Things to keep in mind before getting your next suit

A good suit is an essential piece of clothing that every man need to have in their collection. Whether it’s for work, a wedding or any other formal event, having the right suit is indispensable in making the right impression. But picking out or tailoring ones next suit can be a daunting task for anyone. The fabric, size, style, colour, tailoring and budget all play their part in making the right suit. And for anyone who’s relatively inexperienced or getting their first suit on their own, it can be quite a headache. And the last thing any man wants is to not look good in their new suit.  

So here are a few things men should keep in mind before getting their next suit.

Having a clear idea of the desired suit

Buying a new suit doesn’t start in the store, it starts in one’s head. Deciding on a two-piece or a three-piece suit, the colour, material, style or even buying it readymade or buying the cloth and tailoring it, is something one should have an idea off beforehand. Each option has its own merits and it’s on the buyer to decide which route they are going to take. So a clear vision is the first step in getting there. 

Correctly matching the trousers with the coat

One of the biggest rookie mistakes is buying a black coat to match with a black pair of trousers.  A suit is a matching coat and trousers made from the same type of fabric and colour. Merely matching two different coat and trousers, no matter how similar they are, is not going to work as well as one would think it would. 

Sticking to the basics

When it comes to choosing the colour of suits, one can never go wrong with the classics. Sticking to the timeless black, grey, brown and navy blue color for suits is never a bad idea.  And pairing them with the right shirt and tie is a sure-fire way to get the best out of the suit. Checkered and patterned suits are blowing up right now on Instagram and Facebook and that opens up the door to new possibilities. We do recommend losing the pinstripes as it does seem a bit dated.

 Getting the right size

Unlike most other clothing suits don’t generally come in small, medium or large, rather they are fitted to the buyer’s measurements. So getting the correct measurement is crucial for anyone looking for a new suit, especially for the shoulders, torso and height. One of the most common missteps people make when getting a new suit is buying one that’s too big.

Pro tip: The suit should hug the wearer’s frame as closely as possible without it being tight.   

Detailing of the lapel, buttons and hemming the trousers   

Getting the right lapel style and the number of buttons are some of the finer detail but they are just as important. Lapel types are generally two; the notch style which is more casual and versatile and the more formal peak style. As for buttons, the buyer can go for two buttons to three buttons on the torso depending on their choice. Another detail to notice is whether the coat sleeves or trouser length is correct and hemming them if they are longer. Also when it comes to trousers, opting for flat front pants instead of the pleated pant are commendable. 

A good tailor can make all the difference

It’s always wise to have a trusty tailor on hand for any altering or adjustment that may be required for a suit. And a good tailor can help you get the most out of a suit even if it’s a bit off or if it gets damaged. Most suits are made to be alterable and even a lower-priced suit, in the hands of a skilful tailor can make it look and feel much better.

Getting a suit is a rite of passage for many men and hopefully, the pointers above will help in getting the perfect suit next time around.  

“Almeerah” brings in first fashion rental service in Bangladesh

Defining fashion would be a difficult task. Some call it passion, some call it change and some believe trends are the mastermind behind it all. Fashion designers of Bangladesh have proved their talent and passion through leaps and bounds, representing their work to the world. Amidst new trends and innovating business ideas, the one to keep an eye out to is Almeerah.

Almeraah is bringing fashion to you the easiest way possible. It is the first rental service platform of Bangladesh associating with fashion. A digital wardrobe stacked with exclusive dry washed sarees that you can rent at a very affordable price within Dhaka.

An idea with a purpose

The story of Almeerah starts when the founder had to struggle with finding the right kind of blazer before a thesis defence. Unable to find any blazer appropriate for his height, he decides to borrow it from a friend who lived far away from him. Understanding the difficulty of fashion for people on different occasions, he realized that there could be a way through which fashion can be more accessible, affordable and fun for everyone. With a team and a plan, Almeerah is now set to help you rent exclusive sarees for occasions where you won’t have to buy a new one only to wear it once in a blue moon!

A minimalist approach to fashion

With the service that Almeerah provides for their customers, you will not only spend less money but your closet will no longer have clothes you barely wear. Almeerah has a sustainable approach to a choice you would not mind adding to your list. With their launch of this brand new online business, they will soon bring other products in-store soon.

Till then, choose katan, silk or traditional kanjipuram, because Almeerah has it all for you!

Samsung launches campaign to promote phones as fashion accessories

A cell phone, today, is not just a communication tool but it has also become a fashion accessory. Colour is an important aspect of the fashion world. Likewise, colour has also become an important factor for purchasing a mobile device. Noting the changes in consumer buying trend, many mobile phone companies are now producing their handsets in various different colours.

What your phone says about you

Choosing a colour can either be a conscious or subconscious decision as it represents our personality and lifestyle. Psychologists believe that each and every time we are faced with a colour choice, we are actually revealing what is going on inside our brain. It’s making a statement.
Such as, red is for people who enjoy taking action. These people are passionate and bear strong emotion. It also represents excitement and youth. On the other hand, the colour blue gives an impression of trust, loyalty, and integrity. The colour goes for people who are dependable. Pink goes to the people who are loving and nurturing.

Samsung’s campaign

Keeping this in mind, Samsung recently came up with an idea of a colour campaign, called ‘My Galaxy, My Color’. In this campaign, participants can upload photos with the shades of the featured colours (red, blue, and pink) in their lifestyle. They will have to upload these photos on their Facebook public profiles with appropriate hashtags. Such as for Red, it’s #ShadesOfRed. For Blue, it’s #ShadesOfBlue. And for Pink, it’s #BubblePink. Another common hashtag that needs to be used with the posts is #MyGalaxyMyColour.

The campaign is still running and its divided into three phases. The phases are Red (J6+), Blue (A7), and Pink (A9). Each phase of the campaign will be announced by a social media celebrity through a Facebook video where they will talk about the featured colour, Samsung handsets in those colours, and participation details of the campaign. The participants will also need to upload the screenshot of the photo in the comment section of the video which will be published on the Samsung Bangladesh Facebook fan page.

Through this campaign, people now can share photos regarding the featured colours and how it connects with their lifestyle. It’s a great way to make a statement among others and win some prizes in the process.

Winter wear roundup for the year

The fan is on and the blanket is out. As is that mixed feeling of winter arriving. With each year (and more Instagram bloggers), the winter trends get more creative (and extensive). Its the season of fashion, badminton, barbeques and of course, weddings.

Here is how you can merge western and local fashion, be comfortable while making a statement:

1. Shawls: Versatile and lots of choices

Shawls are the most comfortable piece of winter clothing which you can never go wrong with. It is also as easy to pair with a shirt and denim, as with a Panjabi or a  long tunic.

Our pick: Aarong, Deshi Dosh, Shada Kaalo’s winter collection includes a good range of both plain shawls and shawls with embroidery.

2. Turtlenecks: Warm and goes well with a hat

Winter wear roundup

For the inner 90s in all of us, a turtleneck or a sweater with a colorful barrette is the way to go. It is warm, cute and of course, makes you stand out from the crowd. Try fun color combinations.

Our pick: The unpretentious and affordable sweaters and hats at Nurjahan Market and New Market.

3. Sweatshirts

Winter wear roundup

Sweatshirts bring out a real winter vibe, hide the occasional kacchi belly bump and can have fun brands or logos plastered on them. Experiment with colorful ones; beige, baby pink or blue go with denim and black sweatshirts for the less adventurous ones.

Our pick: Lussotica, Gorur Ghash, Yellow and Artisan have a collection of sweatshirts for your choosing.

4. Leather Jacket: Let out the inner rebel

Winter wear roundup

Black leather jackets never disappoint– durable, warm and elegant. Also, with the weather of Dhaka city, winter is the really the only season one can indulge in the badass-ary.

Our pick: Wear with a wrapped shawl around your neck and faded jeans. Wear the jacket with formal clothing to make a bold statement.

5. Bomber jacket: Still trending

Winter wear roundup

Let us face the fact that bomber jackets haven’t fizzled out yet, unlike the high school sweatshirts which were pretty 2016. Bomber jackets are known for the flattering shoulder and neck fit. Originally designed to keep the pilots warm during the war, the bomber jacket has found its way to both mainstream and punk wardrobes. A black or mud-green bomber jacket could be a good addition to your winter look!

Our pick: Keep an eye out for the jackets at the winter sales at Sailor, Cats Eye, Westecs. The website “Shop Hobe” gives easy access and good service to many collections in different online stores.

6. Good Ol’ denim: Still swiping right

Winter wear roundup

When everything fails, you know what doesn’t? Denim. It has been decades and denim is here to stay. It can also be a perfect piece of clothing for a desi fusion with Kurtis and Panjabis. A faded blue denim jacket might be a perfect match for you this winter.

Our pick: Look for denim in different online stores. And of course, Nurjahan Market will not disappoint you!

Enjoy the cold breeze, hazy mornings, hot cuppa all wrapped up in your trendy winter attire. So here’s to winter and ending 2018 with grace and fashion!

The legend of Givenchy

The House of Givenchy was founded by Hubert de Givenchy in 1952, who passed away on 12th March, 2018. With achievements of working with the the greatest women of the 20th century, we celebrate the Givenchy culture and it’s impact in creating diversity within the fashion culture of past, present and future.

Into the limelight

Givenchy started out with his “wonderful first collection” in the Battle of Versailles alongside YSL, Pierre Cardin, Christian Dior versus the upstart American designers Oscar de la Renta, Stephen Burrows and Anne Klein. Givenchy understood that fashion needed innovation, hence he introduced music and a diverse range of models to showcase his products. He was the first in 1970 to feature a cabinet of nonwhite models for his designs to be shown to the world, and that is quite a feat to behold.

Creating diversity wasn’t his only feat as he used “shirting”, a raw cotton similar to pattern paper, to create his unique and eye-catching collection. He was the first fashion designer to feature a luxury ready-to-wear clothing line, manufactured using machinery imported from the United States.

Diversification with a hint of diversity

During the seventies, Givenchy diversified from clothing to create accessories such as shoes, ties, tablewares and jewellery. During this era, he was chosen to design the distinct, iconic interiors of Hilton hotels. He also designed the Lincoln Continental Mark V. Givenchy opened a showroom on the Fifth Avenue of New York, and in 1979 was named the most elegant man of the year by The Best Magazine; mainly because of his fashion brand being among the only ones to feature nonwhite models.

Time and time, Hubert de Givenchy wasn’t afraid to go to great heights to achieve something brand new and fresh that defined the fashion industry for the future.

In this era, he reached the peak of his popularity when Audrey Hepburn wore his famous “little black dress” in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”; breaking through to finding the fashion brand’s own space within the closet of every notable celebrity in recent times, notably women who have had an impact in defining the field of equality, especially in fashion.

The Language of Givenchy

Givenchy is a brand that thrives to innovate. When a great designer adopts diversity, the house of Givenchy is the result. Time and time, Hubert de Givenchy wasn’t afraid to go to great heights to achieve something brand new and fresh that defined the fashion industry for the future. He realized the importance of diversity when he saw models like Pat Cleveland, Bethann Hardinson, Ramona Saunders.

Designer Jeffrey Banks reminisces the times of Versailles; “At one point in the 1970s, his entire cabinet was almost exclusively African-American girls—and no one was doing that then!” Hubert de Givenchy is an integral part of what defined the modern chic of French fashion, a distinct signature that later on inspired most of Europe’s expression of fashion. More than his dresses, Givenchy was more interested to promote the women behind his brand rather than his dresses. He was known for his funny stories of encounters with friends of his like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy.

Designer Jeffrey Banks reminisces the times of Versailles; “At one point in the 1970s, his entire cabinet was almost exclusively African-American girls—and no one was doing that then!”

Portrait of fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy sporting an Antigua suntan where he discussed work on his male commitments (shirts, ties, luggage and cosmetics) during an interview with Women’s Wear Daily on March 17, 1970 in New York.

As the French news magazine L’Express describes him, “to fashion what Françoise Sagan was to literature and Bernard Buffet to painting: successful, glamorous, gorgeous, and very, very French”. His contributions to fashion is unforgettable and impactful; breaking the bridge to modern fashion from a golden era of luxury Parisienne couture.