Microsoft’s smartwatch: coming soon

Wearable tech is, or is going to be, the ‘in-thing’ very soon. Already, we can see the two rivals Samsung and Apple trying to dominate the smartwatch game with the Gear Fit and the upcoming iWatch. But aren’t we missing a big name here? That’s right, Microsoft is finally catching up. Rumor has it that Microsoft is coming up with a smartwatch that is compatible with all 3 platforms: Windows, Android and iOS.

It seems that Microsoft has been struggling a lot lately; I mean, look at the Zune Music Player and the Surface Tablet. But this time, they mean business. Microsoft has decided to try and imitate the reason why their X-box and Kinect were such massive successes. The ‘father of Kinect’ Alex Kipman will be working on wearable tech for the company. So you can imagine that this watch will definitely carry some form of a sensor. As you know, Samsung has been upping their game by targeting the health conscious bunch of the mobile population; yes, you guys know what I’m talking about. The heart rate monitor has been a big selling point for Samsung, or at least that’s how it was marketed.


Microsoft’s new smartwatch will have a heart-rate monitor as well, but the difference being that the sensor is continuous and will watch your heart rate and fitness all throughout the day. Unlike Samsung’s technology, this is automatic and does not need to be switched on. I suppose Microsoft is relying on the genius that went behind Kinect to have an edge with their heart-rate monitor feature. But the point of all this is more about acting on the data people get from the monitor and not the process of diagnosis itself. In the long run, Microsoft wants to instigate the idea of ‘consumerized healthcare’ where people will be able to diagnose themselves and argue on the information they see.

Another notable aspect of this watch is its compatibility across all platforms. Ever since Satya Nadella has been appointed CEO, starting from the unveiling of the Microsoft Office pack that was for the first time available on Apple’s iPad, he has been aiming to make Microsoft’s products popular among more platforms then just Windows. He believes that this will help Windows phones make a dent in the market for smartphones which is predicted to be divided as follows: 3.5% Windows, 80.2% by Android and 14.8 by Apple’s iOS.

The watch will look a lot like the Samsung Gear Fit with the screen being on the inside of your wrist for greater privacy of notifications and ease of use. A rather small touch color display and two days of battery life are all said to be present in Microsoft’s smartwatch which has no fixed release date as of yet, but according to Forbes, this summer may hold its launch.

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