All in one elevator control solution for your organization by ZKTeco

ZKTeco offers one of the best comprehensive all in one elevator control solution in the market. This top of the line elevator control system allows different user to access doors, assign door access rights, and restrict floors to unauthorized users.

The users have to present card on the elevator, and the elevator will allow the user to reach the assigned level allowing security management of the whole building. The Elevator Control is able to limit elevators’ operation in a specific time. This elevator control system also comes with a global interlock that enhances the security level by interacting with different security areas. It prevents persons from opening more than one door at a single time even the persons have multiple door access authorities. It also is able to precisely appoint access authorities including activations of access authorities of specific doors only when the correlated doors are locked up properly. The solution also comes with easy to use software solution. The users can just simply click out the corresponding date and time via ZKBioSecurity software’s web-based platform and get approval by pressing a hand or finger to a scanner. 

This proven and recognized biometric procedure ensures that the person is authorised and has a right to book a room and working time of the elevator. ZKTeco elevator control can either operate in online or online mode too. There are multiple tiers to the alert process of this system including output point, video linkage, active time, email notification and linkage voice prompts.

For details about the product, visit: www.zkteco.com.bd

Samsung Galaxy S20 series arrives in Bangladesh

 Today, Samsung Bangladesh has launched the Galaxy S20+ and S20 Ultra, Flagship powerhouses which pack unprecedented specs with cameras that will rewrite the history of photography.

Two models of Galaxy S20 series will be available for pre-order: the 6.7-inch Galaxy S20+ and the 6.9-inch Galaxy S20 Ultra. Each features a revolutionary design that is topped off by the latest innovations of Samsung’s mobile display leadership and mobile camera craftsmanship.

The smartphones will be available for pre-order in two eye-catching colours. Galaxy S20+ will come in Cosmic Black and Cloud Blue, whereas Galaxy S20 Ultra will come in Cosmic Grey and Cosmic Black. The Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra are offered at a price of BDT 99,999 and BDT 129,999 respectively.

The most unique feature of the camera of S20 Ultra is the ability to use the telephone lens to get up to 100X Zoom. With a larger image sensor available on the Galaxy S20 series, camera resolution is significantly increased, for more detailed images with added flexibility for editing, cropping, and zooming. Galaxy S20+ has a 64MP primary camera while S20 Ultra has an astonishing 108MP primary camera.

A first for the industry, the Galaxy S20 series also offers stunning 8K video shooting so that users can capture their world in true-to-life colour and quality. Along with 8K video shooting, the S20 series also brings the capability to capture 33 MP images from 8K video.

Each phone comes with 128GB of storage by default, which is expandable via microSD. Galaxy S20+ has 8GB of RAM and powered by 4,500mAh battery, whereas Galaxy S20 Ultra has 12GB of RAM and is powered by 5,000mAh battery.

Upon pre-order, customers will get either a pair of free Galaxy Buds+ or Cashback of BDT 10,000.

City Bank Amex Cardholders will get an additional Tk. 3,000 cashback on Galaxy S20 Ultra, when bought with EMI. This offer is only valid for customers receiving the product on the first day of delivery. Amex cardholders can also avail up to 24 Months 0% EMI. Additionally, cardholders with over 27,000 Membership Reward (MR) points can redeem their points to get another Tk. 10,000 off. MR Points redemption is available is selected retails only.

Samsung Bangladesh is providing exchange offers and an additional BDT 10,000 exchange value will be added to the regular exchange price of selected models.

The company is also providing up to 18 months of EMI for Galaxy S20+ and up to 24 months of EMI for Galaxy S20 Ultra. EMI is available on cards from selected Banks. Grameenphone is offering 24 months of EMI on both the devices.

On this occasion, Md. Muyeedur Rahman, Head of Mobile, Samsung Bangladesh, said, “As we enter a new decade, how we communicate and how we experience the world has evolved. Samsung is, therefore, providing a next-generation device for transforming people’s lives. With a revolutionary camera, our customers now will be able to capture the moments as they happen and connect more seamlessly with the people they love.”

Both the smartphones can be pre-ordered from Samsung’s official stores and online through www.s20preorder.com from February 20 – March 14, 2020.

Samsung #danceAwesome takes social media by storm

A catchy tune and an affiliated dance have always been proved effective to attract and engage consumers, and apparently, it can help to achieve a lot more than a few fluffy advertising words can. Korean tech giant Samsung has rocked the social media platforms with its recently initiated campaign #danceAwesome. ‘Dance and Awesome,’ these two words with the hashtag are now trending on and TikTok, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

Samsung, with one of its ambassadors, popular K-pop group BLACKPINK, released the upbeat campaign for their ‘Galaxy A’ featuring its formidable screen, staggering camera, robust and long-lasting battery. The catchy tune which goes like “Awesome Screen, Awesome Camera, long-lasting Battery Life” has already created waves. Almost anyone who listens to this invariably says, “Ok, now that tune is in my head!!”

The campaign, launched through the ultra-popular Tik-Tok, invites the participants to dance to the #awesome song. With Blackpink, Samsung also made a tutorial for the dance, where the chorus is used with high octane dance moves that repeat the virtues of the new phones – ‘Awesome Screen, Awesome Camera, Long-Lasting Battery Life.’

So far, #danceAwesome has more than 12 Billion, yes, that’s right, Billion, views on TikTok. To add to this, over 4 million unique posts have been made by participants from all around the world related to #danceAwesome. India also recently launched it. Bangladesh is also joining in the party very soon. Samsung Bangladesh has commented that the new Galaxy A51 & A71 will be available soon in the Bangladesh market. And yes, these are the phones which are supposed to have Awesome Screen, Awesome Camera, Long Lasting Battery life!

To join in the hype: https://www.samsung.com/my/explore/samsung-within/team-galaxy/dance-with-blackpink/?CID=afl-ecomm-cjn-cha-09211853011&cjevent=63222485402211ea825a01fe0a18050c.

Samsung brings door-to-door customer service in Chattogram

Samsung Bangladesh has expanded its unique customer service initiative, known as ‘Samsung Service Van’ for the consumer across Chattogram, bringing its world-class service to the doorstep of rural and semi-urban customers. The Service Van will cover 17 Thanas in Chattogram.

This service van will roam around the cities on a weekly basis delivering services to customers, especially to those who called Samsung helpline and specifically asked for their services. The service vans will also stop in front of Samsung showrooms to provide advice on how to use Samsung products efficiently and ways to increase their product life. Once a customer calls Samsung helpline and asks for their service, the van will directly go to the customer’s house to provide the value-added after-sales service for all Samsung products; consumer electronics and mobile handsets. The van will provide repair support for Samsung home appliances such as Televisions, Refrigerators, Washing machines, Air Conditioner and Microwave Ovens upon customers’ request at Samsung helpline.

Unique customer service initiative, known as ‘Samsung Service Van’ for the consumer across Chattogram has been inaugurated by Senior Director of Samsung Bangladesh Mr Lee Hae Duck and other senior officials of the organization.  

Furthermore, the van will collect mobile handsets from remote areas and after the repair is completed, it will be returned to the customer on the next visit in that area.

Regarding this, Mr Seungwon Youn, Country Manager, Samsung Bangladesh said, “All our previous initiatives regarding Service Vans has been a huge success. We have been able to provide satisfactory services to all customers who seek for help. We are delighted to expand our services to Chattogram Market. This expansion will ensure all divisional coverage in Bangladesh with Samsung Service Vans.”

Currently, 9 Service Vans from Samsung are providing after-sales service in rural areas in Bangladesh, by becoming a pioneer of Service Vans support of the country. These service vans will be on the go from one point in the division to another ensuring quick services to customers living in different parts of Bangladesh. Each van will have a multi-skilled engineer for providing quick response and on-spot resolution of any issues. Moreover, Samsung is the only company in Bangladesh who provides in-home doorstep service to the customers through Service Vans.

Samsung Galaxy M40: Midrange beast

Recently, Samsung has been focusing on producing budget-friendly phones. This market strategy is no doubt implemented to capture the Indian market; which has in recent times been enamored with Xiaomi phones. For a subcontinental behavior which demands more for less, Samsung has provided phones like the M20/30 and the A30. This phone is more of the same strategy, but for a slightly higher price point. The Galaxy M40 might be the best option to go for on a roughly 30K budget. 

First impression and specs

Out of the Galaxy M line of phones, this has the most processing beef; due to the Snapdragon 675 processor along with 6 GB RAM. The immediate impression upon getting this device in your hand is that Samsung is trying to make this feel like one of the premium phones. That’s the only reason I can think of for getting rid of the headphone jack. It has an Infinity-O display with 91.8% screen to body ratio. It is also a pinhole screen (selfie camera on the screen), no doubt a compensation for the lack of an AMOLED panel. However, watching videos and playing games on this phone is still a treat. The body is polycarbonate material. 

The M40 is USB-C fast charging enabled. It has a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, and also offers facial scanning. The device is very light and wieldy, proving significant attention to feel on the hand. Overall, it looks, feels and is modelled after the premium Samsung Galaxy phones. 

Performance and software

While the specs offered are impressive, the utilization of the software on this phone feels a bit underwhelming. As opposed to the similarly priced M30 and A50, the M40 is a more basic experience. The UI is less intuitive and offers fewer options. It is missing some relatively small but important features; like a blue light filter, which Samsung has promised in an update. However, the M40 shows remarkable fortitude while multitasking. It is also very impressive at hardware intensive processes like editing and gaming. The positives are somewhat undercut by the measly 3500 mAh battery, even though it offers fast charging. Overall, a very fast and responsive phone; but leaves you wanting for more. 


The M40 implements a vertically placed triple camera; with a 32mp primary lens, 5 mp depth sensor and 8mp 123 degree wide lens. There’s a 16mp front camera for selfies. There are a couple of neat features and filters in the camera software that might appeal to you. The picture output of the cameras can be summed up as “good”. It’s not the best out there, but it’s good enough given the specs and the price. Pictures look natural and vibrant with rich colors. And the only weakness of the camera seems to be blurry edges and a slight lack of detail. The real magic happens while capturing videos, as this seems to be the best stabilization on a camera at this price range. 


While the lack of a headphone jack makes me want to remove this phone immediately out of consideration, the truth is that the M40 is a very reasonable choice at the price point. The similarly priced A50 might be a bit better for efficiency-oriented individuals. But the premium looks and feel the M40 offers places it into an entirely different bracket. Go for this if you want a good looking, ultraslim and wieldy, decent smartphone.

ZKTeco’s industry leading biometric full height turnstile available in Bangladesh

FHT2400D leads the way in local full height turnstile market with stylish products

ZKTeco has recently launched FHT2400, biometric full height turnstile in Bangladeshi market. FHT2000 series has stainless steel casing, which provides corrosion resistance and durability. The mechanical system of the full height turnstiles includes a mainframe box and a frame. The direction indicator, core, control panel, access controller and lock are installed in the mainframe box. The core component mainly consists of two solenoids, a spring and a transmission mechanism. The frame supports the entire mainframe box. The electronic control system of the full height turnstile is composed of reader, control panel, access controller, direction indicator, horn, and transformer.

The product is perfect for industrial facilities, corporate security, government security, public transportation etc.

For details about the product, visit: www.zkteco.com.bd

How to find co-founders for your tech startup

Startups are the talk of the town at the moment. With the growing economy in Bangladesh, the scenario is very opportune for entrepreneurial minds.

However, we tend to focus on the projects that succeed as examples of startups. And as a result, many projects that fail miss our attention. And this deprives us of learning the possible drawbacks in a startup project; principal among which is a lack of suitable partners and co-founders.

A startup, especially one related to technology, requires all hands on board. And many hands at that. You’re going to need a combination of people equipped with a variety of skills. Let’s take a look at how (and whom) to assemble.

Us and them

Firstly, a business idea can feel lucrative to like-minded people. This is usually a good thing, but can also be quite the opposite. While choosing a co-founder for any startup, one should involve individuals with complementary characteristics and interests. Too many of a kind might leave weaknesses elsewhere.

Before looking for people to bring onboard, analyze what you bring to the table.

For tech startups, it is necessary to have people on board with necessary, relevant technological know-how. Since startups are heavily dependent on initial investment and funding, people with said faculties are an advantage. Startups are usually time and effort consuming; so your partners need to be okay with both. Most of all, you must only involve people who are trustworthy. It is what it is.

Where to look

It’s important to be very specific while looking for personnel. If you need an experienced, professional individual who can take care of the technological side of things, specify a position such as the CTO and the responsibilities and requirements involved.

The first place one should look is one’s own personal network. There are many ready, able and willing individuals looking for the right project; and they might be closer than you think. Look for referrals to individuals within your own social groups and discuss the prospects of the project with them.

There are several virtual meeting places for individuals to link up and go for entrepreneurial projects. COFoundersLab, Founders Nation, YouNoodle are among the most reputable. The advantage of these mediums is that you can assess qualifications and match up to requirements to individuals in a specific and fast-paced manner.

In addition, look at job listing boards and local university seminars. These places are often frequented by interested individuals who might find your prospects exciting.

In Closing

It’s important to have specific goals and matrices for your project in place. It helps determine the parameters of founder duties. It also helps communicate the fact that you are seriously invested in your project. This might positively affect the recruitment process. Lastly, it is of paramount weight to take your time with this. A startup can be a very delicate project and might be what you end up doing for the rest of your life. So take care in picking whomever you do it with.

Kinship AI aims to revolutionize how garments factories manage their workers

Bangladeshi entrepreneurs aren’t lagging behind in this age of artificial intelligence (AI). A venture named ‘Kinship AI’ has already crossed the national borders, making its way into Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and India. Kinship AI is a unique platform with a special chatbot, created for the management of the workers in the garments factories. It connects workers and employees to digital technology, thus adding sustainable development and transparency to a supply chain.

Kinship’s journey

Kinship AI started its journey in 2016.  Boutaina Faruq, the daughter of Golam Faruq (Chairman of SQ group), was trying to build a new platform to communicate directly with the workers, take their feedback and thus increase the quality of their life. They owned 5 factories in Bhaluka and Maona. Her husband Rameez Haque helped her. The result of their joint effort was the new communication platform of SQ group, an app named ‘Kutumbita’. The Kinship AI is an initiative to connect the ‘Kutumbita’ app to the global platform.

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Some garment factories of the country, as well as international brands like Zilingo, have already shown their interests in the Kinship AI platform. Alvi Awal, Shahriar Rahman and Shafkat Alam joined  Boutaina and Rameez in 2017. Alvi and Shahriar look after the business aspects, whereas Shafkat is currently working as the Chief Technical Officer. The company headquarter is situated at Gulshan, Dhaka. Its global activities are conducted from the Singapore office. Currently, there are 12 people working in this venture.

Alvi, the head of national operations, joined this venture after completing his studies from the USA. Rameez and Boutaina currently handle the global management of Kinship AI from Singapore. Their platform is ready to launch in several factories in Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and India. The venture has also received funding from some big multinational companies.

Impact on the garments sector

Seema Begum (alias) works at a garments factory in Savar. She told that she can now apply for a leave of absence from her phone, through an app on her android phone. The HR representatives of the company can then immediately respond to that application.  

Kinship AI - Automating HR for the factory workforce
Kinship AI – Automating HR for the factory workforce

Johan Ahmed, Deputy Chief People Officer at SQ group, has informed that they use the Kinship mobile app to easily communicate with the workers. The current user base is estimated to be around 17 thousand factory workers. This app can be used for both giving useful information and gathering their responses. It can also operate as a survey tool. It has made communication between the workforce and management a lot smoother, especially in case of reporting any harassment incident.

Kinship CEO Rameez Hoque claims it to be a unique and ultra-modern workforce management platform based on artificial intelligence.

He reports that it is currently serving 30 thousand workers across 10 factories in the country.

Shafkat Alam, the CTO, says that the use of this platform automates the office management, reducing the management cost. Kinship AI works in three different modes- Kiosk, SMS and App. Workers can respond directly through the Kiosk. The use of artificial intelligence makes tasks easier. Workers can use this platform in both Android and Feature phones.

How Kinship works

There are different modules in the Kinship platform. The easy connection module is named ‘Connect’. There is a provision of automated engagement or response in the ‘Engaged’ module. Chatbots can be used for direct surveys or polls. ‘Mobile HR’ can make human resource management easier. Information given by the users is analyzed through artificial intelligence to predict behavioral patterns of the workforce. The platform can generate forecasts of the worker’s risks, contentment, health as well as attendance.

Kinship AI - Engagement for the factory workforce
Kinship AI – Engagement for the factory workforce

Last year, they received funding from the Techstars’ Impact program in Austin, USA, as well as from an Omidyar network named Humanity United.  Alvi further informed that the Kinship Kiosk has been implemented at two factories in GEEBEE (Savar EPZ) and Hoplun (Gazipur). A UK based company named Gain uses this platform to monitor nutrition programs in readymade garment factories. But Kinship isn’t limited to being a communication platform, it now operates as the workforce management platform of the whole garments sector.

The biggest brands in the world have taken to artificial intelligence-based platforms to head into the age of the fourth industrial revolution. A domestic venture like Kinship creates hope among entrepreneurs of our country. Responses from several big international brands have set them on a path towards success.  

Seattle-based entrepreneur Michael Peres’ Mega-GMAT resources file aides 120,000 MBA aspirants

Software Engineer and travel entrepreneur Michael Peres have teamed up with venture capitalist Ariana Desiree Thacker to create a Mega-GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) resources folder that can be easily accessed by aspiring Masters in Business Administration (MBA) students.

Peres, a 29-year-old native of Montreal Canada, is receiving thousands of requests daily from his website https://michaelperes.com/resource-files/ and LinkedIn account www.linkedin.com/in/mikeyperes from individuals who need help with their GMAT preparations.

Seen below is one of Peres’ LinkedIn posts requesting people to comment on their email to gain access to the GMAT resources. This post generated over 1600 requests from interested individuals.

Peres and Thacker are successful entrepreneurs who committed themselves to help others without expecting something in return.

Since the Mega-GMAT folders became accessible in 2018, it has given access to over 120,000 individuals. The number continues to increase at present.

The Mega-GMAT resource folder contains links to ebooks, free GMAT tutorials, and exams, application materials, as well as Thacker’s Quick B-School Tips, to Save Time and Money.

Meanwhile, grateful recipients of the Mega-GMAT resources file have been sending messages of appreciation to Peres and Thacker.

Just as Peres receives thousands of email requests for access to the Mega-GMAT folder daily, his inbox similarly comes full with messages of thanks detailing how the recipients benefited GMAT resources. 

LinkedIn followers Nicolas Gomez, Vaanya Gauri, and Merilloyd Lim stressed their admiration for Peres’ dedicating time to gather all the valuable resource materials and giving them away for free.

Other followers such as Suraj B and Stuti Ahlawat acknowledged that the Mega-GMAT resource file was really helping them in their GMAT preparations.

Ikjot Singh, even quipped how good he feels about the world because people like Peres, who think selflessly of others, exist.

On the other hand, Danielle Ukaogo expressed gratitude for the tireless and diligent effort Peres is doing especially giving time answering to all email requests daily.

Mabinouri Agboola and Shailendra Chaudhary also stressed that as an act of paying forward, they are compelled to share the resource materials to others as it would greatly help in their GMAT preparations.

Also, Melissa Franco and Mokhamad Dwiki and Richa Asthana, emphasized the innate goodness Peres have after creating the free resources that are really valuable for aspiring MBAs like them.

Even Training and Placement Officer Dr. Ankit Khan expressed his gratitude for the “great” resource that he can share with his students to expand their “knowledge horizon.”

Peres is the owner of companies Hexa Tiger and Hecto Fox, which have been successful in the business of web hosting and web development, generating over 400 clients in a span of 3 years. 

Currently, Peres is doing free work to establish trust with his clients and believes that when starting out, a company should focus on learning how to offer value, hone their skills rather than prioritizing on dollar earnings. 

Peres also does free consulting and mentoring for students in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) related fields.

Aside from Mega-GMAT, Peres also created MBA resource files in collaboration with Lucas Miller a local business author, and venture capitalist Arianna Thacker. The MBA Summaries have given access to over 54,000 individuals since 2018.  Just recently, he also teamed up with product manager and travel hacker Julien Bortz to create resource folders on the best credit cards to use when traveling, which has reached over 3,000 people at present.

Peres was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 9. He looks at this disability as a strength to continually create innovative ways to help him and other people gain control of their personal and professional lives the way they want it to happen.