Android Phones May Be Vulnerable To Hacking

Bad news for users of smartphones with Qualcomm chips, your device might get hacked!

The security vulnerability called “Quadrooter” could potentially give the hacker full access to the device’s storage and controls. This means the hacker may be able to change/delete/clone files in the storage, control the microphone or camera or snoop into your personal details. This is dangerous.

As Qualcomm creates chips for Android devices, it is essential for Qualcomm to maintain security updates for the chip as much Google does for Android, and with the Quadrooter stepping in, this should definitely urge users to keep all their devices’ software and security up to date to be safe from such vulnerabilities.

The Quadrooter was discovered by the security firm Check Point. their mobile security researcher Adam Donefeld said that over 80% of Android devices with Qualcomm chips are vulnerable to hacking including devices such as the Nexus 5X, 6P and even the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Qualcomm has stated that they have already issued patches for their chips’ vulnerabilities, which Google has further confirmed that some of the flaws were fixed in the recent security updates.

The important lesson here is to keep all your devices up to date to be safe!

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