When Marvel’s Wolverine came to Bangladesh

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Comic books are still to this day “western-centric”. Like aliens in Hollywood productions, superheroes and supervillains almost all the time are found on a busy New York street or Shady Gotham alley. Rarely they go international and one of the least explored places in comics is most definitely Asia.

But there were instances when Marvel and DC Comics characters visited Asian countries like China, Japan or even India – Bangladesh, not so much. However, we found an instance where popular Marvel Comics X-Men series character Wolverine came to Bangladesh.

Wolverine Came To Bangladesh - Marvel
Wolverine Came To Bangladesh – Marvel

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It was in the 1970s when the worst cyclone on the face of the earth, taking half a million lives with it, the Bhola Cyclone hit the Bay of Bengal. Shockingly enough, Wolverine was present at that time, fighting the demon named Truth.

Marvel Comics Presents #4 - Featuring Wolverine
Marvel Comics Presents #4 – Featuring Wolverine

Without getting into spoiler territory, Sylvia & Wolverine were able to confront the demon Truth. To read the whole story, pick up Wolverine: The Vigil Part 4 in Marvel Comics Presents #4. It came last year and you can probably get a first print edition in some comic book stores or get a digital print.

First published on Knoarrz. Author: Rifat