Creative Kittens: An All Female Freelancing Venture

Emrazina Islam who has been involved with freelancing since 2010, created a new graphic design firm called Creative Kittens. Her career first kicked off in call centre initiated by Grameenphone. She worked for three years and contemplated the idea of a Graphic Design firm. As a graphic designer she first started working in oDesk in January 2011.

Using different tools in Photoshop Illustrator she got her freelance job within three months. Now she is an active freelancer for US companies like Epic Sports and Six Connects. Regardless of such progress it has been a rough six months for her. She had to work long hours starting from 1 at night to 9 o’clock in morning. Her income was mere Tk. 25,000 and she had to wait months before receiving the money. Nevertheless, she left her job at the call center and began working as a freelancer. At that time she would get paid Tk. 15,000. After winning the Best Female Freelancer of the year Emrazina Islam teamed up with Humaira Khan for a new adventure.

In 2013 they set up Creative Kittens and hired five other female freelancers. The company consists of full-timers and part-timers. Full-timers work for 8 hours and part-timers work for 4 hours. Employers can work from home although the team meets thrice a week for group discussion. The freelancing team consists of Humayra Khan Sara, Marzia-Tuz-Zahra, Daizy Afroze, Shyda Najnine Sheva, Farzana Tithi, Nayeema Chowdhury and Jamila Siddiqua Jui. They are all graphic designers who have worked in projects for organization such NASA and GEC. Employees earn Tk. 150 per hour along with other perks and free internet.

Monthly revenue stands around 2 lakh. Tithi also works as a designer for Graphics River. Shiva displays her arts and crafts on platforms such as Fiver. According to Emrazina Islam, being passionate, dedicated and open minded, any women can become successful and prosper in the world of freelancing.

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