Samsung launches campaign to promote phones as fashion accessories

A cell phone, today, is not just a communication tool but it has also become a fashion accessory. Colour is an important aspect of the fashion world. Likewise, colour has also become an important factor for purchasing a mobile device. Noting the changes in consumer buying trend, many mobile phone companies are now producing their handsets in various different colours.

What your phone says about you

Choosing a colour can either be a conscious or subconscious decision as it represents our personality and lifestyle. Psychologists believe that each and every time we are faced with a colour choice, we are actually revealing what is going on inside our brain. It’s making a statement.
Such as, red is for people who enjoy taking action. These people are passionate and bear strong emotion. It also represents excitement and youth. On the other hand, the colour blue gives an impression of trust, loyalty, and integrity. The colour goes for people who are dependable. Pink goes to the people who are loving and nurturing.

Samsung’s campaign

Keeping this in mind, Samsung recently came up with an idea of a colour campaign, called ‘My Galaxy, My Color’. In this campaign, participants can upload photos with the shades of the featured colours (red, blue, and pink) in their lifestyle. They will have to upload these photos on their Facebook public profiles with appropriate hashtags. Such as for Red, it’s #ShadesOfRed. For Blue, it’s #ShadesOfBlue. And for Pink, it’s #BubblePink. Another common hashtag that needs to be used with the posts is #MyGalaxyMyColour.

The campaign is still running and its divided into three phases. The phases are Red (J6+), Blue (A7), and Pink (A9). Each phase of the campaign will be announced by a social media celebrity through a Facebook video where they will talk about the featured colour, Samsung handsets in those colours, and participation details of the campaign. The participants will also need to upload the screenshot of the photo in the comment section of the video which will be published on the Samsung Bangladesh Facebook fan page.

Through this campaign, people now can share photos regarding the featured colours and how it connects with their lifestyle. It’s a great way to make a statement among others and win some prizes in the process.

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