Avicii – gone too young

With fame comes the pressure of handling it and keeping the passion that goes behind the work alive. Tim Bergling, known to the world as Avicii, had always struggled with balancing these aspects. Five years of success took quite a toll on him, and excessive drinking made his condition worse, after being diagnosed with acute pancreatitis at the age of 21. And so, finally back in 2016, he decided to retire. Avicii’s journey til now has been a lesson for young people finding sudden exposure and for the people surrounding these talented individuals.

Think of the perfect teenage dream. You have a passion that you pursue and invest your time and resources in, and it takes you to places that you’ve dreamt of. But like a deal with the devil, fame comes with a price too. Avicii started his career when he was 16, posting his music in an online forum and rose to fame at the young age of 18. Does a teenager have the guts and resilience to survive in the EDM scene?

Regardless of his struggles with health, Avicii was known for his excellent taste in music and production. His early works concentrated on pure EDM, example being his single “Levels”, released back in 2011. Avicii’s first album, “True”, mixed country with EDM and was met with critical praise, with the single “Wake Me Up” from this album topping the charts worldwide. This album was an example of his potential and a testimony of what he can achieve. Before his retirement, Avicii was referenced in the Mike Posner song, “I Took A Pill in Ibiza” which itself is a song about relating depression and loneliness linking to fame.

Avicii’s work has inspired a number of artists such as Kygo, Skrillex, Diplo and Cheat Codes. And aptly so, because of his achievements and his interests towards his self expression through his music. Days before his death, he was nominated for a Billboard award. His last Instagram post was a picture of him in his studio apparently working for a new album. He was doing what he loved the most – making music. But Avicii himself admitted that the EDM scene wasn’t for him. He said that he loved the shows and the music, but the activities surrounding the music wasn’t for him.

Regardless, Avicii stands as a role model for artists worldwide, and he will be remembered throughout his excellent music and his works. We mourn for the passing away of this star, and hope that the EDM world realizes that music is about self-expression, not the fame and parties it comes with.

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