Foodpanda launches Bangla app on Intl. Mother Language Day

Foodpanda, Bangladesh’s leading online delivery service, announces the launch of the Bangla app today. The latest edition of the fully optimized Bangla language app anticipates that more and more Bangladeshis will be able to use and enjoy the simple and fast food delivery services offered by the company.

The announcement comes on International Mother Language Day; a day which celebrates linguistic and cultural diversity. Foodpanda resonates with the core message of this day by having the vision to create an online delivery service for all people living in Bangladesh, championing the multi-cultural region. Striving for excellence for all its customers, Foodpanda’s new Bangla app brings more accessibility and more resonance with Bangladeshis, to bring the food they love right to their doors.

The latest feature to the app makes it simpler for those wishing to navigate Foodpanda in the local Bangla language; with all menus, deal pages and navigation screens optimised fully. As Foodpanda aims to service more customers across the region; ensuring all needs are met has been a top priority to enabling all to order the food they love, anytime, anywhere.

“We’ve been working towards optimising the app fully for Bangla, to have alongside the English version, to ensure all our customers have the option to use the app in the language that works best for them. We are committed to bringing the best in online food delivery service to Bangladesh – listening to our customers needs and building that into our product. By the end of 2020, we plan on being present in over 60 cities in Bangladesh, and with the new offering we expect to facilitate further uplift in app downloads across the region.”

Ambareen Reza , Foodpanda’s Managing Director explains

To experience the new Bangla version of Foodpanda, customers who already have the Foodpanda app will be able to seamlessly switch between English and Bangla by going to the top left tab then to settings and selecting Bangla for language. For those who are new to Foodpanda, and would like to experience Bangladesh’s leading online food delivery service in Bangla – they can download the app available for both iOS and Android, or use the web services to browse from a large variety of big chain, and well-loved local restaurants to find the perfect meal.

With the ability to track meals, explore new restaurant options, and toggle simply for any deals or specialities required – Foodpanda is simplifying food delivery at every step; as they know it is not merely about eating a meal but savouring the experience from start to finish. Customers will also be able to find out the best-selling dishes at each eatery, and read user reviews to aid in their decision-making process.

Foodpanda to add female riders to its delivery fleet

For the first time ever in Bangladesh, a food delivery company is recruiting female riders. Thanks to a partnership between Foodpanda and FEM.

Foodpanda is dedicated to bringing food lovers around the world their favourite meals from curated local restaurants. Since its creation, the on-demand food delivery service has grown to more than 30,000 partner restaurants in more than 120 cities across 10 Asian and Central European countries globally. Foodpanda is now one of the top contenders in the food delivery industry of Bangladesh alongside the likes of UberEats and homegrown service HungryNaki.

A step in the right direction

With its decision to add female riders to its delivery fleet, Foodpanda is taking a step in the right direction in ensuring gender equality in the country and adding a culture of diversity in the industry. Especially at a time when Bangladesh needed it more than ever. With big companies like Foodpanda setting an example like this, acceptance and equality is a coming change for sure, if not just around the corner.

Foodpanda to add female riders to its delivery fleet

“The rider fleet of food delivery is entirely male dominated. But there is a scope for women to work as riders here. We are just creating a platform for this to happen.”

According to Shafayat Sarwar, the Head of marketing of foodpanda.

“The partnership will encourage an increase in mobility and visibility of women in Bangladesh followed by income opportunities which is a step to women empowerment”.

Zaiba Tahyya, Founder of FEM, said during the signing of the MoU between Foodpanda and FEM.

The female riders will be working from October for Foodpanda. 

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About FEM

Foodpanda to add female riders to its delivery fleet
Zaiba Tahyya, Founder of FEM

FEM is a non-profit organization that aims to empower women through various unique projects. The main aims of the projects include training and employing underprivileged women. FEM also supports creating accessibility to basic necessities for women.

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Uber Eats launches in Dhaka

Starting today, April 30th at 12 PM, on-demand food delivery app Uber Eats has officially been launched in Dhaka. The app is to work in a similar way to other food delivery services present in Bangladesh. Although with the added reliability of global corporation Uber.

Not all of Dhaka though, yet

Uber Eats has partnered with over 150 restaurants at launch. These include Pizza Guy, Chillox, Cheez, Madchef and Sultan’s Dine. It will be available in key neighbourhoods of the city like Baridhara, Banani and Gulshan at launch. No, not Uttara.

Uber Eats launches in Dhaka

Separate apps

This is to reiterate that the Uber Eats app is distinct from its Uber or Uber Driver apps. Uber Eats aims to make the food delivery process seamless and swift. It allows consumers to live track the progress of their order. It also allows scheduling an order ahead of time.

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More competition?

While the advent of a global giant corporation like Uber might not be good news for local companies, it is advantageous for consumers. Uber’s massive resources allow it to establish lower prices than would be usually available. And increased competition between service providers is always good news for consumers.