Geekiest tweets ever!

Whenever something goes viral people go crazy all over the internet. Mainly we focused on people who use Twitter to let the world know their views, suggestions or simply to announce some news. Here you will find some of the geekiest tweets that I came across and thought about sharing them with my readers.

[button link=”#” size=”large” target=”self”]1) Siri is not good in an emergency[/button]


What I found interesting is the way apple marketed Siri, it’s not that great. A person is in need of an ambulance and it still didn’t understand the command.

[button link=”#” size=”large” target=”self”]2) I am using vim for two years.[/button]


I must say that this guy has got a lot of patience. If I were in his place, I would deactivate my account a long time ago.

[button link=”#” size=”large” target=”self”]3) Zuckerberg could buy 57 billion packs of Raiders for 11.4 billion.[/button]


I would never waste that much on a texting app, but fingers crossed we don’t know, maybe he knows some great use for Facebook in the near future.

[button link=”#” size=”large” target=”self”]4) Sometimes when I play a game… what I am doing with my life.[/button]


This twit made me realize that we actually don’t think about what is happening when we are engrossed in gaming. So from now on we need to find more time for ourselves.

[button link=”#” size=”large” target=”self”]5)Binary Codes[/button]


I don’t know what googler was trying to accomplish with binary codes

[button link=”#” size=”large” target=”self”]6) In labor tweet[/button]


I never thought people would be so much into twits that a mom will tweet about giving birth. People need to take certain issues more seriously.

Share your views,thoughts and suggestions and we will come up with more new tweets and interesting stories for you.

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