Steps to convincing your parents to get you a pet

Convincing Bangladeshi parents on anything is harder than conquering the Mount Everest. If you want to climb the Everest, you know that you just have to train hard and start your journey. When it comes to your own parents, however, you will need thirty business days, elaborate PowerPoint presentations, an abundant amount of tissues, the mental preparation to climb the stairway to heaven through continuous prayers and day-long fasts, and there is a chance that they still might say no. If your parents are anything like mine, they will dismiss you the second you start saying, “so… I was thinking I’d like a pet” and they will say, “Stop thinking. You have low CGPA; you won’t get any job, so start being a halal girl so we can marry you off.”

Yes, I know. It’s very frustrating when you are an adult and your parents refuse to treat you like one. But you can’t really blame them, because you ARE their baby. You will always be their baby. Even when you’re old and wrinkled and you cannot walk without a walking stick anymore. Your mother will still say, “What posture is this? Straighten your backbone. Stop being a disgrace to our family and the Cow we just sacrificed”.

So is there no way to get that puppy you’ve been longing for ever since you discovered how much of an angel a dog is? Or that kitten that stares into your soul with her dead, watery eyes and still manages to make you feel loved and understood?

Manipulating human beings, especially mothers, is a very easy thing to do. So buckle up.

I am about to tell you how to get the permission to get a pet and make them love it more than they love you. The latter part is a tad easier cause literally everything else and everyone else is more appealing to your own children, from the parents perspective.
So here’s how you can get a pet without pissing your parents off.

1. Be a responsible adult first

Millennials have this tendency to stay up all night, sleep until 12 and get out of the house the second they open their eyes. Remember, the second you’re adopting a dog or a cat, you are taking the responsibility of a life. A life that cannot do ANYTHING on its own. And they will never learn how to clean after themselves, to not eat anything poisonous, they will never know the difference between work times and play times. So unless you yourself get into a proper adult routine, getting a pet is probably not the brightest idea you have had in your sorry life.

Show your parents that you can take care of yourself first, otherwise, they are going to end up taking care of you AND your cat. And since they can’t throw YOU out, they are going to throw your pet out. Do you want that on your conscience?

2. Ready to make sacrifices

So your mother doesn’t want a dog. Get a cat instead. Or a bunny. Maybe even birds. Or if the worst comes to the worst, get a plant. They are alive too, they want some love and affection and someone to take care of them too. But whatever you get, make sure that you take full responsibility for its actions, just like your parents apologized to your neighbours when you pooped on their bed. Your life Is going to be full of these apology sessions, but eventually, you will get terms with it.

3. Find out the reason for your parents to not keep a pet

Suppose you absolutely want a dog,. Nothing else will do. What do you do then? Find out the reason why they don’t want you to have a dog. Is it hygiene? Is it the religion? Because of preexisting allergies? Is it fear? Or is it just the sheer possibility of having a large animal roaming around your house? Get to the bottom of the problem, and solve it. At some point, your parents will give in because they will have nothing logical left to say against it.

4. Do your research

I cannot stress this enough, but information is power. The more you know about what you want, the more ways you can find out to get it. Plus, reading up on a particular animal gets you an idea of how its natural habitat is like, and you will be able to take better care of your pet. It will also give you a clear idea of what your responsibilities will be as a pet parent.

You might discover that you are not ready for that responsibility after all. Because having a pet is like having a kid- you can’t change your mind after the crying starts. Once you adopt one, you are bound to them for as long as they live. And there is nothing more heartbreaking than getting a pet, realizing that it’s not really your cup of tea, and abandoning them. There is a special place in hell for people who do that.

5. Make a PowerPoint presentation

Load it with information regarding the benefits of having a pet. For example, they are great companions; they help with depression, anxiety, stress, and multiple other mental health issues. Students who have pets actually perform better on tests compared to students who don’t. List down all the promises that you are willing to make in exchange for this one small kindness on their part, AND STICK TO THEM. Don’t forget to list down the challenges as well, and make clear points about how you plan on tackling those issues. Make yourself heard, be a good kid, and give your parents time to contemplate. They will eventually come around because they love you and they want the best for you. There’s no way that they will ignore all of the efforts that you are putting into this.

I might as well warn you, life is unfair. Sometimes, despite all your efforts and longings, you cannot get what you want. But you might as well try, because that way, at least you will know that you did everything in your power, and there is nothing else that you could have done. And that is a lot better than not trying at all.

I pray for your success.


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