Apple’s WWDC 2014: 13 predictions

To be honest, Apple doesn’t bring much excitement with their new developments; they are mostly known for polishing or re-polishing what they’ve already made. Like Facebook’s f8, Apple has something called a Worldwide Developers Conference or WWDC where new, or ‘varnished’ ideas are discussed. So, that time of the year is here again, this Monday 2nd June, we are hoping this time we’ll see some dynamic unveilings as per predictions. In line with Apple’s habit of teasing consumers, iTunes chief Eddy Cue has made a remark hinting that Apple’s product lineup this year will be better than ever, than “two decades” in his words. Today, I’ll give you some exciting insight on what will perhaps be the best WWDC yet:

[button link=”#” size=”medium” target=”self”]1. iOS 8: [/button]

As usual, it’d be wrong for us to expect something too new in their new iOS. But we can safely assume that they will definitely make things look better by rounding off rough edges and changing a few tidbits here and there. One new aspect of the iOS 8 is that it will aim towards the trending idea of giving health reports to consumers. An app called Healthbook will be available, which will allow users to see information on their blood pressure, activity, heart rate, and sleep. But the question remains how they will collect this data; keeping in mind the activities of their competitors, they will probably insert some sort of a sensor in their products, or it could be done via supported accessories, or our best guess would be that this feature would pop up in the soon to be released iWatch.

[button link=”#” size=”medium” target=”self”]2. Smart Home:[/button]

If you’ve read the rumors regarding Apple entering the smart home market, this shouldn’t sound new to you. Apple’s iPhone does have the kind of software that can enable it to help you control things inside your home. It could be really cool, being able to shut doors and play music without having to get up. But more importantly, this industry needs Apple; it needs Apple’s stability, reliability and simplicity. This WWDC is said to reveal information on their smart home system that will be bigger and better than any other competitor around.

[button link=”#” size=”medium” target=”self”]3. New Apps:[/button]

Two of OS X’s apps, the image-viewer Preview and the basic writing tool TextEdit, might find its way into the new iOS. Also, the iTunes radio may be getting its very own app so that it can actually be out and about instead of being hidden inside the music app, that’d be nice.

[button link=”#” size=”medium” target=”self”]4. OS X:[/button]

The brand new version of OS X will consist of major design changes, much like the change we saw after updating to iOS 7. It is said that while there will be drastic changes in looks, it’ll still work like it used to so that old Mac users have no problems coping up. This move falls right in line with the fact that there will more common apps between OS X and iOS. In any case, given Apple’s limited ecosystem, I’d say there should definitely be a smooth sync between its own devices.

[button link=”#” size=”medium” target=”self”]5. Siri:[/button]

Shazam has been a notable iOS app for a long time with its magical ability to recognize any song it hears with great accuracy. But what’s new is that Apple is planning to partner with Shazam to allow Siri to listen to songs automatically and identify them. This is could come in handy especially when you hear a song on the radio that you love but don’t know the name of. Also, Siri may soon be available on OS X. Although we can’t say for sure whether this will happen this very year or not, we can say that it is highly likely for it to happen soon.

[button link=”#” size=”medium” target=”self”]6. Apple Maps:[/button]

For a long time now, Apple has been far, far, and I can’t emphasize enough on the word ‘far’, behind Google in the map sector. But now all that is about to change; the biggest update ever made for Apple maps is here and it will include things like directions for Public Transits and other small details without which their maps were near useless. The overall design and look will also be shaped into perfection. While this will be made for iOS 8, we can’t be sure whether this will come with the initial update and suspect that it may be part of later updates as Apple does not want to release a mediocre maps app again.


[button link=”#” size=”medium” target=”self”]7. Split-screen iPad:[/button]

The split-screen feature has been common with brands like Samsung and Microsoft whose point is that their devices can be more productive than they seem. But Apple has always been one to hold on to simplicity, which doesn’t exactly go hand in hand with having multiple screens. But apparently there’s soon to be a change in Apple’s motto because there has been word that Apple’s iPad will carry the split-screen ability when tilted to landscape mode. We can’t be sure whether this will be part of iOS 8 or not. Some even say that it’d be wrong to predict its unveiling in this year’s WWDC. Also, this feature may be limited to the larger devices like iPad Air.

[button link=”#” size=”medium” target=”self”]8. iPhone 6:[/button]

There has obviously been a lot of talk on how the new iPhone would be. Apparently two ‘bigger’ iPhones are on their way this summer or perhaps early fall. That’s definitely an aspect we would love for Apple to consider, the 4 inches display of the iPhone 5 and 5s just didn’t cut it with their huge faced competitors. We’ve got our fingers crossed for a 4.7 or maybe, do I dare say it, 5.5 inch screen? But the sad thing is, Apple has been facing some difficulties in production and it is hard to say whether the new phone will be revealed in this WWDC.

[button link=”#” size=”medium” target=”self”]9. MacBooks:[/button]

It’s high time that Apple decides to apply its retina display technology to the MacBook Air and that’s probably what’s going to happen. The new MacBook air is said to be much slimmer with a 12-inch retina display, and this would perhaps be the first proper update in design in 4 years. But Apple will still need a lot of time to work on its cost and battery life issues so the release of this new beauty may not be unnecessarily early.

[button link=”#” size=”medium” target=”self”]10. iPad:[/button]

No big change is expected there given that there has already been such a change quite recently. But there will be an exciting new addition: a touch ID fingerprint sensor, the kind that’s already present in the iPhone 5s. There’s also been word about an ‘iPad Pro’ with a 13-inch display but that seemed a bit far-fetched to us, at least for this WWDC.

[button link=”#” size=”medium” target=”self”]11. iWatch:[/button]

This is another topic that’s been talked about to death for the past few months and rumor has it that Apple will be unveiling an iWatch at the end of this year. Other than wearable tech, there has been another hot trend, and I’m getting really tired of writing about this, the health measuring fad. So, we can conclude that the iWatch will come with, other than basic notifications feature, perhaps a sensor that tracks and measures your health. We can say that so confidently because Apple has been hiring a lot of health experts lately—what else could that mean?

[button link=”#” size=”medium” target=”self”]12. Apple TV:[/button]

Tim Cook has been hinting that the Apple TV will be holding a lot of surprises. This could have something to do with the fact that Apple has been working with cable suppliers to get live video feed content essentially substituting your set-top box with a greater technology. Details on the technique that will go behind creating that feature are still unclear. There have also been whispers about the TV including Siri and supporting 3rd party apps. It all seems very stirring in the TV world, so we expect some top-notch improvements.

[button link=”#” size=”medium” target=”self”]13. Beats:[/button]

In case you are not aware, the industry has been buzzed with the news of Apple’s acquisition of Beats for $3 billion. Tim Cook has a lot of questions to answer, but for now he says that once the acquisition passes through regulators, Apple has a lot in store for the future; big, big plans.

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