Windows 9 : leaks and rumors

If you eavesdrop into the tech world right now, all you will hear is widespread rumors and speculations about plans from Microsoft to release a preview version of Windows 9. Leaks from Microsoft reveals that they plan to release a “Threshold” version of Windows 9, tentatively between February or March 2015. The invaluable leak came from a Chinese hacker named FaiKee. This guy miraculously managed to infiltrate the future plans of Microsoft and posted a screen shot on the website. Later, several sources found this information to be credible, although the entire tech world is still overwhelmed with arguments and discussions about this.

The same leak also reveals that Microsoft is also planning to release Windows 8.1, Update 2. This update is expected to contain the long awaited “Start Menu”, something without which any Windows seems “Incomplete”.  This news will surely bring relief to millions of users. Other notable changes include various bug fixes and several vulnerabilities in its softwares. The initial plans of Microsoft revealed that they planned to release this update in August. However, for some reason the release date was changed. If the revealed plans are in fact true, it is in line with the company policy to provide software updates for desktops and PCs at a faster rate.

The image further revealed that Microsoft is working to develop a cloud-based version of its operating system which will able them to sell it as windows 365. The subscription process will be somewhat similar to that of Office 365. However, these are still just rumors and it would be unwise to draw any sort of conclusions yet. Microsoft did not officially announce any dates or plans like that yet, however they haven’t deemed these facts as rumors as well. So, the whole situation seems somewhat confusing and it is not possible to get a clear picture from it.

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