Stay productive from home through Samsung Remote Access

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Technology has granted us the power to minimize the distance in every aspect of our lives. With the help of the internet, now we can share or upload our files in the cloud, remotely access our data, and participate in lectures from anywhere in the world. In the wake of coronavirus (COVID-19), working from home and distance learning has become a new normal. But what if you could work on a huge high definition screen instead of using the small screens of the smartphones or laptops while working or attending online classes, even while watching your favorite series? Your wishful thinking has just met reality.

Access your files at your office computer from your home

Samsung has come up with an innovative solution – Remote Access – a feature that will turn your Samsung Smart TV into your new workstation or an entertainment center. Connecting with PCs, smartphones, or tablets, this feature will provide enhanced wireless connectivity and the power to control compatible programs and apps through Samsung Smart TV remotely. With a simple connection to your PC in the office or home, you can now access all your files at home through your TV.

TV can be the new home office, home classroom, or the home entertainment space

Conventional TVs are, most of the time, limited to the opportunity of web browsing. With the Remote Access of Samsung Smart TV offers remote PC, cloud documentation, and screen sharing – all in one. And because of these features, your TV can be the new home office, home classroom, or the home entertainment space. Even if you forget to bring essential files from your office computer, you can simply access that using this amazing feature and just finish working at home. You can also connect a wireless keyboard and mouse to conduct your work efficiently. And while at it, you don’t have to worry about security for your information at all. Samsung’s own Knox security system will protect your personal information and keep all your data safe and secure.

Study like you are in classroom

Very often, people use their smartphones or tablets to attend virtual meetings or online classes, and then it becomes a challenge to understand everything that is written on board because of the small screen. With the help of Remote Access, you will see absolutely everything with great details on the high definition screen. The feature also comes with Office 365 to help you out with all the educational needs. With just a tap of a button, you will be able to share your group projects or submit your assignments. On top of all these, you can use a screen share option to watch content from your laptop or smartphone on TV at a much higher resolution.

Amid COVID-19 pandemic where social distancing has become the new norm, working from home and online learning is seen as a safer choice to stop spreading the virus. Thus, a feature like Remote Access gives you the power to work remotely, without thinking about the safety of your personal information. It is time to enjoy life at your home.

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