Batcat is happening and we couldn’t be more excited!

Batman and Catwoman’s wedding cover is out now and the internet cannot stop talking about it. That’d be the cover of Batman #50, where the previous events finally culminate to Batman and Catwoman’s wedding.

The cover, drawn by artist Mikel Janin, features Batman and Catwoman kissing under a portico where Batman proudly dons his full costume and Catwoman is wearing a stunning black dress along with her cowl, of course.

Batman’s wedding story arc was started by Tom King in #24 where Batman proposed to Catwoman and it’s finally leading to their wedding in #50. Of course it’s Batman and Gotham so you can’t expect things to go down smoothly and not expect Joker to create chaos, but we’re pretty sure it’s nothing Batman can’t handle.

In the previous issue, “Something borrowed, something blue” we see Batman and Catwoman on their separate parallel paths to their wedding days, as Catwoman sneaks out in the dead of night to pick up her wedding dress while Batman makes arrangements to start their new life together. Brought to life beautifully by the talented art of Mikel Janin and Joelle Jones, the panels also depict the complicated relationship Batman and Catwoman has had in the past, their confrontations and romances. It’s a must read if you’re even a little bit excited about the long anticipated moment.

Batman’s history with Catwoman has always been flirtatiously complicated, with Catwoman making several approaches over the years and Batman being, well, Batman. And years of anticipation finally cannot keep the fans calm.

The wedding edition #50 comes out in July. Keep an eye out and till then take a look at 10 of the most highly anticipated weddings we’ve had in pop-culture, coming soon on HiFi.

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