detectors, cameras etc. But the technology behind it is much wide and beyond. ZKTeco has a lot of these products that incorporate some really sophisticated technologies. Here are some of those products:


The ZK-D100S is an all-in-one metal detector for any institution to detect any sort of contraband. It uses a 9-volt battery, which comes standard with every product purchased, as well as a power adaptor and a user manual that will let your personnel use it most optimally. It has a waterproof rating of IP31, making it virtually unaffected by most weather conditions. Upon detection of contraband, the product makes very loud alarm noises, as well as flash built-in lights. It’s perfect for organizations that are sensitive to contraband, either coming into the establishment or taken from it.


The ZK-D2180S is an entrance control system that eliminates the need to personally pat down every entrant. By walking through this product, the person walking through is exposed to the security personnel on whether or not they are carrying something illegal on them. it has 18 detection zones and 256 levels of sensitivity, making it extremely customizable. The loud alarm alongside the flashing lights will make sure your security team cannot miss anyone smuggling in things they are not supposed to. It also has a backup battery that may last anywhere from 4 to 8 hours depending on how heavily the entrance solution was used.


The Blade6040 is a top-of-the-line x-ray detection machine. It can provide effective inspection of mail, luggage, baggage, or any other similar items. It has a tunnel size of 640x420mm, making it big enough for most uses your business may see of it. It can identify toxic materials, guns, fireworks, explosives, knives, or any other dangerous substances that may cause harm to your establishment. The product provides a very high image quality of the contents of the bags put inside of it, as well as an on-board system that automatically detects suspicious objects, making your security team’s job a little easier.

As the year goes on, security problems will become increasingly bigger. The best your business could do to weather the storm is to evolve with this new situation to come out better than ever before. With ZKTeco, that just might be easier to do than you would think.

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