Sodium Batir Gaan – changing the culture of open air music

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If you ever roamed around the Dhaka University area you would notice how there is music everywhere you look. Whether you are in TSC or Curzon Hall or even in front of the Social Science Building, you will come across people singing and hanging out. This is an integral part of DU culture the stories of the vast diversity of people. The life of a Dhaka University music enthusiast is not half bad, we do have various shows but “…they do not capture the unique nature of music and diversity of the campus” says Yasin Shafi one of the organizers of Sodium Batir Gaan, a show wholly devoted to music. If you are a music lover in Dhaka you are familiar with concerts throughout the city like Rock Nation, Get Amped, Paradise City and much more which feature our favourite artists. In the process of this celebrity frenzy culture, we often forgot to look at smaller gigs that happen around the city, like Sodium Batir Gaan.

What is Sodium Batir Gaan?

On the 1st of November, TSC swimming pool was yet again flooding with music lovers because of another episode of ‘Sodium Batir Gaan’. This was the Fourth episode of season three that took place on that Thursday night. This is a series of shows, a brilliant initiative that has been taken by the students of DU to showcase the upcoming young artist and bands as well as providing a fantastic stage for the various student performers. The whole show has a very DIY vibe to it, starting from venue selection to arranging and procuring all the necessary instruments, all are arranged by the students and the funding is raised by them as well. So the idea is “to keep bringing new, talented, aspiring artists in front of the brilliant crowd. That way these new bands and artists have new fans and the people get to have a great time” says the organizer.

Sodium Batir Gan-HiFi Public

Why the name Sodium Batir Gaan you say?

The name comes from the idea of friends and peers gathered under the old sodium streetlights in the Dhaka University campus area and singing and hanging out until the wee hours of the night. Now the name more meaningfully signifies the sense that like the sodium lights the show is welcoming to all who flock from all over the city to be a part of it. And being an open concert it does serve its purpose well with its metaphoric connotations.

Who performed on this episode?

This episode started with the band Chitropot known for their fusion style. They play among genres like alternative, indie, folk. The second act was Tama Tama, who performed some very popular tracks mostly consisting of cover songs. Later “The Avishek Battacharge Project” mesmerized the crowd with their energetic and experimental performance. The popular alt-rock band Blue Jean performed many of their own tracks such as the very popular Kodom, as well as performing a number of cover songs. The night ended with Chalk and Cheese a relatively new band focusing on genres like funk and rock. With the recent passing of Bangladeshi music icon Ayub Bacchu, most of the performers also paid tribute by covering a handful of his songs. A candlelit vigil was also done to commemorate the iconic artist by the organizer as well as the crowd.

Sodium Batir Gan-HiFi Public

Why you should visit at least once!

In the past Sodiums, well-known bands and singers were present as the headliners too. For instance, Meghdol, Shohojia, Karnival, Owned were some of the highlights from the previous shows. Furthermore, this is unlike your typical rock show and hosts a wide array of genres on display for its audiences. So if you still haven’t been in one of them yet, next time do drop by. Sodium Batir Gaan will definitely meet your music fix.

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