This Indian fisherman survived four days at the sea until Bangladeshi sailors rescued him

Fishermen surviving four days in the sea is rescued

A truly miraculous rescue of a man who survived all odds by the nature. Bangladesh cargo vessel rescues an Indian fisherman who was afloat on the sea for four days.

The shocking survival against nature

According to Times of India, on 4th of July around 100 trawlers left the Kadwip port of West Bengal. However, two days later, a storm attacked the sea and separated the fishermen on board. This led them to drift across the International Maritime Boundary into the waters of Bangladesh.

Rabindranath Das was one of them. While officials thought that the missing fishermen passed away, the crew bulk carrier MV Javad, a vessel of steel manufacturing company KSRM, spotted a man floating off the Chittagong coast. Namkhana fisherman, Rabindranath Das, survived the sea with a piece of bamboo and jerrycan tied together.

The rescuers found him four days after the trawler sank on Wednesday, 10th of July.

Safe and secure from the sea, Das is, however, traumatized by the memory of losing his fellow fishermen and neighbours. They lost their lives gambling with the sea until they could not survive it anymore. According to him, 11 fishermen along with Das himself, jumped into the sea after their trawler capsized on 6th of July. They offloaded a dozen of fuel drums, bound them with ropes and held onto it together. They survived the sea with no food and only rainwater to drink. Das broke down in tears as he spoke of his nephew Swapan who he held on to till Wednesday in the morning. He was washed away a few hours before his rescue.

Despite the trauma and risk of losing everything within a split of a second, Rabindranath Das did not lose hope and stayed resilient until the very last second.

The hero returns home

Das was handed over to the Indian High Commission on Friday, in Bangladesh. According to sources, his wife Banani was ecstatic and at loss of words with gratitude. She said, his children longed to see him.

Rabindranath Das returned to Kolkata on Saturday. However, according to Bijan Maity, secretary of Kakdwip Fishermen Association, Das is extremely weak and needs proper medication and treatment as soon as possible.

Coping with the sea with no safety

Due to the challenges of the climate changes that bring in drought, flood and other natural disasters, fishermen are brave and resilient throughout the year. The acts of bravery is a mask they wear to support their own family and survive the harsh economy.

Death of fishermen is normalized unless a miracle occurs. The security and safety of the fishermen in the sea remains questionable at all times.