In conversation with Kunwal Malik of “This is She”

How many times have you wondered if you could actually trust a beauty brand? Even if you could, how dreadful was that for your bank account?

If you are arguing with yourself to find an answer to these questions then it’s time for you to not worry about it anymore. On this Women’s day, 8th March 2020, the grand launch of This is She a beauty brand that aims to empower you, took place

After coming to Bangladesh from Canada, Kunwal Malik was stunned by the beauty that this part of the world holds. Noticing how much the women of Bangladesh has embraced the beauty trends was another revolution for her. However, the quality of the products the women here are using was a big question to her.

Being a feminist herself, Kunwal Malik knew she needed to do something for the women to make them feel their most confident self. “Every woman is beautiful. And when confidence gets added to her persona, her beauty intensifies” shared Kumwal Malik

With a vision of bringing quality products to the beautiful women of our country, her brand This is She came to life.

This is she isn’t just a brand to her. It has a significant reason for its existence. Reminiscing the reason that inspired her to come up with this brand Kunwal Malik said, “ A lot of people ask me why did I start This is She with eyelashes? Well, there is a very interesting story behind that. Back when I was in Canada, I went to a really nice salon and tried their eyelash extensions as it was one of the most trending fashion trends then. So I did try them and then started the horror story. After a month they started shredding, which is a natural process but sadly all my natural eyelashes fell off with the extensions too. And let me tell you, it had a very bad effect on my confidence. I felt people are looking at my lashes, I didn’t enjoy wearing make-up anymore. After tons of research and using many remedies my eyelashes did come back but I just knew there are many many other women like me for whom eyelash extensions are probably not the best-suited idea, so This is She was my way of creating something for these women”

Following this experience, she decided to create her brand and the first thing she wanted to introduce her brand with was eye-lashes.

The quality of these lashes can easily be compared to the best of the best lashes that are out there in the international market now. She didn’t just stop at bringing these eyelashes, the packaging and the names of each lashset oozes the motto of the brand which is: Be Confident.

Just to name a few, dazzling queen, adorable brat, spoilt princess will actually make you feel like the princess that you are. 

Speaking of her future aspiration for the brand, Kunwal shared all the exciting products that are coming our way. “We are slowly but surely more moving towards skincare as well. I have noticed how humid the weather here is but hardly any quality sunscreen that one can find. Our next mission is to bring the best quality sunscreen to the beautiful ladies of Bangladesh at the most reasonable price possible.”

For the make-up artists out there, This is She is also coming up with bundle packages. In the packages, they will get customized eyelashes which are really high quality in discounted price.

This is She isn’t just a brand, the sentiment behind the birth of this brand is to make the women around us feel more confident in themselves so they can go and conquer the world without having to worry if their eyes are on fleek or not!

This is She, she is confident.