Bhanga Bangla on Sony music. Are you happy or terrified?

Bhanga Bangla on Sony music. Happy or terrified?

Should we be happy or terrified? Seeing the situation of Bhanga Bangla, a Los Angeles based Bangladeshi mumble rap band managed to strike a deal with Sony music. This is the first ever in Bangladeshi music history. They managed to do something that legendary musicians were not able to do. 

Bhanga Bangla started their journey back in 2018 with the infamous “Matha Ta Fatabo”. With “Borof” being their 5th and current one which was released in the Sony Music India Youtube Channel. 

Ivory Shakur, 41X and Young Prince started this mumble yet trap rap band. The Bhanga Bangla are mostly known for their idiosyncratic visuals, lyrics that took quite a bit of effort to understand.  This is mainly because their songs hold such deep meaning it becomes hard to understand. Even as a Bangladeshi. Also, their usage of the same “Panjabi”s over the course of five videos, indicate that they are a bit in the red. Let’s not forget their commodious usage of auto-tune. 

They came into US limelight after the police arrested them during their 4th video shoot. It took place in a Church in East L.A. The Los Angeles Police Department had mistaken the Bhanga Bangla crew as a terrorist after receiving a call about them being terrorists. Clearly, the police misunderstood them and they released their 4th video in 2019. Shot in that same church.

Now, in conclusion, it can be said that as a Bangladeshi we are proud of their achievement. As well as a bit agitated about what they produce next.