See-saws through a border between two countries bridge humanity and hope

Children swing on the Anti-Trump seesaw created between the US Mexico border 2

Seesaws bring us back to childhood. The innocent giggles and bliss of enjoyment in the highs and lows of the swing made life seem quite effortless. To rekindle lost hope between two nations, bright pastel pink seesaws were installed between the US-Mexico border. Children from both the borders have gathered around to enjoy the playfulness and are on board to make new friends.

Republicans keep saying how the US-Mexico border is a lawless place. This simple project clearly shows how it’s not as horrific as they make it out to be.

The Mastermind behind it all

Californian architects Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello with the support of Colectivo Chopeke in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico were the mastermind behind it all.

According to Rael’s Instagram post, the project was a recognition of action that happens on one side which puts a direct impact on the other. They brought the conceptual drawings of the Teeter totter Wall from 2009 into reality.

This symbolizes the power of balance regardless of how delicate situations may become. The children and adults brought that symbolic concept into reality.

The “Anti-Trump” seesaws are gestures that no “wall” can break the hope of faith.

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Their website further talks about how Mexicans struggle to find work in the US, but often long to live comfortably in their own country. US industry and agriculture is dependent upon immigrant labour pools.

However, the Department of Homeland Security, Border Patrol, and Immigration and Naturalization Services have made it increasingly difficult to attract foreign labour.

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The Teeter Totter Wall demonstrates the delicate balances between the two nations. Faith and goodness in humanity peaks on our social media feed once again.