Galaxy A51: The Best-Selling Smartphone in Q1 2020

According to a recent report from market research firm Strategy Analytics, Samsung proved to be the best-selling Android phones during the first quarter of 2020. 4 out of 6 of the best-selling Android phones were by Samsung. Galaxy A51 was the number 1 selling android smartphone of Q1, 2020.   

The Samsung Galaxy A51 was on top with a comfortable lead – with 6 million units shipped, it made up 2.3% of all Androids sold globally during Q1. The Galaxy A51 is popular around the world, but especially in Europe and Asia. The success of the Galaxy A51 can be attributed to its impressive display, camera and battery combination.

However, it wasn’t just the Galaxy A51 that clocked in great numbers for Samsung; Interestingly, the company managed to get four of its phones in the top six list of smartphones sold in Q1 2020. The only premium model in the Top 6 is the Samsung Galaxy S20+, sitting in third with a 1.7% share. The Galaxy A10s and Galaxy A20s are part of Samsung’s efforts to strengthen its entry-level offerings, and it worked, these two were some of the most popular phones around the world.

When it comes to global smartphone sales, Samsung dominates the Android share with its budget and mid-range devices with camera, display, and performance equipped with the latest technology. The company’s Galaxy A series is so popular among the masses that it took the top three spots in the best-selling Android smartphones list last year. Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent decline in smartphone sales, Samsung seems to be continuing the trend this year.

Cited in global reports, Juha Winter, Associate Director at Strategy Analytics, said, “As mobile operators have reduced subsidies in recent years, and many countries are now tumbling into post-virus recession, smartphone consumers globally are becoming increasingly price-sensitive, and they are seeking out new Android models that deliver the biggest bang for their buck.”

Entertainment now at home with your Galaxy

For an uncertain time, we are confining ourselves at homes due to the coronavirus outbreak. Meantime, some of us may be going crazy, not able to go out and do the things we’re used to doing.  But we have to stay calm and relaxed though it’s been more than a month we didn’t go for shopping or a movie theatre and consequently, smartphones have become our best companion. So, what can we do more with our phone – how can we spend our time?  

Staying active should be the core of everyone’s daily routine. Besides, it is also essential to lay back for a pause and enjoy a favourite TV show, movie, or game. With a Galaxy device at your palms, entertainment gets new meaning no matter if you are watching the contents you love or gaming.

Nothing could be more exciting than finding a new show or film to watch. You can now easily enjoy all your favourite TV shows or movies directly on your smartphones with enhanced clarity and robust performance of the Galaxy line’s signature Infinity Display or Infinity-O Display for a crisp watching experience. On top of that, you can easily switch from your smartphone to your Samsung Smart TV using DeX if you are looking to diversify how you enjoy your favourite content.

Samsung DeX lets you multitask like a pro. Just connect your Galaxy device using any USB C-HDMI adapter cable, and you are all set to use your phone on a bigger screen, whether it is a PC or a TV. DeX gives you the seamless power to multitask while enjoying your favourite YouTube videos; you can harness the multidevice power of DeX. It enables you to resume your favourite watching content instantly as you connect, and you can also partake in a group chat with your friends or browse the internet while enjoying the show.

Flashing sign ‘WINNER! WINNER!’ on the screen is the most satisfying moment among the gamers. Samsung Galaxy devices such as S20 series are built to provide the most enjoyable gaming experience. Anyone can enjoy remarkable reaction times while gaming because of the series’ smooth screen-scrolling, high screen refresh rate up to 240 Hz, along with fast processors that topped with AI-powered Game Booster.

Whenever you are feeling too comfortable to manually play or pause the next video in your YouTube queue, you can use the Galaxy Note series’ S Pen to control the YouTube app. A simple single press, and that’s it. Just lean on your couch and enjoy the leisure. And while doing so, stay vigilant of the coronavirus spreading by maintaining personal hygiene.  

Xiaomi provides the best After-Sales Service experience

Confirmed by 500+ respondents in a research survey

RedQuanta, leading consumer intelligence firm from India today announced that Xiaomi, the youngest entrant of the Fortune 500 club has been consecutively chosen by consumers as “the best brand” when it comes to after-sales services in Bangladesh for Q4 2019. Placing a major focus on speed of problem resolution, it was revealed that Xiaomi ranks No 1 on Aftersales Customer Satisfaction in Bangladesh.

On closer analysis, it has been noted that Xiaomi is also improving rapidly on various other metrics such as infrastructure and ambience, issue resolution and staff knowledge, among others. Between Q3 2019 to Q1 2020 —there were consistent improvements for Xiaomi’s after-sales services, gradually widening the gap between Xiaomi and other brands; namely Samsung & Huawei.

While Samsung improved on customer satisfaction and Huawei had a good loyalty base supporting the brand through recommendations, it was Xiaomi that displayed consistent growth and improvements across most parameters of the survey.

RedQuanta, consumer intelligence firm conducted this study aiming to understand leading smartphone brands’ commitments to their customers towards after-sales. The journey of a typical customer seeking repair & service of their smartphone was divided into five segments: infrastructure & ambience at the service facility, smoothness of service initiation, staff interaction, the turnaround time for service completion and quality of issue resolution. Each of these responses was separately scored and analyzed. This study was conducted across the leading smartphone players – Xiaomi, Samsung and Huawei present in Dhaka and other main cities through the country.

Samsung guidelines for cleaning air-conditioner filter

Keeping your air conditioner (AC) filters clean and replacing them when they are damaged is very important for keeping your unit in top condition. Being proactive with maintenance involves keeping a close eye on your system and contacting the repair specialist if you notice anything isn’t quite right.

However, during COVID-19, it is advisable not to contact a repair specialist to maintain social distancing. All the electronics service centers are closed now, including Samsung Bangladesh. To ensure the health and safety of the employees, customers, and partners, Samsung has shut all its service centers.

It means Samsung’s repair engineers will be unable to reach you and vice versa. Thus, Samsung has provided guidelines for cleaning the AC filters as it removes contaminants such as smoke, dust particles, pollen, and grease to keep the air clean in your home. Regular cleaning of AC filters also makes it more energy-efficient and ensures optimum performance.

Here are the guidelines for cleaning the AC filters.

Step 1 – Open the front panel

Depending on the type of air conditioner you have, slowly either remove the cover or open the lid.

Step 2 – Remove the air filter

Slide the filter out or remove the clips that hold it in place. Pull the air filter out towards yourself.

Step 3 – Clean air filter

Clean the air filter with a vacuum cleaner or wash with water having mild detergent.

For vacuum cleaner: Use it at a low or medium setting and run it up and down the filter to remove visible dust and grime. Avoid pressing too hard on the delicate filter because you may cause a dent or tear. Hold it carefully in one hand as you vacuum with the other.

Wash with water: Fill a tub or large container with lukewarm water and add some liquid detergent to it. Mix it well to create a rich lather and submerge the filter in it. Move the filter around, so it is completely covered with the soapy solution. Never use abrasive tools such as brushes or wires to scrub the filter because you may damage it. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes before taking it out.

Step 4 – Dry the air filter

Place a few dry newspapers on a clean ground (maybe balcony or front of the window for sunlight) and put the filter over them against a wall. Let it dry for several hours.

Step 5 – Reassemble the air filter

Insert the air filter back in its original position and close the front panels. Then turn the supply of electricity back on to enjoy an uninterrupted and bacteria-free airflow.

Caution: Before start cleaning the air filter, remove the plug from the power socket or turn off the circuit breaker. Failing to so may cause electric shock.

Clean the air conditioner filter once every two weeks. Samsung repair engineers will be back once the situation of the pandemic gets better in Bangladesh.

For any query please contact hotline: 08000-300-300 (Toll free)

Samsung Bangladesh launches official online ordering platform

COVID-19 pandemic is upending people’s lives around Bangladesh. Many people are confined to their homes, as the Government steps up to curb the movement and social contact in a bid to contain the spread of the virus. To ensure the safety of the customers, Samsung Bangladesh has launched Galaxyshopbd.com. It is an online ordering platform for official Samsung smartphones and tablets around Bangladesh.

The platform will offer free delivery nationwide within 72 hours (Terms & Conditions Apply). All home delivery will be made while taking the necessary health and safety precautions. Payments can be made either through bKash (on delivery) or cash on delivery or card payment on delivery. The online shop will feature all products available for the Bangladesh market, including A01, A2 Core, A10s, A20s, A50s, A51, M30s, M40, Note 10+, Note 10 Lite, S10+, S20 Ultra, Tab A 10.1 and many more.

Moreover, social distancing has increased the feeling of isolation. Hence, this leads to higher usage of smartphones and other technologies to keep them entertained, stay connected to one another, stay informed, and many more. Thus, for the convenience of customers, Samsung is providing up to 50% cashback on online purchases. This way, people will be able to purchase smartphones without any worry.

On top of it, to ensure the comfort and the convenience of the customers, the orders will be fulfilled from the customer’s local retail area. Hence, this way, customers will be able to order their desired smartphones or tablets from their known and favorite retail shops.

On this occasion, Md. Muyeedur Rahman, Head of Mobile, Samsung Bangladesh, said, “As the coronavirus spreads across Bangladesh, widespread social distancing is thought to be our best weapon against rampant transmission. Hence, social distancing is driving us to use a smartphone and other technology to stay connected to one another and to keep ourselves entertained. By thinking about the comfort and convenience of people around Bangladesh, we are pleased to launch our official platform for online orders of Samsung products. Now people will be able to easily order smartphones online and get it delivered to their homes. We hope our initiative and offers can help people to stay connected to one another easily while keeping their minds diverted and reducing the feeling of isolation.”

To order, go to the official website: http://www.galaxyshopbd.com

Xiaomi answers user data harvest allegations

Leading smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has been accused of collecting the data from their smartphone users- even when the users set their settings to incognito mode while browsing.

The issue started gaining heat after a report published on Forbes stated that security researches White ops found that Redmi Note 8 was siphoning user data from web-browsers. The default and mint browser were encrypted using ‘base 64’ format.

The data once collected were stored in Alibaba server that is used by Xiaomi.

It is important to note that the security researches claimed this to be not as direct data collection, rather said this process might help Xiaomi perform mapping operations, which in turn can leverage profits. It is to note that, Google and Apple had also faced the same accusations of mapping user preference.

Xiaomi, however, gave a very clear response to the Forbes report. They claimed that whatever data they take are always with the user’s consent. They deal with anonymous and encrypted data, and they never collect personal data. Xiaomi had also provided clear screenshots about their data collection procedure. They claim that it was a broad misrepresentation of their whole data collection procedure.

Xiaomi has a rigorous policy of data collection for the countries they provide service in. Xiaomi has a policy of collecting data for running the applications more smoothly. In this case, Xiaomi denies the claim of mapping of data and stands strong in their stand of never collecting personal data.

How FarmersMarket.Asia set to deliver organic e-traceable vegetables through HungryNaki & Truck Lagbe

FarmersMarket.Asia has initiated the ‘Farm-To-Fork’ dream into reality in the Bangladesh Market. They have introduced fresh vegetables which are being sourced directly from the registered farmers. These registered farmers are being paid their respective asking price & thus, FarmersMarket.Asia is playing an active role in safeguarding the interests of the hardworking farmers. Beyond this, FarmersMarket.Asia will also be providing 10% Cashback upon purchases being made by customers but this Cashback will go back to the farmers as an added incentive through Digital Payment System such as Bkash.

The aim of this ‘Farm-To-Fork’ strategy by FarmersMarket.Asia is targeted towards both Farmers & Consumers as well. While the Farmers are benefitting by receiving the correct value for their products & also an added incentive, FarmersMarket.Asia is bringing fresh vegetables for consumers which is e-traceable. This means there will be full transparency at every stage of the process- right from the source throughout the entire supply chain until it reaches the final stage where the consumer receives the product. By ensuring such transparency, consumers can know the exact farmer, sourcing location, designated truck & any other delivery mediums in between. Thus, allowing control over quality & reliability as well. Currently, FarmersMarket.Asia has ‘Truck Lagbe’ as the distribution partner for sourcing the products from the designated rural places to urban Dhaka. Once, arrived the products are securely stored in the warehouse. Whenever a customer places orders on FarmersMarket.Asia’s E-Store on HungryNaki, the order is processed within a day and delivered the next day to the customer’s doorstep.

In this uncertain situation of COVID-19, FarmersMarket.Asia along with HungryNaki & Truck Lagbe is working towards keeping a stable supply chain while also ensuring the ‘Farm-To-Fork’ Strategy & E-Traceability throughout the entire process. While the nation fights, it is the perfect time to initiate such a concept where transparency is key as people want to be as informed as possible keeping the safety in mind. Starting with Vegetables, FarmersMarket.Asia will continue bringing in a variety of product segments such as Fruits, Chicken, and Fish with the dream of providing consumers with Organic, High-Quality & Reliable Products within a few clicks adopting Farm-To-Fork completely for every single product. 

Health safety and premises security delivered in one solution by ZKTeco

Face & Palm verification and body temperature detection terminal that ensures security, access control and employee’s health during these challenging times.

SpeedFace-V5L Series is a fully upgraded visible light facial recognition terminal that uses intelligent engineering coupled with state-of-the-art facial recognition algorithms and computer vision technology. It supports both facial and palm verification ensuring speed and volume for any type of organisation.

These devices incorporates a few new functions including temperature detection and masked individual identification. This helps to eliminate any hygiene-related concerns effectively. It is also equipped with anti-spoofing algorithm for facial recognition so that no one breach security using a fake photo, videos or masks. The system takes only 0.35 second for per palm detection and can store up to 3,000 palm sample data on it making it perfect for hospitals, factories, commercial buildings, public stations etc.

For details about the product, visit: www.zkteco.com.bd

Samsung extends warranty on all products due to coronavirus

Amidst the ongoing COVID-19, Samsung Bangladesh has announced its extension of warranty on those products which are expiring during the period of the General Holiday, which started from March 29 2020. The warranty will be extended for one month, and it will be on all official Samsung products, considering from 25th March 2020 as all shopping malls and shops were closed from that day.  

The General Holiday was imposed by the Government of Bangladesh to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Hence, people are unable to go to physical stores or service centres to avail of their warranty benefits in the event of repair or damage. During this period, all service centres of Samsung across Bangladesh are currently closed.

To ease customers’ woes, Samsung Bangladesh has extended its warranty on all of their products. Due to the current lockdown situation, the warranty extension may come as a breather for those who may see the need for a repair of their products during the General Holiday period.