5 (more) Instagram handles you should definitely follow

5 (more) Instagram handles you should definitely follow

Instagram has shot up quite high from a mere platform for sharing pictures to one that is now everyone’s top pick for photo blogs. The best part is that this is available for everyone to create and share with, so there are countless amazing blogs right at your fingertips in every category that you can think of. To jazz up your Instagram experience, here are 5 (more) blogs that are very deserving of your follow, from both Bangladesh and abroad.


Category: Art
This is a Bangladeshi artist who plays with colours and patterns with much admirable dexterity, and they melt together to make the ordinary things extraordinary. Her current works are mostly photo-painting mashups – blending real life, as captured on camera, with her own fantasy twirls of a paintbrush. The splash of realism that the photographs bring balances the daydream vibes of her paintings quite wonderfully.


Category: Lifestyle
If you follow blogs like @_wanderingworldie where the account is full of perfect, picturesque smiles in front of equally perfect, picturesque backgrounds, you might want to follow her British boyfriend as well for his adventures about taking those pictures. Filled with adorable selfies with hilarious captions of what goes on behind those meticulous photos on the ‘gram, his account is a lovely way to humanize those flawless pictures and the people in them. It also serves as a gentle reminder to appreciate just how much effort Instagrammers (and their partners) put into these blogs.


Category: Photography
A blog dedicated to document a precious family’s literary adventures? This is every book-lover’s family goals wrapped up and presented in an Instagram account! Hailing from the UK, Al, Martha and Mel don’t just love books – they see their family and world through their shared love for books, and they do a wonderful job of sharing that world with Instagram. If you’re as obsessed with books as these three, be sure to follow their blog too, for book reviews and lots more.


Category: Travel
If you spent your childhood following Dora the Explorer on her adventures but now you feel that she doesn’t really soothe your wanderlust anymore, you’re in luck, because Doha is here to take over. This Bangladeshi 20-something-year-old has travelled an impressive number of 45 countries so far, and she likes to capture all the wonders that she sees so she can take you along with her! To be the Boots to her Dora, be sure to follow her travel blog on Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube channel wander with doha.


Category: Food blog
If all the begunis and peyajus are starting to bore you this Ramadan, spice up your iftar with this Bangladeshi-Sri Lankan food blogger! From beautiful little flower shortbread cookies to Sylheti-style salmon “tenga” curry to the classic daal, bhaat, bhorta – your money bag will want to thank her when you save up to stay home making these delicious meals instead of having all that overpriced Iftar platters at restaurants.

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