Entertainment now at home with your Galaxy

Entertainment at home with your Galaxy

For an uncertain time, we are confining ourselves at homes due to the coronavirus outbreak. Meantime, some of us may be going crazy, not able to go out and do the things we’re used to doing.  But we have to stay calm and relaxed though it’s been more than a month we didn’t go for shopping or a movie theatre and consequently, smartphones have become our best companion. So, what can we do more with our phone – how can we spend our time?  

Staying active should be the core of everyone’s daily routine. Besides, it is also essential to lay back for a pause and enjoy a favourite TV show, movie, or game. With a Galaxy device at your palms, entertainment gets new meaning no matter if you are watching the contents you love or gaming.

Nothing could be more exciting than finding a new show or film to watch. You can now easily enjoy all your favourite TV shows or movies directly on your smartphones with enhanced clarity and robust performance of the Galaxy line’s signature Infinity Display or Infinity-O Display for a crisp watching experience. On top of that, you can easily switch from your smartphone to your Samsung Smart TV using DeX if you are looking to diversify how you enjoy your favourite content.

Samsung DeX lets you multitask like a pro. Just connect your Galaxy device using any USB C-HDMI adapter cable, and you are all set to use your phone on a bigger screen, whether it is a PC or a TV. DeX gives you the seamless power to multitask while enjoying your favourite YouTube videos; you can harness the multidevice power of DeX. It enables you to resume your favourite watching content instantly as you connect, and you can also partake in a group chat with your friends or browse the internet while enjoying the show.

Flashing sign ‘WINNER! WINNER!’ on the screen is the most satisfying moment among the gamers. Samsung Galaxy devices such as S20 series are built to provide the most enjoyable gaming experience. Anyone can enjoy remarkable reaction times while gaming because of the series’ smooth screen-scrolling, high screen refresh rate up to 240 Hz, along with fast processors that topped with AI-powered Game Booster.

Whenever you are feeling too comfortable to manually play or pause the next video in your YouTube queue, you can use the Galaxy Note series’ S Pen to control the YouTube app. A simple single press, and that’s it. Just lean on your couch and enjoy the leisure. And while doing so, stay vigilant of the coronavirus spreading by maintaining personal hygiene.