How FarmersMarket.Asia set to deliver organic e-traceable vegetables through HungryNaki & Truck Lagbe

How FarmersMarket.Asia set to deliver organic e-traceable vegetables to consumers doorstep through HungryNaki & Truck Lagbe

FarmersMarket.Asia has initiated the ‘Farm-To-Fork’ dream into reality in the Bangladesh Market. They have introduced fresh vegetables which are being sourced directly from the registered farmers. These registered farmers are being paid their respective asking price & thus, FarmersMarket.Asia is playing an active role in safeguarding the interests of the hardworking farmers. Beyond this, FarmersMarket.Asia will also be providing 10% Cashback upon purchases being made by customers but this Cashback will go back to the farmers as an added incentive through Digital Payment System such as Bkash.

The aim of this ‘Farm-To-Fork’ strategy by FarmersMarket.Asia is targeted towards both Farmers & Consumers as well. While the Farmers are benefitting by receiving the correct value for their products & also an added incentive, FarmersMarket.Asia is bringing fresh vegetables for consumers which is e-traceable. This means there will be full transparency at every stage of the process- right from the source throughout the entire supply chain until it reaches the final stage where the consumer receives the product. By ensuring such transparency, consumers can know the exact farmer, sourcing location, designated truck & any other delivery mediums in between. Thus, allowing control over quality & reliability as well. Currently, FarmersMarket.Asia has ‘Truck Lagbe’ as the distribution partner for sourcing the products from the designated rural places to urban Dhaka. Once, arrived the products are securely stored in the warehouse. Whenever a customer places orders on FarmersMarket.Asia’s E-Store on HungryNaki, the order is processed within a day and delivered the next day to the customer’s doorstep.

In this uncertain situation of COVID-19, FarmersMarket.Asia along with HungryNaki & Truck Lagbe is working towards keeping a stable supply chain while also ensuring the ‘Farm-To-Fork’ Strategy & E-Traceability throughout the entire process. While the nation fights, it is the perfect time to initiate such a concept where transparency is key as people want to be as informed as possible keeping the safety in mind. Starting with Vegetables, FarmersMarket.Asia will continue bringing in a variety of product segments such as Fruits, Chicken, and Fish with the dream of providing consumers with Organic, High-Quality & Reliable Products within a few clicks adopting Farm-To-Fork completely for every single product.