Bengal Tigers may not survive the upcoming climate change

A scientific study warns of the risk of losing the Bengal Tigers because of climate change. The cats are around 500,000 land species whose survival is in question. According to a recent report by the UN, the survival of this species is in question. This brings upon various other issues regarding climate change and its effects on life around the world.

Our mangrove forest is deteriorating

The Sundarbans is a 10,000 square kilometers of marshy land, filled with various flora and fauna. It stretches from Bangladesh to India, making it one of the biggest mangrove forest in the world. This forest is well known for its rich eco-system and hundreds of animal species. However, scientists are not sure if the Sundarbans can sustain one of its most important animals, the Royal Bengal Tiger. Researchers reported in the journal ‘Science of the Total Environment’ that changes operated by a warming planet will be “enough to decimate” a few hundreds or more of the tigers. According to their research, by 2070 there will be no suitable habitats for the tigers to survive.

Recent research shows frightening results for the tigers

Bengal Tigers may not survive the upcoming climate change

Climate change has already endangered many species. Plenty are struggling to survive under the constant changes in the temperature and our environment. Sharif A.Mukul, the lead author of the report on the Sundarbans, researched for risks beyond the rising sea. Sea levels rising alone could amount to these cats lose half of their habitat. Mukul, an assistant professor of environmental management at Independent University, Bangladesh, believes that cyclones and other natural disasters can, destroy their habitat. They can also cause the outbreak of diseases and shortages of food.

Prerna Singh Bindra, author of The Vanishing: India’s Wildlife said that the number of tigers is going to shrink with time. The reason behind this is because the migrating of the tigers is not a ‘viable option’. Since there are no undisturbed places for these animals in a crowded planet.

Questionable actions from the authorities

Fiddling with the laws, the development of industries and factories around the forest brings in several questions. Department of Environment has permitted at least 190  industrial plants in the ecologically critical area (ECA) around the Sundarbans, claiming that those factories have taken enough precautions on pollution. These factories include gas cylinder manufacturers, oil refineries, fish farms, hatcheries, saline water refineries and many more.

The problematic regulation of the increase of industries around the habitat of thousands of animal species, the extreme increase of heat and the fear of natural disasters have left researchers to wonder if proper precautions will help them protect the tigers after all.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pursuing to learn Bengali

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the US Congress Representative (Democrat) has been in the limelight for quite a while now.

Her campaign celebrates her principles and concentration on issues with capitalism, environment, tax policy, LGBTQ equalities, healthcare and so forth.

She has made the news for various reasons. Her college dance, her stern socialistic views and many more. But her latest tweet just made her relatable to Bengali audiences on a whole new level!

The fierce and quirky socialist politician is here to stay!

Responding to a tweet, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (popularly known as AOC) tweeted about her attempt to learn Bengali. This is for her Netflix special “Knock Down the House”. It is a political documentary where we see her speak a few lines in Bengali.

She further tweeted about how she aims to pursue her knowledge centring on the Bengali language because of her confidence and love for the community.

Source: Twitter

On June 4, 2018, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez ended one of her campaign videos thanking the community saying, “Apnar voter jonye dhonnobad.” [Thank you for your vote].

AOC’s exceptional love for Bengali community

AOC is here for her people and stands for what she believes in

Her energetic and wholesome campaigns not only come from her beliefs. They also come from the diverse support group she has, who she is seen to speak of greatly. Her Bengali American chiefs of staff, Saikat Chakraborty and Naureen Akhter are believed to be her support as they create a bridge of connection between the known politician and the Bengali community.

The idea of attempting to learn various different languages shows how important it is for politicians to learn about their supporters in order to understand different communities of America.

Who is AOC?

Born to Puerto Rican parents in the Bronx, Ocasio-Cortez still believes in leading a simple life. Her democratic socialistic view has shaken the Congress. Her authentic democratic social view, has important message including identity politics and socialism, not only for America but the whole world.  

Severe cyclonic storm FANI to strike Bangladesh by nightfall

With the refreshing rain embracing Dhaka today, the question of the cyclonic storm ‘FANI’ (pronounced as FONI) reaching towards us is inevitable. It is continuing to intensify, threatening millions of family and their children across Bangladesh and India. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) says that the Cyclonic Storm FANI is the first severe, cyclonic storm to have formed in April in India’s oceanic neighbourhood since 1976.

On 1 May 2019, according to the report of Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD), the tropical cyclone Fani over Western Bay and adjoining area, moved northwards further over the same area centered around 6:00 pm about 1205 km southwest of Chattagram port, 1160 km southwest of Cox’s Bazar port, 1060 km Southwest of Mongla port and 1070 km southwest of Payra port. It is likely to intensify further and move in a North-Easterly direction.

The cyclone is moving fast towards the North

The projected track of the cyclonic storm ‘FANI’ shows how it seems to intensify with time

However, the latest updates on Google Public Alerts, shows that ‘FANI’ is heading Northwest & adjoining West-central Bay of Bengal moved north-northeastwards with a speed of about 17 kmph in the last six hours. It lays centred at 0530 hrs IST of 03rd May 2019 over Northwest & adjoining West-central Bay of Bengal. It extends about 85 km south-southwest of Puri (Odisha), about 70 km east-southeast of Gopalpur (Odisha), about 280 km northeast of Vishakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh), and 390 km south-southwest of Digha (West Bengal).

Bracing the dangerous cyclonic storm

The districts which are prone to danger are Chattagram, Cox’s Bazar, Satkhira, Bagerhat, Khulna, Barisal and Bhola. At an inter-ministerial meeting at the Secretariat in Dhaka yesterday, the State Minister and other members of the Meteorological Department took the decision to evacuate the residents of the coastal areas to the 3,868 shelters within Friday evening.

According to Meteorological Department Director Shamsuddin Ahmed, Bangladesh will be in full range of the storm on Friday by 6 pm.

He insisted that the authority must give full support on the internet and other necessary network connections up until the storm arrives just so that the common people connect with each other in order to get prepared.

Measures taken so far

On the other hand, 137 storm shelters in Satkhira have prepared themselves to tackle the storm and 66 medical teams have been kept on standby in Lakshampur to protect and combat the storm strategically.

The fishermen and the trawlers are advised to remain closed and many stores and residing places near the coastal areas have been told to be evacuated until further notice. The Meteorological Department have predicted heavy rainfall, storm wind and rough sea conditions to occur which will cause extensive damage to houses near the danger prone areas.

A roadmap to Endgame: Everything you need to know

With the hype of not only Marvel fans but also, DC fans, if you have decided to go for the cherry on top which is Avengers: Endgame then we understand your distress upon watching all the movies so far. However, we know how tricky it can get to decide to opt for something that ends the whole saga of Marvel Cinematic Universe series of different superheroes and their endless battles which leads up to the final movie.

If you cannot watch the 22 vastly articulated films which lead to Endgame itself, do not worry because we have a short road map which might help you catch up with the marathon!

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IRON MAN (2008)

The marathon essentially starts with 2008’s Ironman starring Robert Downey Jr. however, not all the details would help you catch with the drift, but it is the starting of something beautiful. We see Tony Stark embarking on a journey of protecting the civilization with this creation and invention of explosives and weapons for mass destruction. The presentation of the relationship of Tony Stark and Pepper Pots is just as important for us to notice, as it carries a significant importance to Ironman himself.

THOR (2011)

Get ready to be distracted by Chris Hemsworth’s luscious locks and hard abs because there is no actor better to play the role of thunder god, the mighty hero from Asgard. What is important for us to see is the role of Thor, his hammer and him ascending to Earth as it leads to multiple more parts as weel.


This movie is not only known for a step towards the marathon but it also is very well known for its representation of the World War II and role of women through the relationship of Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter, one of the founding agents of SHIELD. In the movie we see a skinny soldier turned into a hero-like representation of America, thanks to the ‘super-serum solder’ administered by the U.S Government. Why this movie, gets more attention is because The First Avenger showed the very first Infinity Stone which is called “The Tesseract”.


If you skipped Thor and The Incredible Hulk, this movie will help you to catch up with the details before they team up to battle a “Tesseract wielding Loki”. The film also shows us the importance of various main heroes who were previously cameo characters such as the Black Widow and the Hawkeye himself. However, this movie shows the core team of Avengers and a glimpse of the famous ‘purple evil alien’ we all know as Thanos.


Captain America’s transition from a S.H.E.I.L.D vigilante to a well-known superhero is beautiful transformation. But what is worth noticing is Cap pledges allegiance to his friend to the government, ultimately tearing the Avengers apart.


The MCU production now jumped from one planet to the other to bring us closer to Thanos himself. The movie represents Star Lord’s ability to hold an Infinity Stone as a part of his lineage. The Power Stone is kept for safekeeping in Xandar which is destroyed off-screen.


Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron..Ultron..Ph: Film Frame..©Marvel 2015

The movie which was hyped in Bangladesh not only for the Marvel fans, but also because it showed a scene of the Chittagong shipyard which quickly stirred more attention on social media. The movie might not be as entertaining as the first but it is important to see the creation of Vision by the power of the Mind Stone in Loki’s scepter. Here we also see one of the important characters known as Scarlet Witch.


Tony Stark and Steve Roger’s previous concerns come to a head because of Bucky and people’s unease with the group of superheroes destroying and creating chaos around the city to demolish problems they were responsible for. We also get to see introductions of Black Panther and Spiderman.


If you decide to skip the movie because of the bare minimum relation it has with Endgame, you could. However, one of the reasons why this movie is recommended is to see the relationship between Tony Stark and Peter Parker as both of them grow a beautiful bond which extends to one of the most emotional scenes in Avengers: Infinity War.


Now the story line of Thor might be repetitive leading to a cycle of losing and gaining power of thrones, but what this movie concentrates on, is how Loki gets his hands on Tesseract, the introduction of Doctor Strange and the destruction of Asgard which leads the refugees to run into Thanos.


One of the most anticipated movies last year was Black Panther itself as it was the leading movies in MCU to represent black empowerment so uniquely. The movie is the introduction of the superhero T’Challa and his community in Wakanda which we will also see in the movie Avengers: Infinity Stone.


If you haven’t watched all the movies, as a hardcore fan of MCU would, we assume that this movie might have stirred your interest with the yearlong memes and theories. Now, if you have not watched this movie, we strongly urge you to get a bowl of popcorn and sit through it all because both Infinity War and Endgame were shot and written simultaneously. We won’t spoil this much for you but it will spark a lot of questions in your mind, this we can guarantee.


One of the many reasons why fans speculate this movie came after Infinity War was because he might play a major role in saving the world from Thanos. And the fans were not wrong. The post credit scenes of the movie take place after Thano’s snap and the consequences of Civil War. Do keep in mind that the Ant Man and its sequel plays an important role in the Endgame.


Captain Marvel is initially known as Vers, a Star Force Agent from Kree race. She carries some powerful abilities such as super strength, physical endurance and the power to shoot blasts of energy with her fingertips. The Kree previously portrayed as villains before in Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. With the strong 90s vibe and complex storyline Captain Marvel will not disappoint you.

The release of Avengers: Endgame is on the 26th of April and get ready to stand in the never-ending line and tackle the hyped fans for popcorn and drinks because this year will be the most awaited year, as the journey comes to an end. So, are you ready for it?

Let’s dare to debate about harassment

With the recent events uprising, from a mere t-shirt logo to Nusrat’s death, the idea of the existant rape culture in our society has finally settled in and exposed more topics of discussion.

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While some are still educating themselves on the idea of sexual consent and how it can be minimized to a level where there is control over these issues, the recent uprise of survivors of harassment is taking a toll on certain communities of the society.

It is important to realize that sexual preferences followed by harassment, has become a case which is often not given enough priority to, which leads to misinformation and rise to similar problematic behaviours.

Why the #metoo and #talkaboutit failed to beam minimization on sexual harassment

Given light to many cases of sexual assaults and non-consensual incidents from the entertainment industry to communities as important as debate events, have shed light to the people that even the safest places may bring about cases like these. The idea of understanding how sexual harassment does not only limit to non-consensual penetrative sex is necessary to be known. The idea of hiding behind curtains about cases like these forms more problems in further investigation, however, it’s important to realize that the rate of socially educated members of our society is very less in number.

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Coming out and the victim-blaming culture

Facebook itself is an open platform which single-handedly gave space to both the survivors and common people to view cases and bring forth their statements about cases like these. However, as said before due to the lack of understanding of the degrees of sexual harassments, often survivors are forced to delete their confessions and stories because of fear of being misunderstood furthermore.

Often many forget the true message of what these movements hold. The idea is to shed light on the existing rape culture and everything surrounding that idea. The motive is to degrade the predators and bring justice to the cases in order to avoid scenarios like these and bring more caution to people. The cultural and social construction of women coming out in one word brings lojja in the family as the stigma in our country keeps pushing these cases in the box.

Lack of understanding

“#metoo in Bangladesh shouldn’t be just about calling people out, it should include forming and updating institutions that are equipped to dealing with these complaints. It’s equally important to understand the cases and analyze them from a logical view point given the facts are all being said to light”

Says Antara Islam, an International Relations student from Dhaka University.

The lack of responsibility from the respective institutions, groups and head of events raises a question of partial judgement. It is evident that often cases like these when addressed takes time to be judged however, only empathizing with the situation should not be the only way to address cases such as this. A diplomatic stance on serious harassment or any sort of non-consensual cases is an unprofessional approach and often problematic for the victim.

The art of consent and why it is important now than ever

Let us first understand that there is no single definition to identify and understand the concept of consent. There should be three ways to approach this which are affirmative consent, freely given consent and capacity consent. It is crucial for us to analyze and ask ourselves if the person expressed affirmative responses to the action. Further questions follow if the consent was offered from the point of free will, without being induced with fraud, violence or compulsion.

Not only that, it is important to keep age, the idea of intoxication, physical and mental disability and most importantly the relationship between the victim and the perpetrator is also highly necessary to keep in regards. Consent itself is a step by step process let that fact be known because a simple ‘yes’ does not open doors to every action. As the recent allegations from many debaters who have faced harassments and became victims of non-consensual acts, it is evident that cases like these will happen despite the knowledge and full understanding of what sexual harassment is, because the idea of consent, often times becomes a blurred concept many still lack to grasp.

The time is now

The rise of confessions of cases like these on the internet shows us how important it has become for survivors to speak their truth.

Bangladesh has already been stamped a label which is hard to remove but not impossible. This is our time to address the toxic movements of non-consensual acts masked by casual approaches by the perpetrator.

For the proper safety of women, it is important to not only address the situation rather take actions for proper justice. Cases like these needs observation, legal approach and most importantly acknowledgement. It is time for us to rise to the movement, yet again.

Find yourself through Samadi Yoga Studio

what do you think of when it comes to losing weight? correct- it’s either restricting your diet or going to a gym.. Little do we know that our short time investment leads to more cravings. One thing leads to another we are back to our favorite burger place before we even know it.

Yoga is one of the many options we could try to get back on the healthy lifestyle. We contacted Samadi Yoga Studio and went to their open house to know more about the art of yoga. There, we witnessed how the studio brought the yoga community together on a perfect rainy Friday.

Know your Yoga

While yoga itself is a blend of physical, mental and spiritual practice, it is often misinterpreted to meditation only. Eza Chowdhury, the co-founder of Samadi Yoga Studio explained that while meditation is one of the elements of yoga, it’s not all.

“We founded this studio because we wanted to create a healing environment where people can feel safe and release their stress while taking care of their body. This is what yoga is all about. It’s a state of mind where you merge your body with your spirit and connect with your soul.”

Said Eza as she explained the different kinds of yoga they are offering.

Vinyasa and Kundalini

Eza Chowdhury herself teaches Power Vinyasa. Power Vinyasa is a kind of yoga where students fluidly move their body through different postures. It also lets them take control of their breathing and moving with that flow. An guess what, it does wonders for both the mind and the body.

“If someone is looking for a yoga session which will allow them to take part in different sort of cardio, then I would definitely recommend them Power Vinyasa because it will not only help you physically and emotionally, but it also helps you build up the confidence in yourself.”

Said Eza Chowdhury

Kundalini is another form of yoga which helps you connect your mind with your body through chants and correct posture. While Power Vinyasa has more of a physical and cardio benefits, Kundalini yoga carries the spiritual nature. Whether you are stressed or depressed, trying Kundalini yoga will not only take care of your mind.

“We need our students to have an open mind and the patience to move forward with the journey they are embarking on. They have the potential to experience a deep sense of understanding their own soul. I started an objective to make my health better but after experiencing the true essence of it, I must say it has changed my lifestyle and brought me a lot of peace. Of course, not all experiences will be the same since every human being have their own individuality but I am sure once they try to give this a chance, they might discover something new about themselves.”

Says Farhin Islam who has been mastering the art of Kundalini for about years now.

From practice to passion: A talk with Rumana Aktar, the yoga mentor for the beginners

Most beginners hesitate to start something as yoga as it takes time, patience and becomes a commitment to life. Rumana Aktar, one of the teachers of Samadi Yoga Studio believes in chances.

“It’s all about loving and taking care of your body and your mind. Once you are ready to give yourself that chance, don’t shy away from that feeling.”

Says Rumana Aktar as she has been teaching beginners about basic yoga postures and figuring out what is best for her students.

Rumana Akter wants the enthusiasts to know that no matter how much you weigh, or whatever sickness you may feel both physically and mentally, yoga will never be a bad choice for you unless you know the right postures and breathing exercises. Suffering from some serious health issues herself Rumana Aktar was a fighter and faced her fears and illness through rejecting medicines and took her time with finding herself through yoga.

“I cannot begin to explain to you how yoga has changed my life, but I can tell you this that the influence of yoga has turned from practice to passion”

Smiled Rumana as she looks back the days of her practices and yoga retreats.

Why you should try yoga now more than ever

Other than our personal problems, with the political and social changes in the country, the unrest has left everyone shaken but as days move on we realize that each day has new problems and struggles we need to face head on. At the end of the day you need your body to realize the tension and stress that builds on your shoulder. Yoga works as a detox for your body as you try to get rid of the negative thoughts and cleanse your soul to its previous healthy self. The moment you stand on the mat and concentrate on nothing but yourself, think of yourself as a winner because you were able to accomplish a goal; a goal where you valued yourself above everything.

Samai Yoga Studio is set on a mission to help and create an environment to bring a safe and calm place with nothing but serenity. They also have sessions for spiritual cleansing such as reiki training which is more of an energy healing process. They want to help their students with their physical and emotional struggles because nothing is as painful as an unrest heart and a restless body. It’s time we learn to love ourselves in order to bring a positive Zen around us

Keep an eye on their page for attending their classes.

Transgender women in Bangladesh can now run for the parliament!

For the first time in the political history of Bangladesh, transgenders who identify as women will be able to run for elections. This is a step towards advancing their place in the society and providing much needed recognition from the government.

What place do they hold in the parliament?

The transgender community can now compete for the 50 seats reserved for women in upcoming elections in the National Parliament. According to various news sources, the ruling party is willing to allow at least one MP from the transgender community.

Eight members of the transgender community were confirmed on the Awami League party ballot, which is still the first and only political party in the nation to allow this. This decision brings a touch of hope and celebrates diversity.

Why was this recognition necessary?

Bangladesh as a state itself might reject the regulations of radical Islam, but it has a long way to go to accept the LGBTQ community.

“We are citizens of Bangladesh but we have no representation in the parliament. There is no one from our community who can understand and raise our concerns. That is why we are running for the seats.”

Said Falguni, one of the aspirants, in an interview with Dhaka Tribune

In Bangladesh, there are controversies and laws against same sex marriage and consensual relationship between LGBTQ+ members. However, if the transgender community can represent themselves these would be a step in improving their conditions and moving towards more just laws and equitable policies. There is a general lack of awareness and stigma. Transgender rights, correct identification and acknowledgement of sexuality and gender is a huge issue. LGBTQ folks face an intensely hostile environment in their homes and society, often, compromising their safety.

Out of 160 million people, an estimated ten thousand to half a million belong to the transgender community. The engagement of transgender citizens competing for a seat under the National Parliament might bring in much needed changes.

In our own homes, it’s time we address the word “hijra” as a gender not a word to demean a community who have equal rights and freedom as any other gender of this society.

Is Feluda coming to Hollywood?

Whether it is ‘Feludar Goyendagiri’ or ‘Badshahi Angoothi’, the many works of Satyajit Ray have left his readers in wonderstruck every time his work is read. If you are a fan of Bengali detective novels, you have been definitely acquainted with the genius character Feluda written by the famous Indian Bengali film director and writer Satyajit Ray.

Orlando Bloom as Feluda!

According to a key Bengali tabloid, a film on the renowned detective character ‘Feluda’ aka ‘Pradosh C. Mitter’ is being heard to be made, where Orlando Bloom has been selected to play the role of the lead character Feluda himself. It is said that Dev Patel, a celebrated actor of British Indian origin, will also be seen in the character of ‘Tapesh Ranjan Mitra’, aka ‘Topshe’, Feluda’s cousin and assistant.

Dev Patel as Topshe? We can get behind that!

Danny and Dev duo once again

The close source is claiming that the famous Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle will steer the wheel on this film as he is said to direct it himself. This film will be the adaptation of the story ‘Feluda in London’ by Satyajit Ray and the shooting will be done mainly in London and India. However, according to him, the story will not be based entirely on the literacy piece as it is being carved to be made in a way which will suit the global audience.

The hype of this news knows no bounds as the Satyajit fans earnestly wait for the approval by news from the directors and producers themselves. So get ready for the most hyped movie to be seen as it is only a ride to pure memory lane!

Surviving the heavy Dhaka rain: Must have closet essentials

Imagine that one morning you wake up to the cool breeze of the wind and the sprinkles of rain touches your face through the window. You can’t wait to make yourself a cup of milk tea and grab a book to read. The scenario is nothing but pure perfection.

As much as that daydream was worth it, a part of you probably wishes life was that easy. You have to get out and put on your work clothes. With classes, jobs and chores to do there is no time to sit home and hide inside the blanket. However, nothing should stop us from enjoying the rainy season and for that the right kind of gear is necessary.

Get yourself THE Umbrella

Its time you ditch the boring old black umbrella and get yourself something funky and worth not losing! Umbrellas are a must-have during this season. Like everything else, umbrellas have their cons too. To get that one umbrella to be your saviour for this season, make sure you get the ones with a strong handle and not fragile enough to take you off with the wind.

Must have closet essentials for rainy season 6

Ajker Deal, One Stop Shop BD, Online Shopping BD, and Intermix, BD online shop — these sites have plenty on offer. You can also order custom-made umbrellas online! New Market has plenty of umbrellas for you to choose from with a price worth bargaining.

Carry something to protect your phone and wallet

Must have closet essentials for rainy season 7

This season can often catch us completely off guard. And we might let go of everything but our phones and our wallets we must carry all the time. Carry a simple polythene bag all the time to protect your phones and wallets. Thank us later.

Bring back Raincoats!

Raincoats can be that one major throwback you would enjoy to rekindle from your childhood. It is the perfect attire to protect your formal wear and enjoy the rain while you’re on the road.

Must have closet essentials for rainy season 3

If you want to get yourself something out of the box that is both useful and fashionable, try Cyclehub BD, Bike Shop BD, Auto Fair BD, among others — online shops that will certainly not disappoint. Gulshan DCC, Nurjahan and New Markets will be worth the penny too.

Rubber Slippers and Boots all the way

Skip the stylish leather shoes and amazing mini heels because it is the time for rubber slippers and some boots to shine in your shoe section! You will be amazed by the comfort and the enjoyment to jump in puddles because the streets of Dhaka will disappoint you but these bad boys won’t!

Must have closet essentials for rainy season 4

Visit any of the outlets of Apex, Bata, Step Footwear, or Lottos and you will be impressed with the variety in terms of collections they have in case of design and comfort.

Last but not least, keep a travel coffee mug with yourself to enjoy the rain all the while you’re drinking nature’s energetic gift. In this hectic life, we have created for ourselves you can only do so much to love the little things in life. We only seem to get summer and winter more often than not throughout the year so let us enjoy the monsoon season this year for a change. Say goodbye to mud-drenched pants and monsoon blues!