Walton joins Amazon to export products to the USA

Walton joins Amazon to export products to the USA

Bangladeshi electronics manufacturer brand Walton is turning heads around as they teamed up with global e-commerce phenomena Amazon to export their products to the USA and sell them via the latter’s platform.

In an agreement that took place in Walton’s corporate office in Dhaka yesterday, on August 22, the two companies signed a deal which allows Amazon to globally sell various Walton products; which initially starts with distribution of Walton branded mobile phones, laptops, computers and home appliances directly to the American market.

The deal with Amazon is opening up Walton’s products to the American market that will pave the way for Walton to become one of the world’s top brands by 2030.

When our electronics market is mainly saturated by Chinese and other popular tech companies, this news assures us about the future of “Made in Bangladesh” electronics products!

This increasing demand for our products will surely open up opportunities for other companies in the near future and expand the local job market as well. The news, however, is also compelling for a huge community of Bangladeshi expats who live in America, as now, they get the chance to buy electronics products from their home living in the land of many tech-giants itself!