Product review – LG Q6 smartphone

Once, Huawei’s president commented that in order to normalize the wide aspect ratio on phones, lower market segments need to be covered. And that’s true, by 2018 we’re seeing a massive influx of phones with amazing screens, resulting in beautiful designs in mid-range phones. Back in July 2017, LG realized this as well, and released the beautiful LG Q6; the first among the stable of 18:9 ratio mid-rangers. And needless to say, it impresses.


See it upfront and one will notice the unmistakable resemblance to the LG G6, LG’s flagship. The LG G6 was also among the first to release a phone with an impressive screen-to-body ratio. This striking phone is excellent for media consumption; open up YouTube and the display will cut off thanks to YouTube’s native 16:9 videos. Pinch in and it’ll fill in the gaps, and the experience is just beautiful; quite possibly justifying the purchase among the other options within the price range. The screen is a 5.5-inch IPS LCD display with 1080p resolution. The sides are surrounded with metal, and the back is plastic with no sight of any fingerprint scanner around. Though the phone is certified MIL-STD-810G, the phone doesn’t have water resistance, so be sure to be careful around rain. Overall, the phone is compact enough to be used in one hand. The 13MP rear camera is above average, not offering any flagship grade performance but it does get the job done (more on that later). Interestingly, the front camera has a wide angle mode sure to fit enough people in that one group selfie. Otherwise, the phone has a 3.5mm jack and a microUSB connection, a relic of the past.


The software is LG’s very own UI on top of Android Nougat 7.1.1, which means you’ll get all the goodies of the operating system like battery savings and split-window multitasking. However, multitasking doesn’t seem like a bright idea considering the processor – a Snapdragon 425. Still, the processor helps build an awesome experience with adequate speed for a daily driver; awesome battery life and handling everyday work or browsing Facebook is a delight with the awesome screen. Since the phone doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner, it swaps in a face-unlock feature. While it certainly isn’t as accurate nor as secure as Apple’s face unlock on the iPhone X, it still gets the job done fairly easy. With several shortcuts and UI features, the software side of LG Q6 is quite impressive.

Multimedia and camera

Multimedia is one of the stronger points of the LG Q6, and for good reason. The Q6 is famously known for it’s similarities to the flagship LG G6 featuring identical screen sizes. Media consumption is among the best in this price range, and the processor and the battery seems well optimized for it. The smaller form factor also helps in comfortable video consumption as well. Audio isn’t as impressive however, as there is only one speaker in the bottom of the phone beside the 3.5mm jack and the microUSB port.

Now, the camera. A camera is pretty essential for a phone to be called a great one; at any price range. The specs of the camera read 13MP, F/2.2 shooter. All of these scream not a flagship shooter, and aptly so. The phone doesn’t feature a lot of options for it’s camera either; the only options in the camera app are Auto, Panorama and Food. In adequate lighting conditions, the camera is sufficient for normal pictures with noise levels kept in check. But in low-light, the performance is nothing to write home about. Noise gets in the way of everything, resulting in fuzzy details.

The front camera is somewhat impressive with it’s 16:9 ratio and it’s wide angle selfie mode. The selfies are adequate to support enough details within them, resulting in somewhat good selfies.


The LG Q6 isn’t a giant killer, it’s a great phone for the cost. Its display is beautiful, and its camera is good enough not to embarrass yourself whenever you share a picture from your phone. Sure, the competition features better specifications, but it’s still a great phone and a quality offering from LG. Surely enough, this trend will continue onto low range markets as well, meaning that the 18:9 display might become normalized all across the world. But til then, technical difficulties aside, LG Q6 impresses for a midranger phone.

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