Is Feluda coming to Hollywood?

Feluda in Hollywood? 1

Whether it is ‘Feludar Goyendagiri’ or ‘Badshahi Angoothi’, the many works of Satyajit Ray have left his readers in wonderstruck every time his work is read. If you are a fan of Bengali detective novels, you have been definitely acquainted with the genius character Feluda written by the famous Indian Bengali film director and writer Satyajit Ray.

Orlando Bloom as Feluda!

According to a key Bengali tabloid, a film on the renowned detective character ‘Feluda’ aka ‘Pradosh C. Mitter’ is being heard to be made, where Orlando Bloom has been selected to play the role of the lead character Feluda himself. It is said that Dev Patel, a celebrated actor of British Indian origin, will also be seen in the character of ‘Tapesh Ranjan Mitra’, aka ‘Topshe’, Feluda’s cousin and assistant.

Dev Patel as Topshe? We can get behind that!

Danny and Dev duo once again

The close source is claiming that the famous Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle will steer the wheel on this film as he is said to direct it himself. This film will be the adaptation of the story ‘Feluda in London’ by Satyajit Ray and the shooting will be done mainly in London and India. However, according to him, the story will not be based entirely on the literacy piece as it is being carved to be made in a way which will suit the global audience.

The hype of this news knows no bounds as the Satyajit fans earnestly wait for the approval by news from the directors and producers themselves. So get ready for the most hyped movie to be seen as it is only a ride to pure memory lane!