Corporiddlerz 2019: The road to the finals

Every year, BUP Business and Communication Club organizes one of its flagship events “Corporiddlerz”. This unique one of a kind competition enables participants all across the country to demonstrate their practical knowledge and innovation along with instilling the spirit of teamwork in them. This year, the highly anticipated business strategy competition is powered by NRBC Bank.

This nation-wide inter-university business strategy competition is the ultimate test of the participants’ capacity to incorporate real-life ideas and strategies into the business decision making process. Corporiddlerz offers undergraduate students from various universities nationwide to experience a glimpse into the corporate world. 

2019: The journey so far

Undergraduate students from universities all over the country were able to partake in the competition in teams of four. More than 300 teams from around the country registered this year and took part in the first round which consisted of solving an online case within a certain time frame. The case provided was about making a business plan for a new startup company in Bangladesh.

Only 48 teams out of all the teams qualified for the second round. The second round involved ‘product launching’ where forty-eight teams were divided into groups of eight forming six groups in total. The teams had to present a launching plan for a product in front of a panel of judges.  The judges included executives working in some of the biggest corporate names in Bangladesh such as BAT Bangladesh, Unilever Bangladesh, Banglalink, Marico and Coca- Cola Bangladesh. 

From the 48 teams, only a mere 18 made it to the third round. The third round was held over the course of two days. On the first day, the original teams of four were split and participants were placed in random groups and given a case to solve on the spot, followed by presentations. As for the second phase, all the original teams were put back together to work on their own project plans. The project plans were pitched to an esteemed panel of judges which included executives and employees from Grameenphone, Unilever Bangladesh, bKash, BRAC, BAT Bangladesh, ADCOMM LtdACI Limited, Telenor Group, and Japan Tobacco International.

Road to the finals

After intense scrutiny and strong competition, the best six teams have been chosen for the final round. The six teams include Blank Balance, Corporate Commandos, InSane, Leftover Pizza, Mudblood and Team Miscellany. Click the link below to meet the participants who make up the 6 final qualifying teams! 

The final round will be held on 17 November 2019 and everyone is waiting with bated breath to find out who will be taking home the grand prize of one lakh taka and the championship of BUP BCC Presents Corporiddlerz 2019 Powered by NRBC Bank.

Written by Fariha Nuzhat

Yoda to start campus activation at BUP on August 4th and 5th

Yoda, the first and largest digital marketplace for verified educators in Bangladesh, is going to start its campus activation program at Bangladesh University of Professionals on August 4th and 5th.

Prior to the activation, Yoda and BUP’s Development Leader’s Club signed an agreement to hold the activation from August 4th at 10.00 AM to August 5th till 5.30 PM where BUP students can register themselves as an educator.

During the signing were present Yoda’s Founder & CEO Mohammed Salman & Head of Operations Mohiuddin Kazi Showron and on behalf of the BUP Developments Leaders Club F.H. Yasin Shafi, Moderator, BUP Development Leaders’ Club & Lecturer, Department of Development Studies, Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) and Md. Mamun-Or-Roshid, Assistant Joint Secretary, BUP Development Leaders’ Club. & Student, Department of Development Studies, BUP.

Under the agreement, Yoda will offer internship and part-time jobs to prospective students. Moreover, students signing up for Yoda can easily verify themselves via the BUP Development Leader’s Club.

Top Business Competitions in Bangladesh and everything you need to know

If you are a university student in Bangladesh, Business Competitions are not new terms to you. There’s a chance you know about most of them, there’s a higher chance you might have participated in a few of them. Why you should take part in one, is a discussion for another time. But for now, here’s everything you need to know about the most prestigious competitions in Bangladesh and how you need to prepare for them.

1.Battle of Minds by BAT

Battle of Minds, organised by British American Tobacco is one of the most prestigious and most rewarding business competitions in the country. Every year BAT holds Battle of Minds where university students who are in their final years get to participate for the highest glory. You face off the bests of the bests in the field and upon winning, you get a head start towards a rewarding career path.

Rounds: 4 (Online Exam-Focus Group Discussion-Business Pitch-Case Solving)

Team Members: 4

Awards: A Crest and a headstart in the recruitment process.

2. Bizmaestros by Unilever

Similar to BOM, Bizmaestros is arranged every year by another one of the corporate giants, Unilever. It has challenges and rewards similar to BOM and the competitions themselves are often competitors to each other. However, winning Bizmaestros also lands you a trip abroad to Unilever Future Leaders League, where you compete against international teams.

Rounds: 3 (Online Submission-Practical Marketing-Practical Marketing)

Team Members: 3

Awards: Certification along with a trip to Unilever Future Leaders League.

3. Telenor Youth Summit

The last one in the trio of Corporate giant competitions is the Telenor Youth Summit. Unlike previous ones, TYS accepts individual submissions. And as you can guess, the challenge is tougher, obviously. Subsequently, the reward is also higher. A trip to Norway sounds magical, doesn’t it?

Rounds: 3 (Idea Submission-Screening Round-Final Presentation)

Team Members: Individual submission

Awards: Trip to Norway.

4. Brandwitz by IBACC

Brandwitz is one of the most prominent students run business competitions in the country on University level. Organised by IBACC (IBA Communications Club), every year, Brandwitz sees the best minds of the country battling each other for a prize money of BDT 2,50,000. But the money is a minor factor here. You’ll be benefited most from the experience, the certification and the networking that you make.

Rounds: 4 (Case Solving-Product Branding-Practical Marketing-Idea Branding)

Team Members: 4

Awards: BDT 2,50,000.

5. CreAdive by BUP BCC

Creadive is another of the students run business competitions in the country organised by BUP BCC. The competition offers a unique approach to its rounds where it engages participants in direct ATL and BTL campaigns, requiring them to actually take part in fieldwork. The experience is certainly one of a kind.

Rounds: 4 (Case Solving, ATL Campaign, BTL Campaign, Product Branding)

Team Members: 4

Awards: BDT 3,00,000.