Changing toxic relationship with parents, with Jomano Kotha

Parents. The ones in our lives we have the most love-hate relationship with. Growing up, our parents were our heroes. Our role models. Our best friends. But as we grow up, we start creating a wall between us. It doesn’t matter who built the wall. It’s there. And oftentimes, we find ourselves unable to break that wall even when we want to with all our hearts.

A toxic cycle of blame game

Over time, it becomes more and more difficult to break that wall. You want to ask your parents how their day went, you want to hug your mother and say that you love her, you want to do so many things and yet you don’t. Years and years of miscommunication stops you from pouring your heart out for the ones who loved you more than their own lives. 

How does this happen and why? We keep asking ourselves. We feel guilty and we blame ourselves. And so does our parents. They keep blaming themselves too for becoming distant with their children. It’s a never-ending cycle in our society. 

In the back burner, a toxic culture of avoidance, of ignorance and of miscommunication is to blame for this. An unhealthy lack of awareness and understanding. Not us and most certainly not our parents. 

Breaking barriers with Jomano Kotha

An event called Jomano Kotha: Exploring parent-child relationships, organised by Kotha, aimed to raise awareness and put a stop to this toxic culture. Taking place at the EMK Centre last October 12th, Jomano Kotha featured counselling specialists and others involved with the cause.

They discussed a variety of topics regarding factors influencing communication and how to approach difficult situations. The major talking point was the mutual factor of communication. That it is a two-way process with reciprocation a requirement on either end.

Understanding both sides

We often fail to understand what our parents go through. This is only multiplied by the fact that most parents do not feel the necessity to include their children in conversations relating to important family decisions, leaving a feeling of unwantedness in the children.

From the other end, it is almost a similar picture. As we go through adolescence and step into adulthood, we start creating a personal sphere. And we assume that our parents cannot a part of that sphere.

Maybe because they won’t listen. Or maybe because we think they won’t. 

Creating the space-A parent’s duty

Whatever it may be, the responsibility for creating an encouraging environment for honest and potentially sensitive communication falls on the parent. And one should not blame him/herself for situations where parents aren’t carrying out that duty. It is really easy to fall into a cycle of self-blaming and self-hate in such situations, and the speakers at Jomano Kotha suggested avoiding that path in any way possible. 

On the other side, parents were asked to be patient and listen to their children because simply listening attentively goes a long way in breaking down many figurative barriers. Parents should encourage children to communicate their grievances, or at least try to create that opportunity to speak about it.

Towards a better culture

“Family is at the heart of South Asian culture. However, a large part of this culture is also unhealthy and toxic to an extent. Communication barriers with parents were one of the most common struggles that the adolescents we work with mentioned and it was also something we noticed in too many of our friends. 

Kotha wanted to explore parent-child relationships in Bangladesh to see what it would be like to redefine those relationships and interactions. Our challenge for Jomano Kotha was to frame this issue as a societal and cultural issue. By bringing private, individualized conversations out into the public sphere we were able to do just that. 

We did not expect such an big response from both demographics – parents and children and we noticed a real demand from people to engage in these conversations but in a healthy, constructive manner. We were so happy to host a full house and received requests to start a Jomano Kotha series. Our greatest success was to be able to create the space for such honest and genuine conversation between generations.”

Says Umama Zillur, founder of Kotha who organised the event

Jomano Kotha featured discussion sessions by experts, interactive theatres which gave the parent-child pairs to speak their minds through characters and art activities that strengthened parent-child bonding through art and crafts.

Exploring parent-child relationship in Bangladeshi society 1

All of these to put a stop to our habit of saying “Ma tumi bujhba na” and our parents’ never-ending “Eta boroder bepar”. Here’s to hoping that we build up a culture of inclusivity and clear communication from both sides. Here’s to the unspoken words. Here’s to us and our parents.

Kotha is a primary intervention program aiming to address the culture of violence in Bangladesh. Although we work in a few different areas, Kotha’s flagship project is Kotha at School, a school-based interactive curriculum that teaches adolescents about issues of gender, consent, relationships, bullying etc alongside traditional subjects.   

A Tribute to the Legend: Ayub Bachchu

October 18th 2019 marks the one-year death-anniversary of one of the most influential musicians and guitarists of Bangladesh: Ayub Bachchu. On October 19th, a small group of us locals from Ottawa, Canada will be performing in, and executing a live event to celebrate the life and music of this great Bangladeshi music legend at the Kailash Mital Theatre at Carleton University in Ottawa. This will be an evening of live music and anecdotes; performing many popular and crowd-favourite songs by LRB/Bachchu, and sharing fond memories of musical influences and experiences.

This is also going to be a charity concert where all proceeds from ticket sales will be going to The Rudhro Prince Hope Foundation for the purpose of research and cure to Asthma.

The foundation was created by one of our dear community members/friend and his family who have lost their 8-year-old child to Asthma last year.

It is true that Ayub Bachchu and LRB’s music has one way or the other influenced many generations of Bangladeshis of all ages, and has touched us in different ways; whether you are rocking out to songs like Gotokaal Raate, or a broken heart finding comfort in listening to Ferari Mon, or a group friends singing aloud together Cholo Bodley Jai (Shei Tumi) by the campfire.

Our event – “A Tribute to the Legend: Ayub Bachchu” is about remembering these moments, and keeping his music alive, and having loads of fun doing so in the form of a rock show.

Even though cultural programs and musical shows are not uncommon, we are proud to say that this event is going to be the first of its kind in the Ottawa area; where a rock concert of this genre is being arranged and is set to be performed by local Bangladeshis in the Bengali community.  And we are all truly super excited about it. However, it is not without its challenges. Being the first show of its kind poses major challenges like creating exposure, inciting excitement and eagerness, and capturing a target audience.

As of now, the Ottawa Bangladeshi community has been more accustomed to mellow fusion cultural shows exhibiting softer folk music and plays; and we are aiming to bring to life – the side of people that want to let loose, cheer loud, get up and shake and dance, and rock out.

Our small team of organizers (who are also performers) are working tirelessly day and night for months juggling the music practice, marketing, media creation, and ticket sales. We have been working very hard in creating exposure by talking to people through countless phone calls, reaching out to community leaders, and also attending and speaking at the Carleton University Bangladeshi Students Association (CUBSA)’s get-together event in hopes of capturing the young music lovers. So far we have had great responses.

We have even received personalized video messages and well-wishes from a handful of Bangladeshi celebrities addressing our upcoming show. Celebrities who have shared a few words for us include: Fuad Muqtadir (artist of popular “Nitol Paaey”), Bangladeshi rock band Vikings, Rashed Uddin Ahmed Topu (musician, songwriter and composer of the popular band Yaatri), Sabila Nur (television actress and model), Ashfaqul Bari Rumon (Lead guitarist and vocalist of the band Parthibo), Chandan Zaman Ali (lead vocal and guitarist from the band Winning) – all of which videos have been posted and shared on our Facebook event page.

We are very blessed and thankful to have the kind of support we have receiving. And we are looking forward to a successful and more importantly, a very fun show.

About myself

I (Omar Sharif/Duke) will be playing lead guitar in our show. This imposes a lot of pressure on me. By that I mean, I must strive to stay as true as I can to Ayub Bachchu’s music and song compositions. Ayub Bachchu was widely known as a guitar maestro of Bangladesh; and LRB’s songs are composed of a variety of intricate, melodious, and screaming guitar solos. As you can imagine, fans listening to Ayub Bachchu’s songs and going to his shows look forward to his Guitar work and performance; and in some cases, these are the highlights of the songs.

Growing up in Bangladesh as an aspiring guitarist who mostly plays as a hobby, I have been influenced by Ayub Bachchu’s music and guitar playing at many levels; and as a musician, you get to learn a lot from playing and practising LRB songs in improving musical knowledge and guitar skills.

I remember back in Grade 6 when I was maybe 13 or 14 years old, our school (The Aga Khan School) arranged a rock concert to take place in which LRB/Ayub Bachchu was to be one of the headlining bands. And this was before I ever even started playing the guitar. After seeing that show, I immediately went and bought the LRB double album which came out at that time – Bishsho Amader. I used to listen to that album back-to-back so many times and imagine myself playing guitar solos like those. That show really did influence me into wanting to pick up a guitar.
Fast forward another 2 or 3 years, in grade 8, my mother found me a guitar teacher; and I became the “great-grand student” of Ayub Bachchu (my teacher’s teacher’s teacher I believe was the maestro himself). When I was learning to play the guitar, my curriculum even included a couple of LRB songs that were given to me to learn as part of an assignment. One of those songs became one of my all-time-favourite Ayub Bachchu songs; and at this show, I will be proudly performing Ghumonto Shohore.

Later in life priorities changed, I moved to Canada with my family and had to start a whole new life here; and in the midst of it all, Guitar and music became something left and forgotten like a relic. I lost years of practice and interest and my guitar was collecting dust.

I would rarely pick up the guitar and play it once in a while, but nothing that would keep me in practice and keep up my chops, and I hadn’t been on stage in over a decade. Till now, when talks of arranging an Ayub Bachchu tribute concert started, and by word of mouth, when my name came up as a potential performer, I was asked to join. This was a huge motivating factor for me to pick up my guitar again and practice hard to deliver the best performance this show and the musical legend deserves. I am very excited myself, and I am very much looking forward to delivering something even the audience will feel proud of being a part of. 

Our core performers/musicians and Organizers:

Top 10 Miss Universe Bangladesh Contestants and Crown Revealed

Bangladesh is participating for the first time in the 68th edition of the Miss Universe beauty pageant. It will be held in South Korea on December 2019. Miss Universe is an annual international beauty pageant, since 1952. The crowned Miss Universe represents her country, she becomes a goodwill ambassador and attends media events globally. So, in addition to their beauty and grace, Miss Universe Bangladesh is selected based on her ability to advocate on social challenges.

The competition started earlier this month. The first two episodes were aired on Rtv । আরটিভি, Robi TV+ & Airtel TV. The judges have selected the top 10 contestants from all over the country.

“I am very excited to be a part of the first edition of Miss Universe Bangladesh. I have been involved in beauty pageants for the last 12 years and I am very pleased to say that this is the best top 10 contestants I have seen till date. I wish them the best.”

Tahsan Khan, Judge, Miss Universe Bangladesh.

Now anyone with a mobile phone can vote for their favourite contestant.

The Top 10

Crown Unveiled

The winner will be chosen at the grand finale on 23rd October in Dhaka. Amishee, the jewellery partner created a beautiful crown or tiara, fit for the event. The crow is on display at the Amishee grand store at Gulshan Avenue.

Tahsan Khan, Judge Kanzi Almas, Judge along with the Top 10 Miss Universe Bangladesh Contestants, holding the crown. Miss Universe Bangladesh, Rokeya Sultana, Head of Business, Amisheé and Rizwan Bin Farouq, Chairman, Miss Universe Bangladesh were also present at the event.

‘This is a proud moment for Amishee. The Miss Universe pageant is the perfect event for our brand, a brand that represents the individualism, power, strength and charisma of women. We are looking forward to seeing this custom crown adorn the beautiful and powerful winner who will represent her country on the global arena in South Korea.’

Sohana Rouf Chowdhry, Managing Director, Amishee
Top 10 Miss Universe Bangladesh & Crown Revealed 1

Sushmita Sen, Bollywood superstar and Miss Universe 1994, will be one of the judges and will crown the winner at the Grand Finale on October 23, 2020.

Impacting lives beyond connectivity

Channelling excess energy from edotco sites to improve the quality of life for over 3,500 people 

edotco Group Sdn Bhd (“edotco”), the region’s end-to-end integrated telecommunications infrastructure services company, is improving the lives of over 3,500 people in the rural areas of Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Malaysia through its Tower to Community (T2C) programme. 

Going beyond its core purpose of enabling connectivity, edotco channels excess electricity from its towers to power up homes and services for communities living in nearby areas. This surplus energy is derived from a combination of renewable energy sources and diesel generators equipped at each site.

“edotco believes that it has a purpose beyond being a telecommunications provider. We seek to also improve the lives of communities living close to our towers. We work hand-in-hand with a wide-range of stakeholders as partners in a number of initiatives. The considerable impact from our T2C initiatives are a testament of our commitment to deliver excellence even in areas outside our business priorities. Whether it is to power homes, medical facilities, schools or places of worship, we strive to improve the quality of lives for those living nearby our towers,”

said edotco Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Suresh Sidhu.

While access to electricity for the larger population in Bangladesh and Myanmar have been rising with electrification rates at 88% and 70% respectively in 2017, there are still pockets of communities that are not connected to the national grid. These segments struggle to meet basic needs and comfort as reliable and affordable access to electricity continues to be a challenge. 

Against this backdrop, edotco’s T2C programme was launched in 2016 as one of its key initiatives to address the unmet needs of people living nearby its towers. Today, there are a total of 32 sites across Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Malaysia that are bringing a positive impact in communities.

Since its inception, this initiative has enhanced the lives at home for school children and their families by generating electricity to power 1,020 houses in over 26 locations in Bangladesh.

To improve the living conditions of these communities, edotco has also extended its initiative by installing solar-powered water pumps to ensure over 30 families in villages located in Jadur Haat and Nilphamari have access to clean and safe drinking water. The initiative also powers up one hospital, 30 mosques and 28 schools in Bangladesh. 

Addressing a different need in Myanmar, the T2C initiative tends to the limited healthcare access in remote communities by powering up refrigeration systems to maintain the cold chain to store Hepatitis B, BCG, Measles, and Oral polio vaccination for over 2,000 families in rural hard to reach areas. Similarly, in Malaysia, the T2C project provides a reliable source of energy to power the refrigeration system and bi-monthly operation of an Orang Asli community clinic in the remote areas of Cameron Highlands. 

“We place great emphasis on making a positive impact in the communities in which we operate. At edotco, we believe that you are only as good as what you give back to society. That is why we strive to lead by example and ensure our operations are handled responsibly and sustainably,” added Suresh.

In addition to its community enrichment projects, edotco also focuses on sustainability – a core principle that guides its overall business operations by ensuring its modern-day telecommunications infrastructure solutions are increasingly environmentally friendly. 

About edotco Group

Established in 2012, edotco Group is the first regional and integrated telecommunications infrastructure services company in Asia, providing end-to-end solutions in the tower services sector from tower leasing, co-locations, build-to-suit, energy, transmission and operations and maintenance (O&M).

edotco Group operates and manages a regional portfolio of over 29,300 towers across core markets of Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Pakistan with 18,800 towers directly operated by edotco and a further 10,500 towers managed through a range of services provided. edotco strives to deliver outstanding performance in telecommunications infrastructure services and solutions. Its state-of-the-art real-time monitoring service, echo, has driven significant improvements in field operations while maximizing operational efficiencies in terms of battery, energy and fuel consumption for telecommunications infrastructure.

edotco Group was recently awarded the Frost & Sullivan 2019 Asia Pacific Telecoms Tower Company of the Year Award for its demonstrated exemplary business growth and performance in Southeast Asia.

Huawei wins New Product Innovation Leadership Award

Huawei’s NetEngine 8000 Series routers received the “Global Service Router New Product Innovation Leadership Award” from Frost & Sullivan, a renowned consulting firm, at the Excellence in Best Practices Awards Gala. The NetEngine 8000 series is the industry’s first router that provides a capacity of 14.4T per slot, which is 1.5 times the industry average.

This award recognizes Huawei’s contributions to product innovation in the newly launched NetEngine 8000 series routers, which provide an all-scenario unified platform that features SRv6-powered intelligent connections, and AI-boosted intelligent operations and maintenance (O&M). 

The IP bearer network is the foundation of various digital services such as mobile, home, and private line in the 5G and cloud era. Nevertheless, the IP bearer network faces many challenges in terms of large capacity, multi-network convergence, service-level agreement (SLA) assurance, and efficient O&M.  But NetEngine 8000 series applies to the metro core, aggregation, DC gateway, and international gateway scenarios. The 4-in-1 platform for all scenarios greatly simplifies network node deployment and complexity. All NetEngine 8000 series routers support network slicing, multi-service bearing, and one network for multiple purposes.

SRv6 enables automated connections across domains, service provisioning within minutes, and one-hop access to the cloud. 

Huawei launched the industry’s first intelligent metro router for 5G at the MPLS+SDN+NFV World Congress 2019 in Paris in April 2019 to meet what is expected to be a huge demand for 5G ready solutions. According to research from GSMA, by 2025 there will be 1.3 billion 5G users and 1.36 billion 5G mobile devices worldwide, with 40% 5G network coverage. Gartner forecasts that the number of global IoT connections will reach 2.5 billion by 2021.

According to Frost & Sullivan, ubiquitous services in the 5G and cloud era bring uncertainty to metro network traffic and direction. Vendors need to continuously innovate to help operators provide new services in a faster and more reliable manner. After analyzing the advantages of Huawei’s NetEngine 8000 series in technologies and products, research and development (R&D) capabilities, industry leadership, as well as brand influence, Frost & Sullivan determined that the series consists of outstanding intelligent metro routers.

Hank Chen, President of Huawei’s Service Router Domain, commented, “Huawei has engaged in router R&D since 1995. After more than two decades of continuous investment, Huawei established itself as a leading intelligent IP network provider. The NetEngine 8000 series large-capacity new platform continues to lead in the service router field. Huawei actively promotes the implementation of SRv6 standards at Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and cooperates with operators to accelerate the development of the industry and commercial use of SRv6. Huawei also explores new O&M fields to help improve operators’ intelligent and automated proactive O&M capabilities.”

The Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award is designed to recognize companies that demonstrate outstanding achievements or display remarkable performance in leadership, technical innovation, customer service, and strategic product R&D in the global or domain market. Senior analysts compare and evaluate vendors through in-depth interviews, analysis, and research to determine the industry’s best practice award winners. The NetEngine 8000 series won the award in the service router field, indicating that the industry authority recognizes its leadership.

ZKTeco showcases a range of products in Digital Device and Innovation Expo

Chinese biometric-based security device manufacturer and solutions provider ZKTeco is showcasing their industry-leading product portfolio for the local market in the three-day-long Digital Device & Innovation Expo-2019 at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center.

The product portfolio of ZKTeco showcased in the expo includes access control, turnstile, smart-lock, CCTV, metal detector doorway, X-ray archway, parking barrier, and POS System.

ZKTeco showcases a range of products in Digital Device & Innovation Expo 2

‘ZKTeco is considered as the pioneer of biometric security solutions in the world. Besides, residential and commercial security products, we provide smart-city based hardware and software solutions. I welcome everyone to visit our stall to find out details about our product lineup.’

ZKteco’s Contact Manager, Toriqul Islam said.

ZKTeco products can be found in the pavilion no. 54 & 55 in the expo.

All the renowned digital device brands are showcasing their products and innovation at this year’s Digital Device & Innovation Expo. Starting from October 14, 2019, till October 16, 2019, the expo is going to be open for everyone from 10 AM to 8 PM.

Join the new era of Galaxy A-series

In this new era, people are increasingly using their smartphones to share live interactions – capturing spontaneous photos, streaming live video, and connecting over on shared experiences that are happening in real-time. And built to drive this evolution, the Galaxy A-series offers compelling innovations: captivating full-screen displays, innovative cameras, and intelligent batteries.

Consequently, Galaxy A-series has been one of the best-selling smartphones in Bangladesh. The series has been part of the mid-tier range introducing some of the innovative cameras in the market, starting from ultra-wide to the first rotating camera. The innovative cameras fit more of your world in the shot or capture moments in different lighting. Your day shots stay crisp, and your night shots pull in more light for less noise and sharp detail. You can even make your subjects stand out by playing with the background blur. For example, Galaxy A50, one of the most popular phones, has a triple camera which consists of a 123-degree field of vision like the human eye and 25MP camera for bright clear photos. Several market research sources have confirmed that Galaxy A10, Galaxy A20 and Galaxy A50 are already in the top 10 bestselling smartphone list of 2019.

Photo isn’t just a photo with Galaxy A-series. You can decorate your memories with fun AR stickers, stamps, and filters to continue the fun even after you nailed the shot. Now you have even more ways to express yourself and play around with personalized AR emojis – no words needed.

Additionally, with edge-to-edge Infinity-U Display, you will be able to immerse yourself in your favourite sitcom or games. With the near bezel-less screen, all the smartphones in Galaxy A-series, such as Galaxy A30s, is redesigning entertainment to give you more of what you love – dive into your favourite vlogs and Livestream.

Moreover, when you are doing live streaming, you need a phone that can last throughout the entire time. For this reason, Galaxy A-series batteries are both intelligent and powerful. Whether you are having a texting marathon with your friends or live streaming, you don’t have to worry about charging it for the entire day. And most importantly, the smartphones support fast charging, so that you can get back to doing what you do and not miss out on life.

Galaxy A-series have many other innovative features to make your life easier. To continue the fun and the era of `Ready for More’, Samsung is bringing a new smartphone for As-series – Galaxy A50s.

Galaxy A50 has been a great phone – budget-friendly, innovative triple camera, stunning display, sleek design, solid performance, and powerful battery. Galaxy A50s will be the upgraded version of this stunning phone which shook the mid-range phone market.

With a new design that has been inspired by the geometric pattern and futuristic holographic effect on the back, Galaxy A50s flaunts a stylish look and feel. It has enhanced the camera features of Galaxy A50 and will take the photos to the next level. Galaxy A50s will be a powerful smartphone and will deliver the next-level performance to essential everyday features. So, get ready to impress the world with Samsung Galaxy A50s.

Yoda attends Tech in Asia conference

The startup scenario in Bangladesh has been looking up in recent years. And some International acknowledgement of the efforts was due, and now has been delivered.

Tech in Asia conference is an annual event where the best South Asian startups are showcased and acknowledged. Representing Bangladesh this year is A online education platform, Yoda. Muhammad Salman, the visionary behind the effort, took to stage to express his satisfaction in being able to represent Bangladesh on such a prestigious platform. His efforts were praised by professionals.

The event also added Royalty Bangladesh and Airbringer to the roster of startups. In addition, the event featured many reputed entrepreneurs and representatives from leading startups.

Corporiddlerz is back with exciting new challenges and business riddles

Over the years, BUP BCC’s flagship event, Corporiddlerz, has become a celebrated Inter-University business strategy competition among passionate business undergraduates.

This year, Corporiddlerz has returned with far greater challenges and rewards, with a newer face.

What is Corporiddlerz?

As the name suggests, Corporiddlerz is a series of business riddles.

What begins with an online case study later elevates to the point where participants strategize on (re)launching existing or new products and have to go for full-fledged project planning. As the rounds proceed, the riddles become more challenging and far more interesting.

The competition stands to tests the participants to the very limit of their knowledge and capacity to turn analytics into rational business decisions. And their struggle and enthusiasm will hardly go unrewarded.

This year, Corporiddlerz shall award 50K BDT for 2nd Runner-Up, 75K BDT for Runner-Up, and 100K BDT for the mighty champions!

Partners for this year

Corporiddlerz 2019 is powered by NRBC Bank with Independent Television as the media partner, Radio Foorti 88.0 FM as the radio partner, The Financial Express as the print media partner, HiFi Public as youth engagement partner, Moodron as the stationary partner, Wire as the digital media partner, and Narayanganj Dockyard as a strategic partner.

Here’s how to participate

Be a part of the biggest strategy based competition of the nation and gear up for the world of business, and register your team before October 15, 2019. Undergraduate students from the same university (can be from different disciplines) can form teams of four to participate.

Registration portal opens on October 8, 2019.

Keep a keen eye out on the event page:

To know more about Corporiddlerz, visit:

Find out more about BUP BCC at

WordCamp Asia 2020: The first flagship WordCamp in Asia

The organisers of WordCamp Asia 2020 are expecting more than 1,000 WordPress bloggers, developers, designers, entrepreneurs, marketers and enthusiasts to attend the 3-day event, scheduled for February 21-23, 2020 at TRUE ICON HALL @ ICONSIAM.

WordCamp Asia 2020 is Asia’s first flagship WordCamp, and overall third flagship WordCamp, after WordCamp Europe and WordCamp US. To mark this important milestone, Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress, will present the keynote address.

The event will start off with a contributor day on February 21, followed by two days of conference on February 22-23. On these two days, attendees can expect dozens of talks from various WordPress experts from around the world split into two conference tracks.

Various opportunities to network and collaborate will be available for attendees, considering that the event has attracted many WordPress enthusiasts from all kinds of industry and background.

The event will also feature booths from more than 20 sponsors that the attendees can visit and interact with. At the end of the 3-day event, WordCamp Asia 2020 will close with an after-party, as per traditions of WordCamps.

WordPress has a huge following in Asia. Over the years, the region has amassed over 127 WordPress Meetup Chapters across 23 countries with over 73,000 members and held more than 150 WordCamps in 52 cities across 18 countries. This number continues to grow, as more Meetup Chapters and WordCamps continue to form in the region.

It is not an exaggeration to say that WordCamp Asia 2020 has been a long-awaited event by the WordPress community in Asia. The support received from the community so far has been very encouraging; the various call for speakers, sponsors, and volunteers have been met with enthusiastic responses.

In addition to that, the first batch of 200 tickets was sold in less than 48 hours. As Asia’s first flagship WordCamp, WordCamp Asia 2020 is envisioned to be a welcoming, nurturing, and experimental event, as described by the Global Lead Organiser, Naoko Takano.

“We are really excited to be working on creating a place where community members can learn from and get inspired by each other”.

She was quoted saying

Part of the vision is reflected in the organising team composition, which is made up of 42 members from 16 Asian countries. The organising team works almost entirely online, although some of the members have met in person during recent WordCamps in Germany, Singapore, the Philippines. There are also plans by some of the organisers to meet up during the upcoming WordCamp Tokyo and WordCamp US. The vision is also reflected in the newly-launched WordCamp Asia 2020 logo.

“The logo represents the unique diversity of Asia, considering that each Asian country has its own distinct culture, language, writing system and colours!”

WordCamp Asia 2020 Local Lead organiser Nok has said.

The success of WordCamp Asia 2020 lies in the hand of the Asian WordPress community. Be it as a Media Partner, Speaker, Sponsor, Volunteer or Wapuu Designer, the organising team encourages the community to share the word and invite their peers and colleagues to the event, to ensure that WordCamp Asia 2020 will be a memorable and inspiring event for all.